The Certified Soul Level
Intuitive Coach® Directory

Certified by Danielle MacKinnon

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Stuck in life? Too many commitments? Can't say no? Angela will help you discover positive changes you never knew were possible. Imagine feeling empowered instead of guilty, confident instead of stuck,...


Tired of ending up in the same unfulfilling relationship and job, the same annoying situations and arguments, or the same battle of finances and lack of abundance? During a Soul Level Intuitive...


Are you constantly trying to please others and avoid conflict? Do you wonder why you give away so much energy to those around you? Karin and her Guides will help you understand why these patterns...


Suppressing your heart to avoid a heavy emotion? Struggling to be seen, or hiding your sparkle to feel safe? Pushing yourself to exhaustion while sacrificing your needs and wellbeing? Led by her...


You are strong and beautiful, even on those days when you don’t believe it. You have the power within you to overcome the patterns and cycles that keep you from living your life confident in your...


Ready to stop putting everyone’s oxygen mask on before your own? To bust the monotonous routine that leaves you exhausted, numb and spiritually depleted? To be the Super Star you are? Then you are...


Do you struggle to create healthy boundaries, and to speak your truth with confidence? Are you having trouble feeling seen and heard? Uncover the root of anxiety and self-doubt so that you can break...


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You may be wondering...


The Certified Soul Level Intuitive Coaches® (SLICs) listed in this directory (see above) have spent extensive time, energy, and passion working with The Soul Level Method® to develop and hone their coaching.

When you work with a one of these SLICs, you get to see yourself with new eyes.  Past clients have reported feeling kinder toward themselves, discovering forgiveness for others they never thought they could forgive, and learning to speak up and more as a result of this work.

While each SLIC practitioner runs their own business and may make small changes to the exact process, SLIC sessions are not usually one-off sessions. They are also not “psychic readings.” If you are simply looking for a psychic reading, a SLIC is not for you!

SLIC sessions take place between you and your coach over a period of time in which you work with your coach to move through the process. Usually this coaching is at least 1-2 weeks and possibly more between sessions to give you time to process and do your personalized homework.

Typically, blocks of sessions are 4 or 6, and each coach charges their own fee and runs their own business.

To find the best match for you, take a quick look at the list. If you’re drawn to a particular picture or profile, choose that one and trust that your intuition is guiding you through the choosing process.

Sorry, Danielle does not offer private Soul Level Intuitive Coaching. However, you are currently on the page where you can choose to work the ONLY people in the world Certified to offer Danielle’s technique of Soul Level Intuitive Coaching!