My Cat or Dog Just Died – How to Handle Passing of Pet Right Now

Things Your Deceased Pet Wants You to Know

by Danielle MacKinnon

Closed Captions available.

If you’re looking for relief or understanding around the grief of losing your pet, my What Your Pet Wants You To Know When They Die Video Manual can give you some much needed information and inspiration!

A lot of people find my YouTube channel and my website because their dog or cat just died and they are feeling stunned at the depth of the grieving process.  In my work as an animal communicator, I spend a lot of time helping people when they are grieving a pet. This has taught me a lot about what our animals want us to know.

Here are three things your deceased pet wants you to know, when they first cross over:

Your Pet Knows How Much You Love Her

The most common question I get? “Does he know how much I loved him?” As loving human beings grappling with animal death, we often start to go through the list in our heads of “I wish I had’s…” Like, I wish I’d taken him for more walks” or “I wish I’d given her better food.” By far though, the biggest wish is, “I wish I had REALLY made sure she knew how much I loved her.”

Animals operate different from people though. Whereas people often judge each other based on their actions, animals tap into our hearts – connecting with us at the Soul Level. That means they are aware of more than our actions. They know our feelings, our intentions, and our deepest thoughts. No animal has ever told me they didn’t know their human loved them! In fact, the animals are usually saying things to me like, “Yes! I definitely know! She told me every single morning!”

The Grieving Process for the Death of a Pet is Misunderstood

When a human family member dies, there are plenty of options for support. From counselors to self help groups to book after book, support is everywhere. When an animal family member dies, although the grieving process is the same, there is a stark lack of understanding. How often did you hear, “It was just a cat!” And that lack of understanding makes grieving a pet even more challenging.

Your animal that has passed away wants you to find like-minded people who understand your grief, not put it down. You can’t control your feelings of loss, and why would you want to! Our animals even want us to learn from their passing – but we can’t do that if we’re trying to hide our sorrow from those around us who don’t understand.

Find a supportive community (like my Be Open Community) or even just one supportive person where you can let all of your grief show. It’s very hard to come to terms when your pet passed away if you feel like no one understands you!

Important Guidelines To Communicating with Pets After Death

For most of us, when our pet has passed away, we want nothing more than the ability to reconnect with them. Most people consider communicating with pets after death as an impossible wish. But it is definitely possible and your pets on the Other Side want you to know this!

Animal Spirit School

There is a period of time between the official “animal death” and when the animal spirit is ready to start sending signs and messages. I call this period of time, “Animal Spirit School.” It’s the period where the animal spirit is adjusting to no longer having a physical body. This period of time can be anywhere from 3 hours to 3 days… it depends on the animal.

During that time, it’s also important that you give yourself space for grieving the loss of a pet. That means, not pushing yourself to stop feeling and not pretending that things are OK when they really aren’t. An animal death is challenging at all levels (perhaps your dog was the only one you ever really trusted). Take the time to be conscious about your pet’s death. Is there anything you can learn from this at the Soul Level?

Conscious Grieving Process for a Pet

The more conscious you are about pet passing, the more it will assist your grieving process. But that being conscious doesn’t mean beating yourself up! It means, looking at the big picture of the relationship you had with this animal. It means seeking out how this animal helped you become a better person then – or is helping you now.

As you become more conscious and move into your grieving process over your pet’s death and as your pet finishes up Animal Spirit School, the space will open up for you to get messages from him or her! And these messages can also assist in your grieving process.

If you haven’t watched the video above, be sure to do so! There’s even more info in there!

If you want to learn more about messages, go here.

10 replies
  1. kat
    kat says:

    Danielle, I am amazed at how much you have helped me after the death of my dog. I actually thought I would die from the grief. I had not slept or eaten for days after her passing, I felt like I could not breathe. Then I found your videos and I could breathe again. I watch them every few days to remind me how lucky I am to have had my girl in the first place, and that I still have a relationship with her even though she isn’t where I can see her anymore. I just wanted to say thank you, and I really hope you understand what a service you are doing for so many people. There isn’t any help out there for one of the most devastating situations of life- the loss of our dear pets. Thank you so much for the work you do.

    • Danielle MacKinnon
      Danielle MacKinnon says:

      i’m so glad you’re finding some comfort in this super challenging experience. Sending you and your dog my love <3

  2. Samuel Delescaut
    Samuel Delescaut says:

    I lost my dog, best friend and gentlest soul I’ve ever met last Friday.
    We had no choice but to euthanise him after a long health battle.
    I lost my mum in 2018 and it hurt a lot but this hurt at a much deeper level…. I’m am lost and devastated and hope to get a sign from him at some point soon as I miss him so dearly…..
    I took time off work on Friday knowing it was his last day and took him for a drive to the ocean which I think he enjoyed a lot, took him for the shortest walk he’s ever had since we had him as he couldn’t walk far at all anymore and I basically showered him with love cuddles and kisses…..
    when the time came to put him down I lost it. I broke down shaking and crying like a little kid(I’m 46 and Billie was my first dog). I remember feeling numb and short of breath and dizzy and had a tingly almost electric sensation buzzing in my entire body…….
    Never have I felt this way before.
    It was truely horrible and traumatic and I have not been able to sleep well since then.
    Then I found you on Sunday night out of desperation because I wanting to know if there was such thing as an afterlife for pets as I never heard of pet psychic before and for some reason after watching your videos you gave me hope that he’s ok and doing well and that I might see him again at some point.
    So thank you. It’s helping heaps already.

    • Danielle MacKinnon
      Danielle MacKinnon says:

      I’m so sorry for your loss. For so many of us, losing our beloved pet is just devastating. I’m glad you’re finding some of my work to help you. And also that you are trusting the feelings in your body as signs! You may want to consider joining my Be Open community as well? Most of the people there found me through their tough loss experiences as well. It’s a very safe space. Either way, I’m so sorry you’re going through this and I’m sending you love <3

  3. Sonal
    Sonal says:

    My pet rooster died 2 days ago. It jumped off from the 4th floor and was attached by a dog. I am unable to get over it and cannot stop crying. I keep imagining the pain he would have gone through while he was being attacked.
    Also, there is a lot of guilt of leaving him unattended. I keep missing the way we cuddled and his ecstatic run all over the place.
    I was not even able to do his final rituals because of such an accidental death. Just feel like hugging him for one last time and looking for a signal that tells me he is fine wherever he is.
    The pain is growing each day instead of subsiding.

  4. bukovets
    bukovets says:

    I do agree with all of the ideas you have introduced for your post.
    They are very convincing and can definitely work. Nonetheless,
    the posts are too brief for beginners. May just you please lengthen them a
    bit from subsequent time? Thanks for the post.

  5. John B Holland
    John B Holland says:

    My little poodle puppy of 9nyears weight about 3 pounds at her passing. She and I were very close. In fact I didn’t know how much we were attached until she passed. First she had gale stones and one blocked her bile duct. After the vet cleared at up we thought she was out of the woos but then she developed an autoimmune blood disorder that destroyed her blood cells. Is she ok?

  6. Chris Mitchell
    Chris Mitchell says:

    I lost my cat Tia yesterday at noon , she died in our home with both my wife and I telling her it was okay . Watching her die was horrible and I feel so guilty that I couldn’t do more . That I wish I knew she was sick and that all I wanted to do was help her and I didn’t want her to go . I’ve loved animals
    All my life and with Tia there was a bond , even though I didn’t know she was sick I felt guilty for punishing her for peeing on our bed. I struggle with allot of things


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