From Grief to Connection: Can Pets Communicate After Death?

Connecting with Departed Pets Through Animal Communication

Grief over the loss of a beloved pet can be a profound and heart-wrenching experience. Many of us yearn for one last connection, one final moment with our furry or feathered friends. So one question that often arises is, “Can pets communicate after death?” The answer is a resounding “YES!”

My experience as an animal communicator for more than 20 years has revealed incredible bonds that transcend the physical realm. Departed pets often find ways to reach out to their grieving human companions! Whether through dreams, signs, or intuitive sensations, these connections offer comfort and solace during a time of mourning.

If you’re looking to explore that bond with your pet in the afterlife, you’re in the right place. Keep reading and see how you can communicate with your beloved pets even beyond death. My Dream Connect Method will help you discover how the loving energy of your furry friend can remain a part of your life.

Knowing that pets can communicate after death is a source of hope and reassurance for those who have lost a cherished companion. Download my Dream Connect Method to learn how to connect with your pet in the afterlife.

How to Get a Message (Tonight) From Your Pet That Has Passed On

Want to talk to your pet who’s passed into the afterlife as soon as tonight?

My Dream Connect Method will be perfect for you. Here’s an example of me psychically connecting with my dog, Tuukka so you can see how this works in real-life (then I’ll go over how this works for your pet in the afterlife below)

Grab a copy of my 3-Step PDF Guide, then keep reading to learn how to use it to communicate with your pet.

I’ve used this exact method with my clients for years to help them finally communicate with their pet after death and trust that their connection is real!

The Afterlife Bond: Communicating with Beloved Pets Beyond Death

For many of us, the loss of a pet leaves a mark on our hearts like no other experience. As a professional animal communicator, I have witnessed the enduring connection between humans and their departed pets in thousands of interactions.

“I heard her meow… then a paw scratched my door.”

Exploring the Unseen Realm: Messages from Deceased Pets

In the realm of animal communication, messages from deceased pets are not only possible, they also happen all the time!

After two decades practicing animal communication, I’ve had the honor of exploring the bond between deceased pets and their beloved humans, including the incredible message that pets convey from the Other Side. These messages from our deceased pets are a testament to the enduring bond between humans and their anial companions and they remind us that the unconditional love of our pets transcends the physical body.

“I kept thinking, “I have to look! I have to look!” Finally, I couldn’t resist and pulled back the covers…”

Can pets communicate after death? I did a quickie survey on my Facebook page about the method and here are the results:

Most people were able to connect with the pet on the Other Side with 1-3 tries! And that’s with no psychic experience too!

The Dream Connect Method:
Pets CAN Communicate After Death!

(And you can connect with your deseased pet too!)

So many people whose pets have crossed ask themselves: can pets communicate after death? And many have tried to connect with their beloved pet in the afterlife through:

  • Meditation
  • Visualizations
  • Books
  • Oracle cards
  • Affirmations

The reason these methods are so often unsuccessful is because they all require you to take a leap of faith – and taking a leap of faith when you’re grieving is incredibly difficult.

It’s much easier to believe in your connection, when you are actually experiencing the connection!

The Dream Connect Method Puts You in the Driver's Seat so you can see, hear feel, and believe pets can communicate after death!

Animals view the Afterlife very differently from how we view it. At the deepest level (what I call the Soul Level), they are always aware of the big picture of their life and purpose.

People, on the other hand, are very fearful of death. Most of us think of it as something bad or as a punishment for our mistakes.

For the past twenty years, I’ve been working with people who are grieving the loss of their pet to help them understand that a pet on the Other Side is not lost to them.

So can pets communicate after death? Yes! And here’s how you can get a message from them tonight:

can pets communicate after death

The 3-Steps to Communicate with Your Pet After Death

These are the three steps to your success in communicating with your pet in the afterlife.

Step 1: Setup your environment to get the greatest experience with your pet.

Step 2: Use the Intention Prayer to call on your pet.

Step 3: Record your experience (after you wake up).

Bonus: The Dream Connect Method is easier to follow when you can take it with you and refer to it while doing it. Go HERE to get your one-page printable PDF with each of the steps laid out for you AND the script you can use for the intention prayer!

Below, I’m giving you the breakdown of each of the three steps in the method. But first, here’s why this way of communicating with animals after death works so well!

When we’re happy, our vibration is higher which increases our ability to connect with others, in person or intuitively is easier too! You already know this, based on how you feel when you’re happy, right?

However, when we are grieving, our vibration lowers. Sadness, depression, grief, anger…. These all create a low feeling within. While it’s true that pets can communicate after death, these heavy emotions also affect our ability to connect with them in person and intuitively.

Watch this video for a quick way to manage your energy

When you’re sad, it’s hard to see the light through the trees right?

Communicating with pets after death works the same way because it is just that: connection.  When you’re happy, confident, clear, it’s going to be easier.

But, when you’re lonely and sad or when you’re deeply in grief because you’ve lost your beloved best friend pet, how can you possibly get happy enough to create a good connection to him (or her) on the Other Side?

Well, you can’t. Which is why I created the Dream Connect Method!

The Dream Connect Method helps you sidestep your grief so you can finally connect to your pet in the Afterlife

When you’re sleeping, your defenses are down. The sadness and loneliness you’re feeling over the loss of your pet doesn’t affect you the same way. Sleep is when we are ALL the most open to any type of communication with the Other Side!

