How to Transform Your Life in 40 Days (without trying)


Transform Your Life, Revamp Your LifeHow to Transform Your Life in 40 Days without really trying *2021 Updated Tool*.  Every day since you were born, you make decisions. Your decisions are designed to protect you, keep you alive, and help you move forward in life. You choose not to approach a scary dog based on your internal decision-making system. When healthy and aligned with the Greatest and Highest Good for All, your decision-making system serves you well.

But when your decision-making system goes out of alignment, it is very hard to lead a successful life. You struggle to:
  • Know what is really BEST for you (or who)
  • Take the actions that will help you reach your goal
  • Trust in others
  • and more.
This is because the energy within you is no longer assisting you and the Greatest and Highest Good of all.

Why Does a Decision Making System Get Out of Whack

There are many reasons why decision making systems mis-serve us. You can read more in depth about your decision-making system in my Soul Contracts book here. But the short version is that your energy needs some care. Based on the Law of Attraction, like attracts like. So, if your energy feels off, or if you allow someone into your life with “off” energy, you’ll attract more off energy.
Off energy attracts more off energy, eventually making it’s way into your decision-making system. This change occurs so slowly that decisions you’re making based on the “off” energy, seem right. Until you realize they aren’t.
I realized I needed to re-vamp my decision-making system when I noticed my friend overlooking my feelings in the friendship. Somehow (through my decision-making system), I had been behaving as if this was the way it should be.

What REALLY happens when your decision-making system is out of whack

While there are many ways to get yourself back on track and transform your life, start with the easiest: re-calibrating your energy system. It’s so much faster to re-calibrate your system than it is to try and make yourself to do life differently. Forcing yourself is a lot of work.
So, let’s start with the easier option. Let’s recalibrate your decision-making system, so you make better decisions (without trying). This isn’t the ONLY thing to do to transform your life, but it will make everything else you do toward that goal more effective.

Transform Your lifeA Simple Tool with a Big Impact to Transform Your Life

This tool, called The Six Light Calls is featured in my Soul Contracts book. This version has been adapted for this article.
The Six Light Calls help you re-align your energy so that you attract more of what you want into your life. They also help you trust your own decision making process, because your energy is aligned with the Greatest and Highest Good of All.
The Six Light Calls help you:
  • Align your energy into the most clear, clean positive energy it can be
  • Move away from any icky energy you’ve been holding on to for any reason
  • Align you with your spirit Guides
  • Move things out of your life that are no longer serving you
  • Re-align your friendships so the awesome people in your life feel closer to you and the icky ones move away
  • Shift your job/career so that it truly works for who you are and what you love
  • Plus many other benefits to revamp your life.

Get the Most Out of The Six Light Calls and Transform Your Life

First: relax! The Six Light Calls will shift the areas of your life that are out of alignment, whatever those are. You don’t have to determine where you want alignment to revamp your life. This is the beauty of working with energy and with your Spirit Guides. You set the intention and let go of the control. 
Second: stop trying to “find” the changes. For some people, the changes are subtle and it takes a few weeks for them to notice things are happening. For others, the changes are huge and visible immediately. And still for others, they changes are so big and all encompassing that it takes them a few months to notice that things are different.
Third: commit. You’ll get the most out of this tool when you commit saying them out loud for forty days in a row. The energy builds each day so the realignment gets stronger each day. If you want the greatest benefit, when you miss a day, start over at day 1. Many people love them so much, they continue for long after the forty days. Do what is best for you.
Fourth: Say the Light Calls out loud. The words carry a specific vibration which adds to their effectiveness. If you want to learn more about the Calls, go to my Soul Contracts book

The Six Light Calls: How to Revamp Your Life

  1. As a Conscious Being of Light, I state that my entire Being at all levels is completely aligned with 100% Divine Light. NOW.
  2. As a Conscious Being of Light, I state that my physical and energy bodies are completely aligned with 100% Divine Light. NOW.
  3. As a Conscious Being of Light, I state that my Spiritual Guide Team is completely aligned with 100% Divine Light. NOW.
  4. As a Conscious Being of Light, I state that all my energetic attachments are completely aligned with 100% Divine Light or are released, cleared, and returned to their original state of perfection. NOW.
  5. As a Conscious Being of Light, I state that my environment and those in my environment are completely aligned with 100% Divine Light, or released from my environment. NOW..
  6. As a Conscious Being of Light, I state that only beings, energies, and experiences completely aligned with 100% Divine Light are allowed within my fields. NOW.

More Tools to Revamp Your Life

If you’ve read this far, hooray! You’re committed to making your life feel and function better. Here are some more things to incorporate into your practice:
  1. Use my Soul Contracts book to change your negative beliefs into positive here!
  2. Delve more deeply into Energy Management
  3. Develop your relationship with your Spiritual Guides (meet them too!)