My Cat or Dog Just Died – How to Handle Passing of Pet Right Now


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A lot of people find my YouTube channel and my website because their dog or cat just died and they are feeling stunned at the depth of the grieving process.  In my work as an animal communicator, I spend a lot of time helping people when they are grieving a pet. This has taught me a lot about what our animals want us to know.

Here are three things your deceased pet wants you to know, when they first cross over:

Your Pet Knows How Much You Love Her

The most common question I get? “Does he know how much I loved him?” As loving human beings grappling with animal death, we often start to go through the list in our heads of “I wish I had’s…” Like, I wish I’d taken him for more walks” or “I wish I’d given her better food.” By far though, the biggest wish is, “I wish I had REALLY made sure she knew how much I loved her.”

Animals operate different from people though. Whereas people often judge each other based on their actions, animals tap into our hearts – connecting with us at the Soul Level. That means they are aware of more than our actions. They know our feelings, our intentions, and our deepest thoughts. No animal has ever told me they didn’t know their human loved them! In fact, the animals are usually saying things to me like, “Yes! I definitely know! She told me every single morning!”

The Grieving Process for the Death of a Pet is Misunderstood

When a human family member dies, there are plenty of options for support. From counselors to self help groups to book after book, support is everywhere. When an animal family member dies, although the grieving process is the same, there is a stark lack of understanding. How often did you hear, “It was just a cat!” And that lack of understanding makes grieving a pet even more challenging.

Your animal that has passed away wants you to find like-minded people who understand your grief, not put it down. You can’t control your feelings of loss, and why would you want to! Our animals even want us to learn from their passing – but we can’t do that if we’re trying to hide our sorrow from those around us who don’t understand.

Find a supportive community (like my Be Open Community) or even just one supportive person where you can let all of your grief show. It’s very hard to come to terms when your pet passed away if you feel like no one understands you!

Important Guidelines To Communicating with Pets After Death

For most of us, when our pet has passed away, we want nothing more than the ability to reconnect with them. Most people consider communicating with pets after death as an impossible wish. But it is definitely possible and your pets on the Other Side want you to know this!

Animal Spirit School

There is a period of time between the official “animal death” and when the animal spirit is ready to start sending signs and messages. I call this period of time, “Animal Spirit School.” It’s the period where the animal spirit is adjusting to no longer having a physical body. This period of time can be anywhere from 3 hours to 3 days… it depends on the animal.

During that time, it’s also important that you give yourself space for grieving the loss of a pet. That means, not pushing yourself to stop feeling and not pretending that things are OK when they really aren’t. An animal death is challenging at all levels (perhaps your dog was the only one you ever really trusted). Take the time to be conscious about your pet’s death. Is there anything you can learn from this at the Soul Level?

Conscious Grieving Process for a Pet

The more conscious you are about pet passing, the more it will assist your grieving process. But that being conscious doesn’t mean beating yourself up! It means, looking at the big picture of the relationship you had with this animal. It means seeking out how this animal helped you become a better person then – or is helping you now.

As you become more conscious and move into your grieving process over your pet’s death and as your pet finishes up Animal Spirit School, the space will open up for you to get messages from him or her! And these messages can also assist in your grieving process.

If you haven’t watched the video above, be sure to do so! There’s even more info in there!

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