The ONE thing to break your stuckness

by Danielle MacKinnon

This past weekend Kevin and I spent quite a bit of time on a high school field watching our son, Cole, try out for an ultimate Frisbee team.

What we didn’t know going into this try out, was that the team is going to compete in the U-17 nationals in Minnesota in August. Oops. We thought this was just a drop-in summer league, but it turns out to be something much more serious!

But the point in talking about these tryouts isn’t so much about what team Cole was trying out for – it’s about the energy that he held during those tryouts.

Caveat: Cole is not going to be psyched that I wrote this about him, but since he’s 16, which means he NEVER reads his email, I feel like I’m safe from the teenage “Mom!” wrath. 🙂

When Cole, like so many of us, feels insecure, he subconsciously shrinks his energy. His shoulders hunch a little (which is hard to do since he’s 6’3”), he doesn’t speak up, and he starts getting mad at the other players around him.

I see this in my clients, too. Whether it’s their animal telling me or it’s just an intuitive hit, a very common thing to do when feeling unsure, insecure, or unconfident is to energetically hide.

On the flip side, when Cole is singing Journey and Queen songs out loud to the team, dancing around on the field, organizing the team and telling people what position to play, well… then I know he’s feeling good. His energy is big, his head is up, and words that come out of his mouth are positive (and yes, often a little bossy).

Again, I see THIS in my clients, too! When they stop taking it all so seriously and just allow themselves to go with it, the fear, the insecurity, the anxiety and depression… they tend to just melt away!

But the question is – how do you get yourself to not take it all so seriously? How do you bring yourself into that more goofy, happy, relaxed state? Well, you do what Cole did – he went into those tryouts saying, “I have no idea if I’ll make it, but I’m really, really loving the tryouts themselves!” In other words, he enjoyed the journey.

Life is not about what you have when you reach the end. It’s about all the stuff you’re doing along the way – and really, you don’t even ever have to reach the end!

So, what’s one fun thing you can do right now to enjoy yourself? Is it listening to music really, really loud? Could it be a walk in the woods? Is it wrestling with your dog, petting your cat, or riding your horse? What’s ONE thing right now that will take you out of all this seriousness and into a place of enjoyment?

Please share your one thing below!

Love & Light,

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  1. LM
    LM says:

    I just pulled up to my meeting and I’m 30 minutes early. I am parked in from of the most beautiful Labrynth I’ve ever seen. I think I’ll go walk it.

  2. SherryZ
    SherryZ says:

    Singing with loud Music, playing with our kitties and it just popped up – an out of the ordinary game of putt-putt golf…completely off our usual, don’t remember when it was that we played putt-putt golf…maybe as a kid…..going to get Richard and heading there now. Woo Hoo!


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