Want more control?

Want more control?

OK, this is not a joke. As I’m sitting here writing this, there are workers outside on the street using a jackhammer. Or maybe lots of jackhammers. I think it’s lots of jackhammers.

For hours it seems so far. Really probably really only an hour – but really?! Jackhammering??!!

Anyway, I’m going to ignore it (ha!) and talk to you about a trend that I’ve been seeing a lot of lately in people who are endeavoring to create their life the way they really want it.

I see this in my private clients, in my School of Animal Communication, in questions that come in through social media, in my workshops, and in my retreats (really… everywhere):

Many people think more control creates success.

By this, I mean – I work with people every day who are a bit at their wit’s end. They’re tired, they’re overworked, they’re confused, or they don’t know where to turn.  Maybe they’ve been trying to get over past abuse. Perhaps they want to start an animal communication business or an accounting business. Perhaps they have been trying to change their finances or fix their love relationship…

Regardless of the what we’re trying to accomplish, there are so many of us out there who take on ALL the responsibility for changing our lives – we want MORE control. In fact, when faced with a life challenge like this, many people go the route of trying to control it all.

To build the life you want and to have the career you want and to have the love you want, it’s not a YOU thing – and it’s certainly not a control thing.

When you go for control – you miss out on one of the coolest parts of being alive: your secret partner.

Yep, it probably sounds goofy for me to write it that way, but control leaves your partner out in the cold!

The Universe (or Spirit or your Guides or God…) is working at all times to be your partner. The Universe supports you in being your best and giving your best and reaching your best. And when you partner with the Universe, you no longer have to do it all yourself.

That means, hey, you may not have taken every single accounting class that exists yet, but that doesn’t mean you can help someone with accounting. It also means that, if you can do your part and stay clear and balanced, the universe can step in and help you find the best words to say to your partner or connect you with the most awesome people who can most benefit from your help or send those really wonderful financial opportunities your way.

When I first began my business in animal communication, I really didn’t know what I was doing. There really weren’t any animal communicators out there doing a business full-time like I wanted to do – and the internet wasn’t in full-swing yet so go to google and model myself on someone I found there. 

What I had on my side, though, was that I trusted that the Universe was going to be there for me. And sure enough, I started getting clients who benefited from the beginner knowledge that I already had.  That trust in the Universe (the process) took me then – and continues today – to take me places that I didn’t know were coming! Sometimes I fall away from that trust, and then it’s hard for the Universe to support me – but when I come back to that place of trust, things once again get smooth.

This past Monday, I certified five new Soul Level Animal Communication® Practitioners. I’m just as excited for them to be out in the world connecting people and their animals as I am for me to be helping to bring people like this out into the world. It’s a dream of mine coming true every day!

These guys are truly incredible at working with people and animals and at working with just people too. I encourage you allow your partnership with the universe to guide you to working with the practitioner who is the best match for you.

And let your partnership with the universe lead you elsewhere in your life too!  I mean, how nice is it to sit back and STOP worrying that you’re making a mistake and instead let the universe help you along your way?

You do have a partner – in fact, the BEST partner ever, IF you allow it to happen!

Love & Light,

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  1. Melissa
    Melissa says:

    Wow. Can’t begin to say how much this resonates right in this moment. Somehow 3 wks have passed since I helped my sweet Prince cross the Rainbow 🌈 Bridge. He is now with his Lady who crossed a year earlier. And the whole summer I was struggling with surrender due to my street being ripped up everyday with gargantuan machines that made the whole house shake. And the noise….oh the noise. And now…it is all done. And our grassy spot down the street that became unusable during our little walks has been cleared of all the huge pipes and construction debris. Our street is peaceful once again. I suffered on and off about not being able to control that part of our life for his remaining months here with me. The timing is enough to make me feel insane but instead I just nod my head and say I get it. What Prince has been teaching me the last 3 wks is a continuation of what Lady started when she crossed, “Don’t get into the boxing ring with yourself because you couldnt control it all and be perfect for me”. Yowsa. Touche’ my sweet Prince.✨💖✨
    Thanks Danielle!


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