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Calm in the Face of Chaos? My Intuitive Bird Rescue Story

Safe Little Black BirdOn a daily basis, I’m not performing a lot of bird rescue, but on this particular morning, as I went downstairs to eat breakfast I heard an odd sound. A bird had somehow fallen down the chimney and was stuck in our fireplace. After I freaked out for a minute and yelled for my husband, Kevin to come rescue him I remembered that , as a professional Animal Communicator, I could  use my skills and talk with the bird to make the whole rescue situation easier.

While Kevin was in the basement looking for a net, I stayed in the other room and matter-of-factly and psychically explained to the bird that we were going to help him get comfortable again outside. As I connected with him, I could feel his heart racing and it made my heart race too. Rather than send many different messages, I just kept telling him (in my head), “we’re going to help you get out” and I stayed very balanced.

When my husband opened the fireplace door to try and catch the bird, he flew through the living room, right past my dog Bella (amazingly our hyper chocolate lab was eating her breakfast and didn’t even poke her head up at the noise) and landed quietly on the floor next to the window. I simply took a dish towel and cradled him in my hands and then my husband opened the slider and we let him loose outside. It was that easy.

I’m writing this because so often in situations like that where I’m concerned for an animal, I have lost my cool. I’m proud of myself for remembering to do my work, even in the midst of chaos and I’m honored the bird were able to work together so seamlessly so we could get him home. We watched him fly to a tree, sit for a moment and fly back behind the house into the woods. And he felt just fine to me!

Remaining calm in the face of chaos is a new shift I’m seeing in many of my clients as well. People all around are beginning to have a sense of security from the Universe. Trusting that everything is going to work out is becoming easier and easier. Have you seen this in yourself lately? Are you noticing this shift too? If you’re not – keep a look out. We’re all being asked to make it!

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  1. Sandy C.
    Sandy C. says:

    I loved this post!! Saving this bird was amazing!! I’m sure it felt so calmed by your positive thoughts..and I do agree and amazed…at how much people are really cohesively starting to understand things about letting things flow with the Universe!! I hope I make sense! 😛 Love your blogs and been following your posts for a couple of years now! 🙂

  2. Kerry
    Kerry says:

    I have had so many odd encounters with wild birds over the past few years that my daughter has coined me “the weird bird lady.” It wasn’t until I recently watched your video with Bob Olson about soul contracts that I realized that there is probably a reason these creatures are coming into my life. This winter during one of our really super cold arctic blasts a little bird got into my daughter’s bedroom. We were having a heck of a time getting it out. My husband, who is usually the calm and collected one, was frantic. Finally, I calmly told my husband, “We need to just leave the window open, turn off the light, and leave it alone.” Wouldn’t you know it? That bird found its way much easier on its own than having us “masterminds” trying to direct it. I feel that this little bird came into my life to tell me that I need to stop trying so hard. That my attempts to control situations can actually make them worse. Of course, my husband has been telling me this for years. But, would I listen to him? Nope. But, that little bird got me thinking. Anyhow, I love your videos and am so happy to have found your blog. You are doing amazing work and it is helping me tremendously.


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