Meditation for Communicating with Pets After Death


Who this Meditation for Communicating with Pets After Death is For

You can use this meditation to feel closer to your pets that have crossed over, animals that in the crossing over process, and for animals that are still alive.  There are many benefits of meditation and to include your beloved animal in the process, you’ll receive even more.

You’ll have the most success with this energy meditation if you first understand how communicating with pets in the afterlife really works.

Going With the Flow For Communicating with Pets After Death

We’ll also be relying heavily on imagination during this energy meditation because imagination has no limits. This makes it easier to create the connection.

If you think you’re not good at using imagination, try this: think of a pink elephant standing on a tiny beach ball. There! You did it. That’s how hard you need to work to get the benefits of meditation with your beloved pet. Your goal is to let your imagination go where it’s going to go – and trust that this is what is supposed to happen.

Three Ways Your Pet in the Afterlife May Communicate With You

When you’re learning how to meditate with your pet in the afterlife, there are three main methods that your pet may use to connect with you.  Watch for these signs from deceased pets:


As you do this meditation, you may find that you’re imagining your pet looking different or that different pictures, scenes, and environments are popping into your imagination. This could be your pet driving the meditation.


Even though you’re using your imagination to do this meditation for positive energy and connection with your pet, you may still hear sounds! Perhaps you’ll hear a bark outside your office or nails scratching or maybe you’ll hear her name… Don’t overthink it, just let the sounds arise as they arise and trust that they are part of the meditation.


Sometimes during your energy meditation with your pet, you may feel overcome with an emotion. Usually, these emotions are emotions that your pet is creating for you, during the meditation. Most often those emotions are joy, excitement, happiness, and love.

Another way that this meditation for communicating with pets in the afterlife may affect you is in your physical body. Often, as signs from our deceased pets during the meditation, our animals will give us chills or a feeling like… they are sitting right there next to us during the meditation!

Begin Your Meditation For Communicating With Pets After Death Here

First, decide on which animal you are going to work with in this meditation. It will be easier for you if you choose only one animal. That animal can be a pet in the afterlife, a pet that is currently going through the crossing over process, or even a pet that is alive.

You’re now ready to begin the meditation. Go to the video above and get to the 4:20 mark. The meditation is about 10 minutes long. Be sure to share here what your experience is!

More Ways For Communicating with Pets in the Afterlife

I also have a video on the Dream Connect Method. This is the method that I’ve created through my work as an animal communicator to help you receive a visitation and get signs from deceased pets. If communicating with pets in the afterlife is your goal, the Dream Method is an even more in depth way to  get those messages!