Judging Theresa Caputo – The Long Island Medium

GavelIt’s time for me to come clean. I recently figured out that I’ve been doing something very unfair – something that I know a lot of others are doing as well. Now that I’ve noticed it, I’ve stopped – and it’s opened up a whole new world for me and I want to share that with you all too!

Several weeks ago, I was being interviewed for a potential TV Show (in my industry, this happens a lot. Psychics are the “hot new thing” for television). During the interview, I noticed myself saying a few times, “I’m not the next Theresa Caputo.” Theresa Caputo is the now well-known psychic medium featured on the TV show, “Long Island Medium.” At the time, I didn’t think very deeply about what I was saying, I only wanted to convey that I wasn’t like HER.

Afterwards, as I was reflecting on the interview with Kevin (my husband) and Cole (my son), Cole said to me, “Who’s Theresa Caputo?” So, to show him, we decided to sit down and watch her show. Now, here’s the funny thing – I had never actually watched an episode of her show! I had formed my opinion of her show and of what SHE was like based on what… Facebook comments, snippets in commercials and other social media. I had decided that she had sold her soul to be on TV and that she was cheapening the psychic world for all to see – purely based on bits and pieces I’d heard over the past year. I didn’t even realize I had decided this in my head, until I said it out loud to the interviewer that day.

When we sat down to watch the show, I realized I was all wrong. Theresa Caputo is a compassionate psychic medium who is not only good at her job helping people gain closure by connecting with our loved ones on the other side – but she’s also quite a hoot to watch. And she was funny, not because she was “staging” herself for the camera (although there are many staged moments on the show) but because that’s just who she is – that’s her real personality. And that is when I realized I’d been doing something dishonorable. I was harshly JUDGING someone who had achieved more than me. What right did I have to feel disdain for this woman? Had I ever met her? Had she ever told me about her struggles? Had I ever walked a mile in her shoes? Where did usual open-mindedness and acceptance of ALL go?

As I thought more about this, I started to realize that this is something MANY people do. They look at their boss, mentor, or someone who is further ahead of them in some way and they judge, put down, and gossip about this person. “Can you believe Shelly did this?” or “ Steve doesn’t know what he’s doing. How could he be MY boss?” For now, I’ll ask you to look at the vibration of that judgment or gossip. Look at the negativity surrounding the a phrase like, “Well, I would never do it THAT way…”

So, how about from now on, we take a step back when looking to those ahead of us, and instead of going to negative-town, seek out the bits that you can use to help yourself move forward. I KNOW that this is what I’m going to do with Theresa Caputo. Her ability to be vulnerable on TV is a truly wonderful talent – and one that I sometimes struggle with. From now on, I feel grateful to her for teaching me about this!

What can YOU learn from the people you’ve been watching today?

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  1. Safena
    Safena says:

    Love this! i get it cuz I do it. Sometimes I judge and project onto people I perceive as abusing their authority or not using their platform for the higher good. Then I say to myself “am I actually jealous and resentful!” And the irony is because of my criticism I’m more fearful of myself being in the spotlight. I’m holding myself back. Nothing good comes from it. Thx for your transparency. I’ve heard a lot in the spiritual community judging Theresa. I really feel the less we point fingers the more we will feel safe stepping into our own authenticity. Btw I would definitely watch a Danielle Show!! 🙏🏻❤️

  2. Rich
    Rich says:

    You were right the first time.

    NOTHING about her is real. She is merely an entertainer for weak minded people.

    IF she were actually real then WHY not go to James Randi and take the $MILLION$ DOLLAR CHALLENGE?

    Don’t say she doesn’t need the money. She IS working isn’t she?
    She could give it to charity if she wanted. It would PROVE beyond any doubt that she’s real.

    But she wont. Because she ISN’T.

