My Astounding Intuitive Connect with Whales Experience


The Intuitive Connect with Whales I Couldn’t Believe

On the last day of my Animal Soul Connection retreat at Imiloa in Costa Rica, I took the group on a whale watching trip. My plan was to have the group connect with whales, intuitively. I was very focused on meeting up a mama whale and her calf. I had talked endlessly about this in all my marketing materials.
What I didn’t know when I created the trip though, was that there aren’t many whales in that part of Costa Rica in January. I found this out when we boarded the boat, and the guide started preparing us for a lack of whales. Despite a lack of experience with them, I’ve been dreaming of whales for years so I wasn’t dissuaded by his warnings.
After we boarded the boat and got settled, I ran the group through my technique to connect with the whales. It took about 1 minute to complete and then we were off!

Our First Sighting

About five minutes in, Sarah (one of the lovely attendees) pointed to the left and said, “Hey! Is that a whale?” Although it was in the distance, it looked like something was spraying water. After a moment of looking, she realized (she though) that it must be a boat churning water.
But it wasn’t! We had found our whales and we were going to connect. Our very impressed Guide and his crew hadn’t even seen this and we quickly made our way to where we could see the whale.
As we got closer and closer, it became clear that we weren’t just looking at one whale – there were several. And this is where our Guide’s knowledge of what we were looking at came in handy.

A Family (Kind of) of Whales to Connect

We had discovered two males whales, and a mama and calf whale. They mama whale was protecting the calf from the two males, while also making it clear she was not the mood to mate.
As we drifted in the ocean, watching the whales move all around us, more boats began to show up. Their occupants were also excited to have found whales in January. Our Guide repeated many times, “This has blown away all my expectations!”
The whales made their way through the water, sometimes diving or flapping their tail. Sometimes they would disappear only to re-emerge in a completely different area.
All the while, our Guide continued to tell us fact about whales. Like if they sleep, when they mate, what they eat.
And then all four whales disappeared.

Our Group Whale Connection

After a couple minutes of no whales, I asked the group to do the whale connect technique again. We had to get our Guide to stop talking, but once he did, the connection felt easy.
A minute or two after we completed the connection, the whales emerged, coming toward our boat! It was the closest they had been and we were all thrilled. I imagine their collective whale brain feeling energetically attracted to our call.
We continued to play with the connection as we realized the whales were drawn to us. The other boats fell away as the whales we interacting with our boat.

The Breech

The whales dove deep again and while we were waiting, I had an idea. This time, I had the group perform the whale connect technique a bit differently. I thought perhaps the whales would respond to the difference with a breech. This was something I’d always wanted to see!
As we waited to see what would happen, things on the boat became very still and a little heavy. The energy around us felt very different. About a minute after that, the Guide yelled, “There they are!” And the whales came back to the surface, near our boat – but on the other side of the boat. All four whales had swam right under our boat.

How Smart Are Whales

The group continued to play with the technique on and off throughout our time with the four whales. When they would disappear, we would reconnect with them and they would re-emerge. And both times we did the alternative “breech” connection the whales swam under the boat!
I feel like the whales were showing somewhat of a secret whale intelligence as well. The other boats were cheering and aggressive with loud Guides. When a whale would show themselves, those boat would drive TOWARD them.
Alternatively, our boat was calm. We were feeling the connection and we were feeling the whales. And that innate whale intelligence knew we were full of love for them.
I believe this is why they played with us and our connection so beautifully – they felt our love for them, they felt that we’re holding them in our hearts in the best way we can (as humans who haven’t yet mastered unconditional love). 
Those four whales, in that moment – they brought us as close to unconditional love as we could be.
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