Soul Level Animal Communication LIVE Weekend Workshop

Learn What Your Pet Really Wants You to Know
In-person with Danielle MacKinnon

The Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, NY
July 12 – 14

Even if you think you’re not psychic, you can STILL learn to communicate psychically with animals

This in-person beginner animal communication workshop is for YOU if you:

  • Love animals as much (if not more!) than some of the people around you
  • Suspect that the animals in your life have more to offer than their loving companionship
  • Are willing to take a risk (even though many people may think this is crazy!)

Let me show you how to access your innate intuition (even if you aren’t yet aware of it) and connect with various animals using the universal language of all species.

Keep scrolling to learn how to access the BONUS Live Readings & Q&A Session with me!

Win a Free Reading with Me!

During the workshop, you’ll have plenty of people reading your animals (and you’ll read theirs!) as we practice the techniques I’m teaching, but I’ve got a fun bonus for everyone who attends – a chance to win a 55-minute Soul Level Animal Communication reading with me (valued at $500).

To enter the contest:

  1. Sign up for the workshop on the Omega website (use that big blue button)
  2. Come back to this page and fill out this form to register for your chance to win

I stopped offering private Soul Level Animal Communication readings many years ago because I couldn’t keep up with demand, but I still love doing readings every once in a while – and this is one of those times!

I’ll announce the winner via email after the workshop via email.

(Note: You must attend the workshop to be eligible for the drawing)

BONUS: Live Readings & Q&A Session

June 18th @ 12 Noon EST

Register for the Weekend Workshop prior to June 17th and you will have the opportunity to attend my BONUS Live Readings & Q&A Workshop!

To secure your spot in the Bonus Workshop:

  1. Register for the weekend workshop on the Omega website (registration will be open soon!)
  2. Come back to this page and submit your purchase confirmation info into this form. >>>
  3. We’ll send you the live link the morning of our session on Tuesday, June 18th!

I stopped offering private Soul Level Animal Communication readings many years ago because I couldn’t keep up with demand, but I still love doing readings every once in a while – and this is one of those times!

(Note: You must purchase a ticket to the weekend workshop at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY to be eligible for this Bonus Live Readings & Q&A Session)

During Our Super Fun Weekend Together You Will:

  • Develop your animal intuitive senses to cultivate healing, harmony, and a deeper connection
  • Explore the eights steps to telepathically give and receive information with animals
  • Discover how to go beyond a superficial connection and attain a soul-level connection
  • Learn about animal soul contracts and how animals use them to assist and heal us

You return home with valuable animal communication skills you can put into direct practice. No previous experience is necessary. Plus, WE get to work together and you’ll surely meet an incredible group of like-minded animal lovers. Enjoy in-person readings, wild animal readings and much more. Let’s celebrate the incredible energy and connection with animals at the Omega Institute!

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Are you wondering who this magical intuitive unicorn who writes and teaches all this super cool stuff is?

Hi, I’m Danielle!

I’m an Animal Communicator, Intuitive and Soul Level Intuitive Coach®. I help you learn how to communicate with animals, open your intuition, start a psychic business and more – all using my proprietary Soul Level Method.

As a professional animal communicator and psychic for over 20 years, I’ve had a unique opportunity to learn about intuition, spirituality, energy and animals. What I share with you in my books, and in my Danielle MacKinnon School of Animal Communication and Intuition is simply what I’ve learned over the years!

I can’t wait to connect with you in-person at my weekend workshop in July!

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In-Person Weekend Workshop at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, New York with Danielle MacKinnon

July 12 - 14th, 2024