My dog had a seizure for the first time

by Danielle MacKinnon

my dog had a seizure for the first timeMy dog had a seizure for the first time

Yesterday started out like a normal Sunday in which we’d done all of our chores and had cleared the day to putter around the house, take Tuukka for an off leash walk before the rain/snow began, and generally stay in our PJ’s all day.

That’s not what happened and I’m really still processing it. It was kind of a very bad day.

It started as a normal day

There was no part of me that was thinking it was going to be possible for my dog to have a seizure for the first time.

As Kevin (hubby) and I were in the last leg of our three mile walk with Tuukka through the woods, Tuukka suddenly seized up about 5 feet ahead of us on the trail.

As she was spasm-ing on the ground, and foaming at the mouth, she looked like she was in such pain!

Our first impulses for my dog’s seizure

Although Tuukka, my dog was having a seizure for the first time, my first sense was, “OK, she’s OK. She not present with what’s happening to her.” In fact, this weird sense of calm came over me.

As she lay there on the grass, convulsing with her eyes rolling back in her head, I crouched down and put our hands gently on her. We continued like that for a moment, just allowing her to move through the seizure. We were terribly confused though as she’s only two and she’s never done anything like this before.

Then, for a moment, my fear crept in. I worried it wasn’t a seizure. Maybe she had eaten some poison somewhere in the woods? Maybe she found old rat poison or something from the past owners of our house in the basement?

The seizure wasn’t really over

Once again, though I got that feeling of calm through my body and I *knew* that she was going to be OK. I often have high anxiety so for me to feel this was very out of the ordinary.

The seizure continued on for what seemed like forever until her body finally relaxed. The seizure had ended and she lay there panting on the grass.

We knew we had to get her to the vet immediately so Kevin handed me the leash so he could pick her up and carry her to the car.

We had no idea we were making a mistake

I was walking ahead of Kevin, who was carrying Tuukka down the wet path through the woods.   Suddenly I head, “Roerrr..grrrrrr… ra-ra-ra-ra-ra!” and saw Tuukka jump out of Kevin’s arms sprint down the path that lead to the busy road. Not good. We ran in different directions to try and corral her. She seemed discombobulated.

I stopped. She was about 20 yards away from me – just standing and staring at me wild eyed. It was clear she had no idea who I was.

“Tuukka! Here! Come here! Come on Tuukka!” I yelled in an agitated voice and started jogging toward her. She looked at me, and started running down the path toward the road again.

“Kevin, get to the road now! Get there NOW! She’s coming your way!” I screamed, beginning to feel panicked. And then she stopped about thirty yards away from me.

She turned and looked at me. Hackles raised. Growling a very menacing growl.

I thought to myself, “Wow, if I didn’t know her, I would be really scared to meet this dog in the woods like this…” My dog having a seizure for the first time was just a completely upsetting experience so far!

I saw Kevin get to the edge where the path in the woods met the road. Despite bleeding hands (she had bitten him to jump out of his arms), he was ready in case she tried to bolt again.

How my intuition kicked in

I suddenly had this knowledge – this beautiful, inner knowing and feeling that I could bring Tuukka back to herself.

Calmly (and I wasn’t trying to act calm, I just WAS calm), I called out to Tuukka. “Tuukka! Hello Sweetie! Tooki! What are you doing? Hello baby! Aw come here!” and just stuck to speaking out loud all the words that popped into my head to bring her back into her body.

As I talked, I crouched down and watched her. I used my animal communication skills and imagined that she was standing quietly next to me. (Animals don’t just listen to our words, they also read the pictures in our heads).  I made my energy soft, easy going…

As I did this, I saw that her hackles slowly smoothed, he mouth relaxed, and so did her shoulders…

And then, she simply came walking over to me and nuzzled my hand. I simply put the leash on her and we started up the path toward bleeding Kevin.

It’s all about the energy

She wasn’t quite herself yet but she was getting there. When we approached Kevin at the top of the path, she held back, but I continued to hold the same energy, “Look! It’s Daddy!” and then she came along and hopped into the car.

Energy. I know that it was my skills with animal communication that made this situation turn out as positively as it did. The “my dog had a seizure for the first time” story that I’ve written here could have turned out quite differently if I hadn’t been able to turn within to understand what was REALLY needed.

If I hadn’t listened to my gut, if I hadn’t done what I “knew” to do, Tuukka would probably have taken off across the busy road and I don’t know that we would have been able to get her back. When she goes into fear she loses her sense of self – and when you add the discombobulation of the seizure to that, it’s possible that we would have lost her for good yesterday.

The positives of animal communication and my dog had a seizure

Animal communication is wonderful when you want to help others with their animals, when perhaps you want to start a business, when you love animals and just want to know what they are thinking… but it’s also pretty incredible in every day life as well.

