Hyper dog. It’s a problem.

So, here’s a funny thing. I was talking with a client yesterday who said he loves my daily newsletters, but asked why don’t I write very much about my experiences with animals.

And when I heard that, I went – Oh yeah! I haven’t written about animal stuff in a while!

When I write these newsletters and posts, they are so much “whatever is in my head” at that moment, that I don’t really tend to keep track of what I’m doing. I do, however, think this man is right and it’s time for me to write about some of the cool animal stuff I’ve been experiencing lately!

The experience I want to share with you is about a puppy named Basil and a woman named Elaine.

Elaine scheduled an emergency session with me because she was at a loss. Her puppy, Basil, was out of control, hyper, and wouldn’t listen to her at all. She was concerned that she would need to find another home for him, as the was he was acting was creating havoc both at home and in her work.

Elaine is an intuitive, working on growing her established practice from home. Having a hyper puppy around, barking and knocking things over was getting in the way of her ability to talk on the phone and meet with clients. Plus, her family was falling apart trying to handle the hyper-activity.

Now, remember – when I do this work, I ask my clients to refrain from telling me about their animals so that I can pick that info up straight from the animal.

Interestingly, when I first connected with Basil, I didn’t get a hyper puppy. In fact, what I saw was an image of a soft, calm, fluffy puppy. Although male, Basil felt like he had a very kind, feminine energy to him.

As I explained this to Elaine, she interrupted me to say, “Oh, no. That’s not right. That’s not Basil. He’s never like that! He barks all the time and he never lays down except when he’s just exhausted himself from all the running around.”

But, having done animal communication work for many years, I knew to simply go back to Basil and double check the feelings and images I was getting. (This is a skill I work hard to teach my students, too!)

Nope. Nothing changed. Same info was coming in.

“Elaine, he feels like such a sweetie to me. I hear what you’re describing to me, but it is very different from what I’m getting.”

I knew that, when what a person is telling me and what I’m receiving is vastly different, there is a big message or lesson to be received.

As it turned out, the more I talked with Basil, the more I learned about his life. He showed me that Elaine, who was working from home, was very uptight and worried about her business. (Elaine confirmed this.)

He showed me that Elaine never sat down to take a break.

“Well, I can’t!” she despaired. “I am trying to get my business to become more successful so there isn’t any free time.”

I learned, from Basil, that Elaine was focusing solely on building her practice in lieu of her daily meditation practice, in lieu of spending time with her children on the weekends, in lieu of putting her loving energy into food and calm and peace.

The more I shared what Basil was talking about, the quieter Elaine became. In fact, she even stopped interrupting me!

Basil told Elaine (through me) that he was only hyper like this because Elaine was hyper like this. Elaine wasn’t taking care of herself – and he was reflecting that back to her.

It was clear that this wasn’t what Elaine wanted to hear. “But, I really don’t want to have to do that [take care of myself]. I just don’t have time. I just want you to tell him to stop behaving that way so I can get some work done.”

At this, I had to laugh out loud. Hopefully, Elaine wasn’t offended (I don’t think she was), but it was clear that Basil had quite different plans.

I did receive an email from Elaine a few weeks later. She’d returned to her morning practice of chanting, meditating, and journaling, and Basil had calmed down almost immediately. She also said that she felt better about herself and her work, and things were much less frantic in her life. She ended her email by thanking me for helping her find the calm, sweet puppy that Basil really is.

I share this experience with you, not only because it was pretty cool, but also because I believe that many of the people who read these posts may have experienced something similar – or may be in the middle of a similar experience. I’d love to know your own experience below!

Love and Light,

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  1. Sandy
    Sandy says:

    Amazing story. Thank you for sharing. This has made me wonder if this is the route we could take with my sons dog, Abey. She has huge anxiety when she is left in her crate. Even if only for a very short time. She even hurts herself while trying to dig her way out. Do you still do private sessions? Or is there someone you could recommend. My son and his wife have become extremely desperate to help her after trying many different ideas.
    Thank you

  2. moi
    moi says:

    I have noticed this a lot especially with the cat I have now since fall, formerly feral, and also sometimes with my equines , either I have a physical symptom first, and I see it reflected back to me within days by my horse or pony, or vice versa. The cat uncannily reflects back to me how I am feeling ie.. needy, impatient etc. At first I thought it coincidental, but it happens so frequently now I know better. Makes me want to do better !

  3. Naixieli Castillo García
    Naixieli Castillo García says:

    I love that story. Animals are great, my cat Blu in recent days lost a lot of weigth she look very weak and sad, some times at nigths I was so afraid that she die in my bed, many days i woke in the middle of the nigth to check if she was breathing. I gave her medicine and she didn’t get better. One day I was crying to see her so sad and skinny and told her why she was this sick, why she didn’t die if she didn’t want to be in this world any more, and why she make me this (making me feel so sad to see her sad and depressed and sick and skinny) and I was crying so much and then I heard her voice in my head. “If i don’t make you FEEL this, you don’t FEEL NOTHING”. with lots of fear of being hurt I started working on my “feeling” capacity and now Blu is much better…

  4. Nina Gates
    Nina Gates says:

    My sweet dog, Sophia, is alway needling me with her nose so she can be petted and and held. Somethings it’s bothersome and I would push her away. With more practice with your animal communication ways I have just listened, or felt that Sophia wants me to not be so serious and just play. Now, many times I will drop what I’m doing and get into the playing and let the restrains of life go away. Sophia and I have gotten so close. She feels more and more like a honored teacher. Hard to believe, but not!

  5. Melissa Dunstan
    Melissa Dunstan says:

    Great story and makes me wonder what I can do for my Tibetan Mastiff’s constant barking. I figured it was just a breed trait, but now I wonder if it’s because I’m not good at saying ‘no’ to projects and tasks I know I should, making me overworked. Maybe if I made better boundaries for myself, he’s relax? Much to think about…thanks!

  6. Janet
    Janet says:

    This article was excellent. It helps me to be aware of my cat’s slight issues. One was feral till about 8 mths old. she does not like to be held/picked up, though she is getting better with me. She (Penny) seems to like sitting next to me on the couch but not quite on my lap. I can deal with that. My other cat Pluto ( male ) seems to walk fast away from me and does not like me to hold him. He lets me now rub and buff him but only when he isn’t in my lap or next to me. He lets my daughter pick him up though. with both cats, he prefers my daughter and Penny prefers me. Usually the group of cats we had before didn’t give a hoot. they took anything we got for them. LOL

  7. Safena
    Safena says:

    Thank you for sharing this story. My dog Molly sometimes pees in the night in the kitchen floor or living room carpet. She doesn’t have a medical condition and doesn’t pee at the dog sitters home on vacations.

    I have a friend that is intuitive with animals and she said they are worry pees. But what do I do with that?! Best next step? Do you do private readings anymore?

    Thank you! I read all your emails btw!!


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