My new shirt


personal beliefIt’s funny how so many of us don’t realize how motivated we are by our own negative personal belief. We think it’s just “the way” we are when really, there’s much more at play!  Even in the most inane places. Here’s an example of what I’m talking about.

For years, I’ve been working to shift my negative belief of “I’m not safe, supported, and protected” in the world to ” I am totally safe, completely protected, and supported fully by the universe.” Growing up, this negative belief was a driving force behind many (OK ALL) of my decisions.

As I’ve worked on my Soul Contracts and beliefs, I’ve shifted the needle on this belief so that it no longer makes all my decisions for me – and I’m much happier because of that! However, it still shows up in some places.

For example, when I have a new shirt that I really, really like, I will often NOT wear it.

Seems weird right? Why not wear something that I love?

It’s because, since I still have remnants of not feeling supported in the world, I don’t exactly trust that the universe will ever make another shirt like that, that I love. So, in order not to wear it out, I choose to wear other clothing.

Weird right? Even though I’ve done lots of work around this negative belief, since I haven’t shifted it to a 100% that I AM fully safe, supported, and protected, I’m presented with small opportunities to call it out and work on it.

What negative beliefs do you have? What weird ways do they show up in your life? As you’ve worked on this, have things changed? Let me know here!

Love & Light,

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