I’m so grateful to have this skill. It saved the life of Tuukka yesterday. I am sure of it. And I’m so grateful to be spreading this incredible skill to others!

When your dog had a seizure for the first time, how did you handle it?

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  1. jimm nancy
    jimm nancy says:

    My son started having seizures he had his first seizure at 6 year within 12 hours We spent 6 days in the hospital where different doctors looking at different things couldn’t agree on why he suffered a seizure… He has had genetic tests including a muscle biopsy. I used to wonder why my son were getting so many vaccinations shots at such a young age, Still the doctors wouldn’t admit it was the vaccination shots. After his 2nd seizure I wouldn’t allow my son to be vaccinated anymore but I believe the damage is done. It was during a casual conversation with a friend that I learned about Doctor Lawson Bryan i was so glad to know him on how his herbal product work, I contacted Lawson and explain everything to him and make purchase of his product. few days later i received the herbal medicine my son used it for 3 mouths i notice improvement in less than a month my son was totally cured of seizure now he have not experience any sign of seizure.

  2. Karen
    Karen says:

    Hi Danielle,
    So glad you all made it home safely and that you were able to calmly use your intuition to bring her back to be present with you. I want to share – my dog Wyatt used to have seizures – several per month, from 2-15 minutes at a time. Vet was considering medication but my intuition told me to clean up his diet instead. We switched his food to a brand that has no chemicals, artificial flavors or colorings. When we changed his diet the seizures stopped immediately. As far as we know he is seizure-free – we haven’t witnessed a seizure in 13 months! I hope it works out this well and easy for your fur baby.

  3. Sarah
    Sarah says:

    Hello, Danielle:

    I’m so sorry to hear about Tuukka’s seizure. Has she ever had a tick? Ticks carry diseases (Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Rickettsia, and Lime Disease) that can cause seizures in animals. Your veterinarian can do a blood test to determine if your dog is infected.

    Years ago my Black Lab, Barney, contracted Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever from a tick. We had no idea until he had a grand mal seizure. Thankfully, antibiotics completely cured his condition.

    I hope Tuukka is feeling better soon!!!

  4. Carolyn Whitney
    Carolyn Whitney says:

    I have a seizure dog (beagle) also. At first, it was kind of scary when his seizure began, but then, I just kind of “tuned” into him (and the look of his face). I realized that he was afraid, but not in pain. He just didn’t understand what was happening to his body. His seizures produce spasms in his legs and ears, his eyes are dilated. He falls to his side for a few minutes, then eventually can stand after a few minutes, and seems to get back to normal. When it is all over with, he is himself again, and it seems he does not remember what happened. The funny thing is, when he is having the seizure, and I am telling him everything will be okay, he knows what I am saying. I always sit with him on the floor while he is having the seizure, and he always seeks me out when he knows one is coming on. They seem to know ahead of time when it’s coming. The look on his face changes, and his walk becomes awkward. I am sharing this with you so that you can start to look for signs of seizure coming on, and be with her, and comfort her while it is happening. I know she will appreciate your attention during the seizure as my dog has shown me that he is. Please let me know how she is doing. There are medications for seizure available from the vet. My beagle (Tru) is on phenobarbital daily.

    Hang in there!

    • Danielle MacKinnon
      Danielle MacKinnon says:

      Yes, we were told that Beagles are especially prone to seizures. I know there is a bigger message to all of this and I’m looking forward to having the whole family expand into it. Thank you for sharing the signs as well. sending you love and gratitude Carolyn,

  5. JoAnnL.
    JoAnnL. says:

    Danielle,what an awful ordeal for you,Kevin and tuukka,I was feeling such dread and was so relieved when it all turned out okay,how scarey that had to be for you all.Please let us know what the vet said.

    A few years back one of my cats had a seizure and stroke and it was the scariest thing to go through with him,he lost use of his back legs and his vision.We took him to our vets that night and there were several dogs barking and I knew that would be so upsetting for Tiger and I just knew I could not leave him there with all that chaos and the vet being the awesome vet that he is said he would take Tiger home with him. The next morning he called and said that Tiger had his vision back but he did not have full use of his legs yet.I brought him home and had to keep him in for 2 weeks which was torture for him (he was and inside outside cat that came to us. He finally healed and 3 years later something happened and he lost all use of his legs,the doctor took tests and came to conclusion that it was neurological.I hated to let him go it was so difficult. About 3 months later I was outside with my cat Gracie and she was staring at something and I looked and I saw Tiger,walking along the edge of our property with all use of his legs. I knew in my heart that was God allowing me to see him and to know that he was now all healed. Out of all my rescues Tiger was my only lap cat and I will always miss him

    • Danielle MacKinnon
      Danielle MacKinnon says:

      JoAnn, I LOVE when animals give us such wonderful, clear messages from the other side like this. How special that you received AND TRUSTED this!

