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My Psychic Dog: All Animals Are Psychic

Did you know that all animals are psychic? AND that our pets use their psychic abilities every day to interact with us, their humans? In my work as an animal communicator, I get to watch many people have this realization – as their pet tells them (through me) things that only their pet would know.

Because as a professional, I’m in the world of animal communication and intuition every day, you’d think that I’d remember that my dog is psychic. Recently, I forgot this – and my psychic dog read my mind. It really backfired on me! 

How Animal Psychic Abilities Work

Animals connect intuitively with us (humans) and read our feelings, thoughts, emotions, ideas, intentions, and energy. (Read more in depth about How Animals Communicate here.) 

When my students are studying animal communication, I’m teaching them how open their own psychic senses so they can connect with the animal in the same way the animal is connecting with them already.  When the human and the animal are consciously connecting in this way, there are so many less challenges! Which then opens the relationship up to new levels of intimacy and alignment.

Conscious Connection

When you are aware that your pet is picking up messages from you that aren’t just verbal, it gives you the opportunity to have a conscious connection with your pet. When you’re not aware of this, and you simply expect your pet to listen to your words, only (or you forget that your pet is listening to ALL of the messages you send), things can go haywire because it will seem like the animal in your life is not in alignment with you. 

My Psychic Dog Read My Mind and I Wish She Hadn’t

The challenge for me with my psychic dog arose specifically because I wasn’t being conscious in my relationship with her.

I was walking through the house turning off lights and picking things up before my family and I left the house. We planned to be gone for a few hours.

As I was turning the light off in my son’s bedroom, I remember glancing at his retainer and thinking, “Wow, it would be just so easy for Tuukka (my dog) to jump up on the bed and grab that retainer off the shelf and eat it. I wonder why she never eats it?” (The retainer had been untouched on that shelf for almost two years so I don’t know why I thought this.)

Then, I continued downstairs to do a little more straightening up. I looked at the sofa and thought, “we don’t need to put the gates up, Tuukka never gets on the sofa…” (We lean baby gates against the cushions and she won’t go near the sofa.)

Then, as we were all finally walking out the door, I said to the family, “Boy! We really get away with a lot of stuff everyday because Tuukka’s not like other dogs!”

Missing the Conscious Connection

My psychic dog really is psychic. And it’s not because I am an animal communicator, it’s because all animals are psychic. 

When I got home that day here’s what happened

  1. Tuukka was sprawled out on the new white sofa.
  2. Resting next to her was my son’s retainer (on the pillow), chewed to bits. 

It still amazes me that she is this powerfully in tune with me. My dog is psychic – really! As is your dog. As is your cat. And when you learn to take advantage of that intuition, from both sides, you can actually experience a much more loving, aligned relationship!

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  1. Roree Severance
    Roree Severance says:

    This particular article is very validating. From 2001 to 2010, my husband and I rescued several kittens from various situations (overpopulation, being tossed out to fend for themselves, shelters, friends and abandonment). Since childhood we have had cats live indoors/outdoors (I am 59)and it was common for cats to live to ripe old ages of 15-20+ without being killed by predation, cars etc. However these past 15 years my husband and I have lost almost all the cats to predation here in Otis Maine. Our current two live inside once and for all!! Before I learned about animal communication our cats all “sent” me messages or rather images before they left some on how they would pass. I also experienced those feelings of dread, fear and heartbreak (momentarily but still very strong). I have always had some kind of intuitive abilities and encounters with unseen people since childhood but as I got older learned to repress or deny them. Since the loss of my animals I have learned about and sought help from Animal Communicators on several of them. It has validated the information I have been getting but also caused me to take seriously messages from my current animal family and the fact that I really DO receive information (like may be I am not crazy LOL). One cat “showed” me being hit by a car, same day she ran out in front of a car who missed her thank goodness!! The other kitty Midnight got out one night and would not come in. At 2:30 am I was awakened by a loud voice in my head saying “let me in Mumma I’M ALL WET!” I went to the door in came Midnight soaking wet from the down pouring rain!! She and Midnight (my other kitty) are now in “catios” or inside. Thank you Danielle for this wonderful blog and website. I plan to get some books and even take an online class in the near future!!! Roree

  2. Kathy
    Kathy says:

    Great story, Danielle. Thank you for the chuckle! No doubt Tuuka is psychic, but it also falls along the line of the power of intention – whatever you think in your head will happen, good or bad… Just another reason to be thinking positive & good thoughts all the time, especially when it comes to our animal family!

