How to Make Vet Visits Less Stressful

by Danielle MacKinnon

12 tips to make vet visits less stressfulWant to know how to make vet visits less stressful from an animal communicator’s point of view? For many animals and their humans, a visit to the vet is fraught with nerves, anxiety—and extra poop and pee. Many people however, are starting to realize that things don’t have to be this way!

Energy Preparation is KEY

When created consciously, a vet appointment can actually be a cool, fun, healing experience for everyone involved.

The following 12 tips for how to make vet visits less stressful are based on my years of work with animals and their humans as an animal communicator.  

Tips for How to Make Vet Visits Less Stressful

Before the visit

  • Let your pet know the plan a few days beforehand. Talk to your pet you are in a calm, grounded place.
  • Schedule your visit midday Avoid after work hours to minimize noises and contact with other animals.
  • Breathe deeply and slowly if your pet gets upset.  Breathe slowly in through your nose filling your abdomen with air, pause, then breathe out slowly through your nose while emptying your abdomen. The will release anxiety.
  • Ensure you REALLY love and trust your vet Your pet will pick up on any ill-will you have for your vet, and your pet will react.
  • Give yourself plenty of time to drive to the vet’s office. Again, your pet is taking cues from you. Drive with calming music. Arrive 5-10 minutes early, sit in the car, relax, and then move slowly as you leave the car. 
  • Tire your pet out before the vet visit. It’s hard to be anxious when you’re tired! 
  • Visualize how you want the visit to feel. Imagine you and your pet sitting calmly in the waiting room and the exam room. Hold this image in your mind before you leave for the trip, while you are driving and while you are in the actual office.

      During the visit

      • Ground your own energy first. Our energy is intrinsically linked with our pet’s energy. If we’re nervous, they’ll feel it and react. Imagine pulling your energy back into heart, as if your heart is a magnet, to stay grounded. (Get my Heart Magnet PDF & Video right away here). Drink water to counteract your own anxiety too.
      • Hold your dog’s leash with love. If dog is on a leash, notice how you hold the leash. Are you sending tension or anxiety down to him/her through a too tight leash?
      • Handle your cat’s crate with love. Notice if you get tense when you see other animals. Your cat will be able to sense this. While carrying the crate, avoid “turning away” from other animals, remain calm and maintain your balanced energy.
      • Ask your vet to speak in positive terms about your pet. Rather than saying “he’s fat,” ask her to say “it’s time for you to get him in great shape!” Animals understand EVERYTHING. Work with the Law of Attraction to bring into your lives only those wonderful things you desire.
      • Avoid rewarding nervous behavior If you notice your pet getting nervous, don’t “reward” this behavior by giving him/her more attention “it’s ok sweetie” or “aw… poor baby”. Instead, manage your own energy, and be strong and loving for your pet. 

                      After the visit

                      • Thank your pet After the visit, thank you pet. Showing gratitude will help everyone feel good and connected—and what’s better than that?!

                      Also, for some animals, it doesn’t matter how much preparation you do, it’s won’t go well. Consider having your vet come to your home!  

                      However you choose to go through the vet visit, it will be the right way. Just remember: anything that you didn’t love about your last visit was put there so that you could learn from it and master it next time around. There are no mistakes!

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