How to Keep Dogs Off Couch with Intuition


how to keep dog off couchIt seems like there are a million different books, websites, and trainers out there to tell you how to keep dogs off the couch – so why does your dog still get on the couch?

The Missing Element

What so many of these experts fail to recognize is that there is an overlooked factor affecting the entire situation!

As a professional Animal Communicator (that’s pet psychic), I often work with frustrated people that have tried everything to keep their dogs off the couch. These people are also missing that underlying factor affecting the situation!

Animals are Sensitive, Not Stubborn

Animals hone their sensitivity to survive in the wild. They need to clue in using their intuition to “sense” danger or to protect their young, or to find food. When we bring animals into our human world, animals use their intuition to survive us as well. 

When we honor the sensitivity of animals (or dogs as we’ll be looking at today) we’re more able to get the results we want and the relationship we want with the animals in our lives. You don’t have to be psychic to honor your pet’s sensitivity. You only have to know how to work with it. Let’s learn now, how to keep dogs off the couch using intuition!

Try These Three Intuitive Steps for How to Keep Dog off Couch

There are three main things that you can do that will really help your dog understand about the sofa. These methods are tried and tested by me – and by my clients through my years of work as a pet psychic and I’m excited to share them with you! If you want to learn more about how animals communicate psychically click here.

Send Signals that Make Sense

Animals work with psychic images all the time, whether we are aware of them or not. They receive what we say to them not only as words (ie hearing you say “Get off the couch”) but also as pictures. This means it’s really important that the picture that you hold in your head matches the action that you want your dog to perform. Many people don’t realize that on an everyday basis, they are actually sabotaging themselves by not having what they say match what they are visualizing. For example, if someone says to you, “don’t think about a pink elephant” what do you do? You immediately think about pink elephants!

The same goes for animals.  If you say to a dog “get off the sofa!” what image do you hold in your head? You hold an image of a dog camped out on the sofa. You are in fact, sending a very mixed signal to your dog without even knowing it! To fix this, change what you are saying to something in the positive such as, “Go lay down on your bed.” This now sends out complimentary messages to him that make sense and you will get a better result and will surely help you in your quest for how to keep dogs off the couch!

Don’t Cheat

Dogs (and all animals) are attracted to energy that feels good and they love when their humans feel good. They will make every effort to spend time where they had positive-feeling energy and experiences with their human. If you allow your dog on the couch for “special occasions” then your dog is going to want to revisit that “special occasion” energy as much as possible. Dogs don’t care about special occasions. They care about what feels safe, secure and good. A special occasion to you is safe to you dog – and only makes him want more of that energy. To fix this, stop cheating! Then spend time with your dog in other places in your home where his presence sanctioned. Creating that feel-good energy in his spots will help him stop seeking it out in yours.

Keep Sending Your Message Even When You’re Not Home

Animals receive psychic connection from us whenever we talk with them. Psychic connection, though isn’t limited to physical location. If you’re reading this blog, you’re probably opening to the idea that psychic abilities are real. Do you really think that the psychic energy can only travel a few feet? No! Of course  not! Psychic energy can work from any one place to any other place. This same thing applies to the psychic abilities of animals as well.  Your dog can and dog connect to you while you’re at work, at the grocery store, and everywhere else too. 

Try this out: Let’s say you are at work and you know that your dog often sits on the sofa gazing out the window during the day. Instead of having to actually jump in your car and drive all the way home to make him get off the sofa, you can send the message long distance – via your energy. To do this: just think about your dog (imagine watching him playing with his favorite ball or visualize yourself petting him). Next, you simply have to give him the proper message. You could say “Max, go lay down in the living room.” Be sure to follow the guidelines from Tip #1 though so you don’t send a mixed message!

A Whole New World is at Your Thought for How to Keeps Dog Off Couch

As you can see – there is a whole other world out there for communicating and connecting with your dog and one that you can harness for how to keep dogs off couch. Once you start paying attention to his extra sensitivities – training, loving, connecting and just being together starts to make so much more sense!

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