Want a message from your pet on the Other Side?

I bet, like almost everyone, you want to receive a message from your pet on the Other Side.

As a professional animal communicator for almost twenty years, I’ve been in the unique position to experience animals at all stages of dying – from before the animal is even close to passing over right through to when it’s happening and often after the fact as well.

I’ve learned through these experiences that animals on the Other Side WANT to communicate with us!

And you don’t have to be psychic to pick up your pet’s messages!

Here are a few examples I’ve seen over the years:

*One animal sent a visual of himself up into the sky as he was passing – and only his human saw it. But his human really did see it!

*Another inspired her human to write a hit song as she crossed over.

*One dog sent the picture of his passing to his human several days before he passed – which allowed his humans to plan things out exactly as they were in the picture…

And yet, none of the people experiencing these events considered themselves psychic!

What’s probably even more exciting is that animals on the Other Side will work hard to make sure we can “catch” their messages of love. Here are a few more examples:

  • A dog showed up in his human’s dream to tell him it was time to quit his job.
  • A little girl’s cat actually appeared on the bed one night and she stayed up all night petting him.
  • And my dog Bella will sometimes remind me that she’s around by sending me a distant Bella-bark.

And yet again, there were no intuitive abilities used to have these experiences!

Animals have so much to give us. All we have to do is learn how to open to the messages and love they’re sending our way!