Does your inside match your outside?

by Danielle MacKinnon

Because I put myself out into the public space as an expert in Animal Communication, people have a tendency to put me on a pedestal – and it’s a pedestal I neither deserve or want.

To counter being put on that pedestal, I make sure people know that I’m a big goofball, with a huge love of animals, who is figuring this stuff out as I go. And I’ve found that by being very clear about who I really am (a completely imperfect being), I’m actually able to do more, be more, and go further – and when I make my inevitable mistakes and missteps, it’s OK, because I’ve made it clear, I’m making it up as I move forward.

I feel like this has worked well for me, but this philosophy of transparency isn’t something that everyone naturally follows.

I have one particular client whom I see as incredibly accomplished – she blows me away with her intuition, the depth of her knowledge, her skills, her ability to see into another person and more! And she puts that out to the world in a very professional way. And yet, because she sees herself on the inside as incomplete, she doesn’t allow herself to look like she doesn’t know something (what a lot of work!).

In my classes, I’m always teaching the students about transparency. If you’re unsure of what you’re getting, just say that! If you’re unclear whether information is from you or the animal, be direct and let the person know. Sharing what is REALLY going on inside you is the key here!

The difference between what you put out to the world and what you feel on the inside is an important thing to look at. I work with many people who hold a big disconnect there – showing the world, “Hey, everything is awesome!” when on the inside they’re scared. Or putting out that they’re happy with their life, when really they feel a longing or an emptiness.

For me, one of my biggest FEARS right now is that my new book, Animal Lessons, isn’t going to do well with pre-orders on Amazon (pre-orders as HUGE for being able to become a bestseller) and yet, I know so many people think “Oh, she’s all set!”  But, you know what? I’m totally scared (despite what my intuition says!).

Anyway, how transparent can you be today? Only you expect so much of yourself. The world doesn’t expect you to be perfect – the world just expects you to be YOU.

Come share your own transparency with others!

Love and Light,

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  1. Safena
    Safena says:

    I love transparency just not good at it!!! Lol. People pleasing gets in the way!! Working on it though! Your transparency definitely gives me permission so I’m going to do that more often in Be Open!! And thx for clarifying no matter what level we achieve we are immune to being human!!! So we may as well figure it out from where we are at!! Love to you!! 👍

  2. Rebecca Kirson
    Rebecca Kirson says:

    Danielle, you are a hammer…always hitting the nail on the head. LOL. Totally resonate with your email. My narcissistic shadow had the thought that you were writing directly to me (of course I then heard the song by Carley Simon ‘You’re so vain’…you probably think this song is about you, don’t you.) I have several thoughts about your email…yes we do push ourselves to be what we perceive the world expects of us and yes, in the end it is what we expect of ourselves. I think the biggest barrier I have is that when I am open and fun and playful and truly being me (receptive and vulnerable)…inevitably I am met with a judgement or critique that throws me off and sends me back into my hermit crab shell. I experienced that just this week…standing brightly in front of the room at a networking event, sharing an article I had published in a journal, happy and enthusiastic (not a front, how I was REALLY feeling), discussing the work I do and then I looked down to see a woman staring at me with a look of discontent on her face (as though she were in pain to receive what I was saying). It was like an energetic slap in the face and it almost threw me off my game. I would LOVE to learn how to stay grounded…to be the funny, witty, lively person I am on the inside AND have my inside and outside match but I struggle with doing that when I am in the world. Being quiet, reserved or into my intellect and logical side feels safer and less scary then fully exposed. Additionally, we aren’t static beings…so I may feel on top of the world one day (inside and out) and have fear or feel imperfect the very next day. Hopefully you can cover some of these aspects in your upcoming energy management class. Learning how to be anchored in my truth (full on ME) while in the energy of the world would assist me so much! Thanks!

  3. Kalish
    Kalish says:

    I agree with you – yet I wonder how you feel about “fake it till you make it”. Personally, I have a higher value of Authenticity and, therefore, have a tendency to look for the negative to share.

    • Danielle MacKinnon
      Danielle MacKinnon says:

      I’m not exactly in to the Fake it til you make it idea – unless you’re transparent about it. “Hey, I have no idea here and I”m totally unsure, but here I go!” Maybe that’s not actually fake it til you make it. So, I guess I’m not so in to Fake it til you make it. 🙂 – Danielle

  4. Carrie
    Carrie says:

    I love,love,love this and the timing.
    The ” theraputic” distance that we as healthcare professionals have been suggested is required was taken to a sever extreme. Being authenic with everyone all the time. What a beautiful world it will be.


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