  3. Marilyn
    Marilyn says:

    I also judged Teresa Caputo. I love ‘medium shows’, but had a very hard time getting past TC’s showy outward appearance as well as her approaching people and doing a reading without permission. Some years ago, I took a workshop on conducting angel readings. One of the cardinal rules the facilitator stressed was, NEVER approach anyone and start doing a reading without permission, as it’s unsolicited and intrusive. One thing I hadn’t considered ~ and so glad it was brought up here ~ was that she has to follow directives of TLC producers in order to make for s successful TV show. I agree TC is gifted, is a ‘hoot’, and definitely has her heart in the right place. Thank you so much, Danielle, for bringing up this subject. I’m done judging her 🙂

  4. carolyn
    carolyn says:

    Wow! I hope you do get a show!!!

    PS I love Theresa. Yes, she has a huge personality but she helps a lot of people and has brought mediumship into the mainstream….


  5. diane graham
    diane graham says:

    I live in Italy, her show is on at 3 in the morning so I tape it, I like her but was disturbed about her wearing FUR, what about the animals killed for fur, do they reach her about the pain they experience for making a collar for her coat. I just wish she would be kind to animals.

  6. Dianne Rockwell
    Dianne Rockwell says:

    Thanks for this beautiful post Danielle- it reaffirms that we are all here to give and to learn and honor each other’s journey, human and spiritual. We are all One, showing slightly different facets of our humanness and our unique gifts. Thanks for all the love and healing you bring to the world!

  7. Wendy Paulstich
    Wendy Paulstich says:

    I dont know if you are aware of this but I inherited my mothers aging Maltese after she died.After Bo peep died the next day you emailed me about your animal webinar and you were greiving then because your dog died. Well guess what so did Teresa Caputo. There is a doggie webenar going on in heaven. I live on Long Island where she lives. There all standing up for there owners. Amazing

  8. Melanie
    Melanie says:

    Thank you for your openness and honesty. This post really resonated with me as I know I make passing judgements about others (or myself) without even being aware I am doing so! I will be much more mindful going forward.

  9. julie
    julie says:

    Like my dad said to me — from the other side—, “we all have work to do!” Good for you Danielle for coming clean. I struggle with this, too. You setting the example makes it easier for others to do the same. Love to you!

  10. Kev
    Kev says:

    You could be Theres-er, if you wore too much make-up, had outrageous hair, put on 25 pounds and were zany all the time, but you’re not, you are Danielle, and quite the opposite. But you do something Theresa doesn’t, you teach us about ourselves and our contracts. You lead us to joy in a different way. Be yourself and have fun laughing at Theresa, you will learn to love her the way we all do! I have two very dear friends who are
    mediums (one is published) and both do their thing in
    different ways yet get to the same point; love,
    compassion and insight. You are doing the same
    without being someone else. And frankly, I would have never
    compared you to TC, but then, I actually watched the
    show, glad you finally did to! Keep up the great work
    and maybe you’ll get a TV show called Short, Island

  11. Alyssa
    Alyssa says:

    I’m in a psychic development class and what we’ve discussed about Theresa caputo’s show is that we don’t actually see her asking for permission before starting to read a person. She starts then stops and says she’s psychic. I think it could send the wrong message that psychics run around reading people without getting permission, it’s an ethical thing. BUT I think a lot of that is the show, and not her. They must get approval to show these parts on tv. It’s just that the audience doesn’t see it.

    I love watching her, and think she’s authentic and hilarious. That’s just the one part if the show that niggles at me!

    Thanks for the article, I have a lot to look inside about myself!!

  12. Roz
    Roz says:

    I have watched Theresa and to be honest I find her to be compassionate and very true to her Gift, yes it is bumped up for tv viewing but she uses her gift to help and offer comfort and she does that in style. It takes an honest soul to admit that they are wrong and you have dont just that Danielle so I say fair play. Many Blessings

  13. Debbie
    Debbie says:

    I’ve always liked Theresa Caputo, and always felt she was authentic. I didn’t realize people were judgmental of her.
    Glad you took time to watch her. We all have a tendency to judge what we don’t understand, I guess… Wishing you all the best, Danielle.


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