This method is like your secret power pill to communicate with your pet after death because it takes advantage of the more open state of mind you’re in while sleeping.

Bonus: The Dream Connect Method is easier to follow when you can take it with you and refer to it while doing it. Go HERE to get your one-page printable PDF with each of the steps laid out for you AND the script you can use for the intention prayer!

Step 1: Set up your environment to get the greatest experience with your pet

Being able to communicate with your pet after they passed on isn’t just about being in the right place at the right time. There are things that you can do to help ensure a great connection and that starts with setting your sleeping situation up for the best possible success.

Start by making sure your sleeping environment meets the following conditions:

  • Make sure you have several nights in a row available
    Don’t start this technique if you have to travel for work, friends staying over, or anything else that takes you away from your normal sleep routine. You want everything surrounding your sleep to be as uneventful and regular as possible. If you don’t have a few days ahead of you like that, just wait until you do. It’s OK. Your pet will wait for you as well!
  • Put a pad of paper and pen on your nightstand
    Our goal is for your pet to visit you while you sleep at night. We all, however, forget in some way what we dream. When you have a way to wake and immediately record your experience, you’ll remember more of it, and you’ll be less likely to doubt it. Be sure, though, that your pad of paper has a hard back. When you’re scrambling around in the morning to write down what just happened, you don’t have to time to find a hard surface
Here’s what my nightstand looks like when I’m looking to communicate with my pet on the Other Side.

While you might think having a fancy notebook would make the experience more special, it really doesn’t matter. I use whatever is easiest (and whatever fits on my nightstand). You DO want to make sure that the pen you choose always works.

Again, you don’t want to be scrambling for a better pen in the morning when all you want to do is write down the cool experience you had!

  • Wait until bedtime to begin
    Although you might want to take a nap to start connecting with your pet, don’t. You want to be in a deep sleep. If you don’t usually sleep during the day, wait until your bedtime. If you’re fitfully sleeping or only half sleeping, your emotions will still play a role, which makes it harder for your pet to come through for you.

Step 2: Use Your intention prayer

Being able to communicate with your pet after death isn’t just about being in the right place at the right time. There are things that you can do to help ensure a great connection and that starts with setting your sleeping situation up for the best possible success.

Now that it’s bedtime and your environment is set up, it’s time to let your pet  know what you want! And what you want is for your pet to visit you while you’re sleeping.

It’s always a good idea to be very specific when you’re communicating with your pet in the Afterlife. However, you don’t want to be too specific!

Here is the Intention Prayer that hundreds of my clients have had success with:

First say, “I am now calling on [say your pet’s name].”

Then, Imagine that your pet is waiting in the wings of your room now, listening to you.

Next say, “Please visit me tonight. I’d love to communicate with you in my sleep tonight and wake, remembering our connection. Thank you [say your pet’s name].”

As you’re stating your intention prayer out loud, here’s one big thing to avoid:

  • Desperation:
    Even though this Method helps you communicate with your pet on the Other Side, despite your grief, you still need to take care of your emotions before using the method. If you say the Intention Prayer while crying, or in utter desperation, you are lowering your vibration before bedtime. This will make it much harder for your beloved pet to come through. Do something uplifting before bed. Watch a funny YouTube video.

Once you’re in bed, with your paper and pen next to you and you’ve said your Intention Prayer, you’re ready! It’s time to go to sleep!

Step 3: Record Your Experience (after you wake up)

Your pet on the Other Side wants to communicate with you, so once you’ve created the best conditions, that communication can happen.

When you wake up the next morning (or potentially during the night), grab that pen and paper and write down whatever is on your mind. It may take you a few days to get in the habit of doing this, but it is the very best way to remember the most of your experience.

What are you going to be writing down? What does a visit really look like? What is going to happen while you sleep when you use my method to communicate with your pet after death?

Bonus: Make connecting with your pet on the Other Side even easier! Get the 3-Step Dream Connect Guide printable PDF with the steps laid out for you AND the Intention Prayer you can say before bed right HERE!

Because this all happens while you’re asleep, there are NO LIMITS! However, there are a few things you should know about the visitation that will make everything easier:

The difference between a dream and a visitation

I designed this method to facilitate a visitation between you and your pet. You’ve probably already had dreams about your pet on the other side, but that is a very different experience to a visitation.

Often our dreams don’t make sense and things not making sense is also one of the signs that you are dreaming about your pet rather than experiencing a visitation. In a dream, perhaps the two of you are flying on a cloud or swimming together underwater – or perhaps you’re even riding your pet (where you normally never would).

Visitations are much less adventurous but much more powerful than dreams. In a visitation, you’ll find yourself doing something very normal with your pet. People commonly have visitations where their pet shows up on their bed and they simply spend time petting or cuddling him or her.

Here’s a summary of the difference between a dream and a visitation:

With a visitation, you wake feeling like your experience with your pet was almost real. There is a very surreal energy to a visitation that is quite incredible. Visitations are also always positive.

If, instead while you slept you had a vision of your pet somewhere hurt or upset, that is a dream. Often that is your subconscious trying to work through all of your emotions. No worries. It happens. Keep trying the Dream Connect Method!

“In my dream I said, Croozer! I see you, I see you!!”

“I could remember clearly what I dreamed…”

Here's what some of the people who have taken this class have said about my method to communicate with pets after death: