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Money Blocks and Soul Contracts – What’s Really Going On?

Close-up Of Hand Crushing Bank NoteWhen I put the question of money blocks out to all of you on Facebook the other day, I wasn’t prepared for such a huge response! Most of you wanted to understand why, despite your best intentions, your wholehearted action, and even major lifestyle changes, you haven’t been able to truly shift things financially.

In my many years working as an intuitive and coach, I’ve found that money blocks and blocks around financial security aren’t actually about money at all!

First, what does money represent to you? Why do you want more money in your life? Before reading on, think about it for a second and answer the question honestly.

OK, now most people would say that money represents security, safety, the ability to be free of worry and support.  So, what most people are searching for, when they’re looking for money – is actually a feeling of security in the world, and money has looked like the best way to achieve it.

But is money really the best way to accomplish security, support and safety in the world?  If you base your sense of security on how much money you have – you will have to constantly make more and more money in order to satisfy your needs.  No matter how much someone has, they MUST spend some of it to live – so they’ll be putting themselves into a negative repeating pattern of never feeling secure because the money stockpile is decreasing.

What if, instead, you were to work on that INSIDE part of you that said, you’re not safe in the world? What if you were to shift your beliefs so that you were able love and support yourself from within, regardless of your exterior situation? I know I’m getting all mushy gushy on you – but really, this where we have to go. If you can shift that feeling of being unsafe and unsupported on the inside it will actually become reflected in your environment (on the outside). If you truly believe you’re taken care of, opportunities, people, jobs, experiences and yes, money will all show up to match that belief!

So, those of you who are wondering – how come you haven’t been able to bring more money into your life are probably beginning to see the answer I’m giving you – it’s because you’ve been focusing on the wrong spot by zeroing in on the money rather than on the erroneous belief within you that says you’re not safe in the world.

It’s not about manifesting and it’s not about affirmations because as long as you believe you’re not safe in the world, you won’t be.  Instead, it’s about working on that erroneous belief that tells you to feel like money (or the perfect job, husband, butt etc.) is the answer to all of your problems.

The answer is always within and it’s that pesky belief! When you finally believe that you are safe, supported and protected in the world – you will be.  It’s that simple – but you have to look (and work) in the right place!

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  1. Kathryn Moravec
    Kathryn Moravec says:

    Hi Danielle
    This makes so much more sense to me than all of the affirmations and trying the mind manifesting. I know I am safe, protected and cared for always and I am now laying all my money issues down for the Divine to take care of. Thank you so much!


  2. Raiker
    Raiker says:

    Thank you for the insight. I have had a huge shift since our last meeting that I had to share. The reason for me personally was because of ‘comfort’ I was concentrating on comfort, to take me out of the present (turmoil and pain) and put me into the future (comfort and security) but little did I know that the experiences were preparing me, shaping me, teaching me to find that security, comfort and abundance in me already. That being joyful with my experiences now, by seeing the abundance I had already then things would be added to me.
    By focusing on the ‘lack’ the universe gave me more of it. By focusing on pain the universe gave me more of… well no more, the shift is permanent and I have had a spiritual ‘aha’ moment a relationship that I thought I had severed, hurt, abused, lost for ever came back to me in a simple mobile phone message and before I called I asked the universe to show me how to treat this call and I did everything I was meant to do but as I witnessed myself I found that the old pattern of ‘making myself bigger than I am, and gossiping’ were also there and I saw it and I now know what it looks like, how it operates, why it does what it does but I know it and can stop it and call upon the universe to help me and guess what it did.
    Blessings to you and to all.

  3. Kat
    Kat says:

    Dear Danielle,

    Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

    Reading this blog message this morning was so supportive for me as I’ve recently gone through some things where I felt unsupported. However, through the process I realized that I was the one holding back the support and safety from myself.

    I was focusing on what was not happening for me, where I was not being supported, and where I felt unsafe. I was allowing those thoughts to dictate my life, until that proverbial ‘aha’ moment arose, and I could see clearly that I am safe and supported, and I always have been. Whew!!!

    I periodically go back and listen to your program because clearing out the erroneous ‘stuff’ makes such a huge difference in the spaciousness and openness I feel in my life.

    Thank You!!!

    Bountiful Blessings,

  4. Bill J.
    Bill J. says:

    Thanks for going to this topic. I think your clarity and good humor is so endearing. It really is important to remember that we all need to see our selves from a different point of view during the times of worry and want. Would you please continue the discussion further, it’s potentially life changing for those of us who are ready to hear it.

    We love your audio interviews so much.

  5. Jane Smith
    Jane Smith says:

    Thank you, Danielle, for expressing the information in just this way. Very, very helpful! Now to shift that “pesky belief” once and for all!

  6. Daniela Mannucci
    Daniela Mannucci says:

    Thank you Danielle, I’m so getting (and working on the negative limiting beliefs) that haven’t allowed me to ‘be’ my own light and create the inner safety I never learned to create for myself. My insides then will become a mirror for my external world. How incredibly exciting!

  7. Patricia
    Patricia says:

    The best thing that has happened to me in recent months is being in your circle of light ….the smile on your face ….your words are being used by “the big energy” I call God to set me free from sorrow and sadness and open up the depth of my life…fear is my greatest motivator and it is being replaced(slowly) by love…thanks deeply from my heart!

  8. Cindy
    Cindy says:

    Thanks for writting this it was exactlly what I needed to read. I now need to work on that “feeling safe in the world” thing. It does seem simple… I have tried all my life to make and or get more money, thinking of it as security for myself and to help my family have an easier row to hoe in life then I did. My thinking was all wrong… Thanks again for the eye opener…
    Hugs, Cindy from Oregon

  9. Cindie
    Cindie says:

    Thank you for the reminder I know you told me this years ago I was not in a place to hear it. Thank you for seeing and believing in me when I could not believe in myself.


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