Intuitive Coaching

Please note: Danielle offers this service to students of her Danielle MacKinnon School of Animal Communication and students in her workshops only.

Danielle has worked intuitively with thousands of people to bring her clients clear information, guidance and assistance. She will help you feel safe and comfortable as she dives deeply into your world to understand what is going on with you and how to help you navigate it. Your responsibility in any session is to speak up if you don’t understand something so that you and Danielle can work as a team to give you the best experience possible.

You’ll be able to ask questions about any part of your life including your relationships, challenges, Soul Contracts and negative beliefs that are affecting you, finances, and more. You may also want to read Danielle’s book on Soul Contracts prior to your session as it could help you achieve more during the actual reading. This is a suggestion, not a requirement.

Please note: Danielle is not a fortune teller and she doesn’t make predictions. She wants to help you understand why something is heading in a certain direction and give you intuitive guidance, tools and techniques around how to maintain or change it. Danielle’s sessions aren’t just about receiving information about your present life, her sessions are intended to arm you with the information and perspective necessary to truly move forward in your life.

55-minute Intuitive Guidance Session: $395
Emergency Intuitive Guidance Session: $495

Be sure to visit the Session Preparation and FAQ pages as well to learn about recording sessions, Skype and more.