  6. Jessica P.
    Jessica P. says:

    I had a similar situation with my boy when he was only a few years old. He had gotten out of the house and was chasing a jogger down the street. My husband and father went chasing him but then he got scared and started running away from them. I felt he was only going to return to me if I gave off an energy that I was going to be his safety. I called to him from down the street in the same calm sweet manner you described and he darted right towards me. I picked him up and his poor little heart was pounding and he was trembling. I held him tight and gave him kisses, told him what a good boy he was and that he was okay. My husband wanted to discipline for running from him but I didn’t want Ace to feel I “tricked” him with my energy so I made my husband agree to let it go.

  7. Sally Effron
    Sally Effron says:

    Hi Danielle…

    Our beautiful & loving cat, Nicky who seems to be so strong & healthy, threw up a bit of foam a few mornings a couple of weeks ago…My husband and I, being very aware and maybe a tad over cautious, took him to our vet on Saturday 1-14…

    A few days prior to that, the 4 cats I lost in the past few years came to me in a dream…They were so real that I actually woke up elated that I had a chance to be with them again…

    Nicky had actually been to our vet for a checkup in October before she went on maternity leave…We are thoroughly enamored with our vet because she is not only very knowledgeable but she also knows how to communicate with us in a manner that makes us comfortable…

    The sad truth is that she felt something in Nicky’s abdomen…After taking an X-ray and doing an ultrasound scan, she said we had 3 options…(1) Do nothing…(2) Take him to the oncologist…(3) Surgery…When asked what would she do if Nicky was hers, she said surgery…I believe that she hoped it would be in the spleen or intestines, which was not clear on either the X-ray or ultrasound scan, and that she would be able to remove it…She also told us that if she discovered the cancer had spread and that nothing could be done that she would not wake him…

    The surgery was done on 1-16…The vet discovered that it was in his lymph nodes and because of where they were located she could not remove them…She took a biopsy and sent it out to be tested…

    We took Nicky home the same day…She put him on prednisone and antibiotics and had us make an appointment with the oncologist, which we had been to with 2 of our other cats, for Thursday 1-19…

    We made the appointment and took Nicky in the morning only to find out that the oncologist had not received the biopsy results…Being brilliant at what she does but totally unaware of how her actions could affect us, she started ranting about not having the biopsy results and kept asking why our vet did surgery instead of doing an aspiration to find out what kind of cancer it was…She also did an ultrasound scan an saw the affected lymph nodes…She finally calmed down a bit after reaching our vet and talking with her…We were then sent home…

    On Friday, 1-20, our vet called and told us the test results did not determine which of 2 completely different cancers Nicky had…She has sent it out to be retested…As of today, we still have no conclusive results…

    In the meantime, within a few days of Nicky recovering from his surgery, he is 85-90% back to his old self…

    I am very aware of the fact that I have a special connection to animals and that Nicky and I are close in a way that is very deep…We are both extremely sensitive to each others feelings and we spend a lot of our time in close physical contact…He often snuggles with me during the night and loves to be kissed on top of his head…Having had 5 other cats, I know that this is not typical…I am taking extra care to gather up all my positive energy and to remain very calm when we are together…

    My instincts, which are supposed to be the subject of this email, are telling me that this bizarre chain of events is not quite real…I do not believe that I am in denial but I when I look into Nicky’s eyes, I do not see any pain or illness…However, I also feel that he is quite possibly taking care of me by hiding his illness because he does not want be to be worried or sad…

    This is where we are at this very moment in time…I am not sure about our future together but I am sure that the weekend we just shared, my birthday weekend, was the finest gift I have ever received…

    Sally Effron

    • Danielle MacKinnon
      Danielle MacKinnon says:

      Sally – it sounds like you’re moving through this tough time in a beautiful, graceful way. Sending you and your family love & light.

  8. Martha
    Martha says:

    Please, if a pet is having seizures , suspect the pet food. Not here to argue the point, your pet’s life may depend on it…also seizure meds have been known to cause seizures….Check out Dr. Blaylock’s book/video regarding excitotoxins / neurotoxins. [He is a neurologist for humans]. How can you do less if you love your pet?