  3. Naomi
    Naomi says:

    One day I said to my daughter, “Sunny, is so good. He never goes in the pantry even though all the snack food is easily within reach!” What did he do the next day? Eat a whole bag of trail mix with chocolate (which never seemed to bother him even with foil wrappers), but the raisins really hurt his kidneys, poor guy. He lived many more years with the pantry door closed.

  4. Mary
    Mary says:

    My cat Wendy saved me from being shot!!!!! Actually I was having one of my James Bond action adventure dreams. I was just about to be shot by my husband who was actually a spy…… I could hear Wendy running down the hallway to my room & meowing very loudly then jumped on the bed. Needless to say she woke me just in the nick of time & saved my life ❤️

  5. Mr Glenn
    Mr Glenn says:

    My boarder collie used to sleep on my couch when I was out it was pay back because I wouldn’t take with me. One day while she was sleeping I came in through the back door caught her dead on eye to eye. I snapped my finer and pointed and told her “off” she looked a little pissed that I interrupted her nap – I told her as I pointed to the couch NO I grabbed the vacuum as she watched me clean up I told she was bad in a firm voice. She got the hint and never went back on the couch. I closed the bedroom door from that point on. We both knew what the next move would be. I’m a horse trainer and read animals as best as I can for years every new student is a new lesson.

  6. Sherry
    Sherry says:

    I had no idea pets were psychic until I started dog sitting Rosie for my dayghter.

    One day, while I was taking a shower I was thinking to myself “when I’m finished with my shower I will give Rosie a bath”.

    But, when I went to get her I couldn’t find her. I called her and searched the whole house, but nothing. I finally asked Steve if he’d seen her and he said “yes, she’s hiding under the desk!” When I looked under the desk there she sat! This was unusual behavior for Rosie because she always wanted to be with me.

    It didn’t end there, she let me know she was going to pass and how!! I told my daughter, Steve and a few close friends. No one believed me until the evening that it happened.

    Around 4:30a.m. one morning, I was telling a close friend about it and I said It was going to be soon and I wished they would believe me. That evening around 5:30 she was hit by a semi and killed. A
    total freak accident?

    Frankly, I Didn’t even know it was possible until I had the experience with Rosie.

    I’ve since adopted a little dog and I try to
    communicate with him but he has no interest in communicating.

  7. Susan
    Susan says:

    OK so I am well aware of this psychic connection. My kitties are using it against me when I go to the pet Store to pick up their food I am often times being drawn to purchase some treat I normally wouldn’t buy. Without thinking I buy it and when I get home I have three cats sitting at the door grabbing at the bags as I walk by. Then it dawns on me that they intuitively gave me the thought to get it for them.

  8. Melissa Dunstan
    Melissa Dunstan says:

    I’ve been able to use the technique of visualizing what I want my dogs to do (and my cats!), except for the barking. I get so upset when they won’t stop that I’m sure all I have in my head is them barking. I’m working on this, and hope I can master it soon.

  9. Micki
    Micki says:

    My dog, Beau, gets mad at us when we leave and leaves us a “gift” upstairs. I had been reminding him NOT to be so “generous” hence we were getting daily gifts. I started sending him images of a nice clean floor with no “gifts” and so far, it has been very successful!

  10. Cheryl Beachler
    Cheryl Beachler says:

    I”ve been practicing with my little Yorkie (Lulu) who barks at anything she hears outside… she get our bigger dog Shorty going too What a barking ZOO! …1ST I bring Shorty back to me by visualizing him sitting beside me(He is the easier one to communicate with for me)…then I work on Lulu it may take a few mins for her to get it! I’ve also been visualizing her to sit on my lap through out the day… I’m always so amazed how easy this works!!!Mostly I need to be in the space for it to work and paying attention to this has been profound. Thanks Danielle


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