How to Make Yourself Happy

by Danielle MacKinnon

how to feel happy

The Intuitive Answer to How to Feel Happy

As a Soul Level Intuitive Coach, I’m often asked, “How can I feel happy?”

The answer is not a sexy answer. It’s not a cool answer and it’s not a popular answer. You’re not going to read about it on the Huffington Post and you’re definitely going to hear about it on the morning news.

But, when you’re a conscious person, the answer is for how to make yourself happy is with energy management.

Get Over It (?)

As functional human beings, our culture programs us to push through and get to the other side of any problems we’re having. We’ve all you’ve heard, “Get over it. It’s fine. Just keep going….” We’ve all been told not to dwell on things. We’ve all seen people be rewarded for ignored their own feelings and emotions too.

But is pushing through your emotions like that really a good idea?

Step 1: Find the Intuitive Signs

What are feelings and emotions really? Why do they even exist? In my work as a professional intuitive, I’ve found that feelings and emotions are really signs from deep within that something needs to be looked at and address.

When you feel jealous of your brother’s success, it’s that jealousy that bears addressing. Why do you feel jealous? Is it because your brother gets all the attention? Is it because you feel you that you were overlooked? Is it because you didn’t make much of an effort on your end? That “jealousy” emotion is a great signpost, put in place by your soul, to help you figure yourself out.  And when you can understand your deeper thoughts and feelings, it becomes easier to navigate your life.

The same goes with any emotion. If you treat is as a message from within, you can start to understand what is really going on with you. Oh! You keep feeling this emotion because you don’t feel you’re lovable! Or Oh! You are experiencing sadness because your life feels out of your control.

Every time you’re able to understand why you’re having an emotion, you come closer to being able to go easy on and find compassion for yourself. And when you can feel compassion for yourself, happiness becomes one step closer.  However, it can be hard to step back and understand your emotions – that’s why there’s a step 2!

Step 2: Employ the Tools

What if you could actually do something to work with your emotions and gain the wisdom from them?

What if there was a key you’ve been overlooking for in how to feel happy? This is what personal energy management is. It looks like this

Experience -> emotion -> apply the energy management tool -> step back to understand your situation, learn from it, and feel happier

When you work with your energy around your emotions, you can gain insight and clarity into what is really going on with you.

And the best thing about the energy management tools that I love (and teach), they take only 10-30 seconds! Imagine that, in 10-30 seconds, you’re putting yourself in the position to understand what is REALLY going on with you better than ever before!

How Energy Management Helps You Feel Happy

First, energy management tools do not automatically make you feel happy, nor do they create happiness.  This is for two reasons:

  1. Energy management tools simply put you into an emotional space where you’re able to understand your situation better (and perhaps even learn from your emotions). When you are in this type of objective space, it’s easier to access your internal wisdom, calm, and peace.
  2. Many people see the value in energy management, but don’t take the 10-30 seconds to do it. This means, they don’t get the objective space to understand themselves which leaves their emotions in the position of ruling them, rather than acting a signposts.

How to Get Started

To begin, and start down the road to feeling happy, you have to start becoming aware of your emotions and thoughts. Become curious. Become very curious! And don’t judge – just notice and wonder, “Oh I felt a little bad about myself there…” or

“Ugh. I keep thinking the same thing again and again about my neighbor. I’m feeling pretty crappy right now…”

Just notice that thought – and that’s the start of of  you working toward feeling happy! Noticing.

Noticing can be hard because when you notice you feel crappy, you most likely then feel more crappy.  BUT, it’s actually the perfect staring point for personal energy management and for how to feel happy!

My Technique to Feel Happy

Once you get pretty good at the noticing, it’s time to bring in the tools! In my life, I use energy management every day. I notice that I’m feeling sad or jealous or unsure (or just plain not happy) and take action to hold compassion for and understand my emotions better with energy management techniques. Learn one of my easiest techniques by watching the video and getting the free PDF here!

Whatever you choose to do to manage your energy and feel happy, remember that each tool is an individual tool. A particular tool may work one day for you beautifully and then the next day, not so much. This is why it’s a good idea to learn several different techniques for Personal Energy Management! Sometimes you may need all of your tools!

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  1. Linda
    Linda says:

    Danielle you have great energy , I look forward to September when I’m back to work to start taking your classes . Your energy is so enlightening

  2. Shirley
    Shirley says:

    Really helpful as I also practice energy management and staying connected. One thing: the link to the goofy way does not open to the right page. (It says “nothing found.”)

  3. DeeAnn
    DeeAnn says:

    I have been seeing the world at an all new level seeing everything move and the different worlds that we have good and evil and I have prayed and prayed I never understood how to read a bible but u can understand it now u have been seeing things since December of this past year and seeing these little demons that’s what I think they are but who knows it could be anything I know see all the evil in the world and would love to speak to someone more on this matter


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