  9. Julie U.
    Julie U. says:

    I hope Tukka and Kevin are doing better! Thank you so much for sharing that story, Danielle! I am reminded of when I had a “knowing” with my beloved cat Willow. I was at the hospital with her, trying somehow to get to the point to tell the vet I was ready to put her to sleep because she was very sick and they told me she had hours or days to live. I was spending time with her in a private room and couldn’t bring myself to do it. At one point Willow looked me right in the eye and I heard myself say “ok, ok.” In that moment I “knew” she was telling me it was time. I respected her wishes and called the vet in. This memory of communicating with her in that way was one of the reasons I decided to start studying animal communication. <3

  10. Rahima
    Rahima says:

    OMG really scary situation…brilliant you are who you are but why did she have the seizure ? Are many of our four legged friends going through this right now? Have heard of several.
    What is it about I wonder. Do hope you are all recovered now. love <3

  11. Laurie
    Laurie says:

    First, I am so glad your story didn’t end tragically! I’m sending love & light to all of you! I have a 7yr. old Golden. He was about the same age as Tuukka when he had his first seizure. It was the scariest day of my life!! Tyler (Ty), continues to have grand mall clusters (about 4-5 in a 24hr period), that last about a minute each time. Seems like ETERNITY though! He is on medication now, that doesn’t prevent them, but hopefully reduces the frequency. I can’t really explain it, but I absolutely know when he’s going to have one, either the day before, or day of. It’s like he’s telling me he knows something is going to happen, and he doesn’t like it either! It breaks my heart every time I have to watch this. I just lay with him & put my arms around him & tell him it’s going to be ok…I’ve always wondered if this is something he’s trying to teach me? I wish I knew!!! Thank you do much for sharing this story! I appreciate any feedback that would help ! Hugs

    • Danielle MacKinnon
      Danielle MacKinnon says:

      Laurie, I totally get what you’re saying. For the couple days before the seizure, Kevin and I kept talking about how she was acting differently: wanting to be with us more, sleeping near us… now it all makes sense. And now I know that that’s a message. Sending you love & light, Danielle

  12. Karen B. Shea
    Karen B. Shea says:

    I have a beautiful cat named Rudy that is incredibly reactive to sudden movements and loud noises. I believe Rudy spent the early part of his life outdoors but has spent the majority of his life as an indoor cat. Rudy was almost six when I adopted him. One afternoon, not long after adopting him, Rudy was sound asleep upstairs on my bed or so I thought. I was in the basement and went out to get firewood and apparently closed the sliding glass door just enough that Rudy could squeeze through it. As I turned the corner with an armful of wood, I saw Rudy standing outside on the patio. I immediately froze and began freaking out inside. I knew I couldn’t just drop the wood because that would scare him and he’d run off for sure. I quietly began to talk to him as I placed the wood gently on the ground. Rudy quickly began to walk up the path away from me and towards our driveway that boarders a large park consisting of steep hills, gigantic evergreens and thistle and ferns plants. We live in Washington Sate! Now I’m really beginning to freak out because I know if Rudy runs off into the park, the odds of keeping up with him was really slim especially since I was wearing slippers! So I do the most logical thing, I begin to panic. But as quick as the panic set in, I just as quickly hear in my head, “calm down, stay calm, you don’t want him to sense your anxiety over this”. So I took a deep breath, continued to follow him at a steady pace and when he’d stop, I’d stop and try to coax him towards me. No luck. Rudy crosses the driveway, is up the hill and then stops. I calmly climb the hill and stop below him and sit down. I am very conscious of keeping myself calm and relaxed. I quietly begin to talk Rudy over to me and as he gets just close enough for me to reach him, I grab the scruff of his neck and hold on for dear life because I know if he gets away now, he will surly bolt into the woods and as far away from me as possible. I hold Rudy closely apologizing to him all the way to the basement for my tight grip. Once inside, I put him down and he bolts away from me wet muddy paws and all, but I’m okay with that because at least now I know he is safely in the house! I know, if I didn’t listen to that message and manage my energy as calmly as I did, Rudy would have been lost in the woods. I am grateful for the message I received that day and for knowing how to manage my energy in a time of panic. Not to mention, that I actually saw Rudy got out of the house because I would have spent the rest of the afternoon lounging by a fire reading and thinking that Rudy was sound asleep up on my bed.

  13. Karin Nelson
    Karin Nelson says:


    Did you ever get to the vet for the seizure? Is Tuukka alright? Was Kevin alright? I hope everyone is okay now.

    Wow that was scary.

    Thank you for sharing.

  14. Cindy
    Cindy says:

    So relieved that Tuukka, you and Kevin made it through that traumatic event. So many emotions. You did a great job of finding your center in a time of high stress. You didn’t tell us if Tuukka and Kevin are ok today?

    • Danielle MacKinnon
      Danielle MacKinnon says:

      I didn’t mean to leave everyone hanging! Yes, everyone is OK. We’re now moving into the stage of figuring out what it all means and what to do. Thank you Cindy for asking!


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