Lost Pet: What to do when you have lost your pet


lost pet

What to do when you have a lost pet

Losing your pet is a very difficult experience. For most people, the emotions, fears, and imaginations of everyone involved makes the search for the beloved pet extra challenging. As an animal communicator, I’ve worked with many people as they’ve desperately searched for their missing pet – and it’s always a challenging emotional rollercoaster.

This is your To Do list, for when you’ve lost a pet. This list includes both traditional as well as intuitive tools for helping you locate your beloved!

Here’s what you can to for the most effective outcome with your lost pet

1. Tackle low-hanging fruit hiding spots first

Contact friends and family in your area to see if anyone has seen hide or hair of your pet. Surprisingly often, our “lost” pets end up with neighbors who thought it was “ok” to let your cat hang out in their house for three days. 

2. Gather & Spread the Details

While your friends and neighbors already know your lost pet, other organizations and people may not. Take a moment to write down your pet’s age, size, special characteristics as well as the last time you saw your pet and where. Gather up two photos of your pet (that have ONLY your pet in them) for easy sharing.  Also write down the contact info that you want anyone that has seen your pet to use. Many people forget even the most simple, obvious details when searching for their missing pet. If your anxiety heightens. you’ll be grateful you already have this info lined up. 

You can use the information you’ve just written down to create fliers, in the future. If you use tool #3 below, though, you will hopefully find that you don’t need to take things this far. 

3. Use Energy  and Intuitive Connection to Your Advantage

Here are FOUR intuitive tools you can use to find your lost pet:

  1. Remain calm. Animals connect to our energy and will have an easier time locating you if your energy is more like it usually is in your every day life. Your pet will feel more excited to come home to you when you feel good. 
  2. Visualize your lost pet returning home to you. Imagine a beautiful ball of your pet’s energy and the beautiful ball of your own energy consciously and calmly merging together on the front lawn of your home. Animals tune into our thoughts, feelings and emotions so they will get your “message” very easily this way.
  3. Talk with your pet. In a calm voice, simply have a conversation with him/her in your head. This conversation can calm you down as well as your missing pet and can reconnect the two of you energetically. Again, this will make it easier for your pet to hone in on your energy and return home. 
  4. Go to bed. Ask for your pet to tell you his/her location in your dreams (we’re often more receptive when asleep—not so nervous!)
  5. Hire an animal communicator that specializes in working with lost pets. Certain animal communicators are exceptional at finding lost animals – but you need to find an animal communicator that specializes in this type of work. Please check  Animal Communication Practitioner Directory to find an animal communicator that specializes in lost animals and can work with you.

Step 4: Spread the Details

Of course, if the tools in Step 3 don’t work, continue your search by sending your details out to shelters and rescue agencies in your area and by creating fliers. There are many fr** lost pet fliers (like this one) that you can use to do this. 

Spiritual Reasons For Lost Pets:

  • Sometimes when a pet completes his work with his human he chooses to “leave the nest.”
  • Your pet getting lost was the best way for your pet to teach you a spiritual lesson of some sort.
  • Some animals will react to an especially negative situation at home by temporarily or sometimes even permanently leaving.
  • Your lost pet is part of your soul lesson. Read more about that in my book, Animal Lessons.

This is just a small list of the reasons that animals get “lost.” There are many, many reasons why this may have happened!

Find Your Pet Psychic for Lost Pets
Please check  Animal Communication Practitioner Directory to find an animal communicator that specializes in lost animals and can work with you. Finding the right pet psychic for lost pets can be challenging as not every animal communicator is comfortable looking for lost pets. Also, be sure you feel a personality match with the person you choose.