Meditation Tools: The Sparkle Meditation


The Sparkle Meditation works for people at all skill levels of meditation. That’s because, it’s not the “clear your mind” type of meditation. Instead, it’s a guided meditation that takes you through a series of things you “do” with your mind.

Think of this like it’s a meditation aid for people who don’t have a quiet mind (like me!).

Meditations Tools: The Sparkle Meditation Benefits

The benefits of my meditation tools go far! From helping you become more decisive, feel more calm, and discover more intuition – you can’t beat these meditation tools for energy management!

When to Use Meditation Tools Like the Sparkle

But how do you know when you need to manage your energy? Here are a few of the signs:

  • You can’t settle down and your mind keeps focusing on that thing that is upsetting you
  • It’s almost impossible to make a decision or know what is right or wrong
  • You aren’t trusting yourself
  • Trying to sleep at night is it’s own nightmare
  • You don’t feel connected to your friends, family, or maybe even your animals

The #1 Sign to Do the Sparkle

There are thousands of signs that you need to manage your energy. The easiest one?  If you find yourself wondering if you might benefit from some energy management – that’s the sign! Go do it!

You can try one of my meditation tools, found here on my site or you can do something else that works for you.

In the video above, at the 2:51 mark we start! I guide you through a live meditation I did with my Be Open Community. That means you’ll get even more benefit because a whole bunch of people came together at once to do this!