How to Contact Your Spirit Guide


Ever felt like there’s someone out there giving you a cosmic nudge in the right direction? That might just be one of your spiritual guides! These benevolent beings are here to offer spiritual guidance, spiritual help, and spiritual advice, steering you toward not just any path, but your best possible path. Whether you’re looking for a spiritual GPS system or just a friendly nudge from the universe, learning how to contact your spirit guide can be a game-changer in your journey of spiritual growth.

Personally, I don’t use the phrase “Spirit Guide,” instead preferring the more universal phrase, “Spiritual Guide.” However, I know that many people use the Spirit Guide phrase so I’ll use it here to make things easy for you!

Who Is My Spirit Guide? 

Curious about who’s at the other end of your spiritual hotline? People often ask, “Who is my spirit guide?” Spirit guides come in many flavors, each bringing their unique strengths to the table. True Spiritual Guides are beings devoted to us that have never been in a physical body. That’s right – they aren’t your ancestors or your deceased Gramma. They’re wise beings who’ve got your back from the beyond, ancient ones who’ve seen it all. And who are completely and utterly devoted to… you.

How do I Know if I Have a Spirit Guide? 

If you’re wondering whether you have a spirit guide, here’s a hot tip: you do! Everyone has them, and they’re just waiting for you to call upon them. You might know they’re around by: 

  • Feel their presence as a sudden insight
  • Experiencing a warm, reassuring feeling during a moment of upset
  • Seeing one of them out of the corner of your eye
  • Meeting one of them in a dream
  • Feeling a supportive (but unseen) hand on your shoulder
  • Experiencing a sudden knowing that one is nearby

Really, when you see signs that are too coincidental to ignore, that’s most likely your Spiritual Guides at work! Trust that feeling of connection — it’s real! And the more you trust it, the more your Spiritual Guides can assist and support you. 

How Can Spirit Guides Help Us?

Knowing how to contact your spirit guide is one thing, but how do they help us? Imagine having a backstage pass to the cosmic concert of life, where your spirit guides are the all-star band waiting to jam with you. They’re not just hanging around for the big moments. They’re here to rock out with you through every riff and roll of your daily life. Whether it’s choosing between job offers or deciding if it’s time to adopt that adorable puppy, they’re your go-to crew for making decisions that sing to your soul.

Your spirit guides are like the ultimate life coaches. Need some celestial insight into navigating your relationships? They’ve got love advice that could rival any dating guru. Pondering a move to a new city or contemplating a bold career change? Your guides are on hand to help weigh the options with a clarity that cuts through life’s fog like a lighthouse. And when it comes to the tough stuff — like healing from loss or finding your life’s purpose — think of them as your spiritual support system, always there to lift you up and light your way forward.

So, how do they do all this? By tuning into your needs and gently guiding you with nudges, dreams, signs, and those hard-to-miss gut feelings that say, “Hey, pay attention!” It’s like having an invisible mentor who knows exactly what you need, even when you don’t, making sure you’re playing the right notes to create the harmony you deserve in your life’s symphony.

How To Find Your Spirit Guide?

Ready to kick off a supernatural friendship that’s out of this world? Finding your spirit guide is easier than you might think. And it starts with just a little hello from your heart to theirs. Think of it like inviting a friend over for coffee — except it’s a cosmic coffee chat! Just set an intention or throw out a casual invitation like, “Hey spirit guides, I’m ready to team up!”. Believe it or not, they’re just waiting for your call. They’re all about that consensual cosmic connection and are eager to get off the bench and join your team.

Now, you might be hesitating to ask for their help because, well, who wants to bother a spirit guide over something as trivial as needing a good parking spot on a rainy day, right? Or maybe you think deciphering a shady salesperson’s intentions is something you should handle on your own. But here’s the scoop: your spirit guides are like your biggest fans and they’re ready to assist with *anything*—big or small. Yes, even with that parking spot!

The only limit to how your guides can help you lies with you. You’ve got to be the one to pick up that cosmic phone and dial them in. It sounds simple, but so often, we shy away from asking for help, even from our own spirit guides. So, next time you’re unsure about something or need a little support, just remember — your spirit guides are like celestial cheerleaders; they’re just waiting to be tagged into the game. Don’t be shy, give them a shout, and watch how they can help transform even ordinary moments into something truly magical.

How Many Spirit Guides Do We Have? 

If you’re imagining a crowded spiritual party, you’re not too far off. Everyone has multiple guides watching over them — not just one. Your spiritual squad might include a wise protector, a joyful adventurer, or a serene healer, depending on your life’s phases and challenges. But it’s not just about the roles they play individually; often, your spirit guides work in teams, like a celestial crew assembled specifically for your life’s mission.

These teams of guides collaborate to steer you toward specific goals, orchestrating events and insights that guide you down the road to a greater way of being. While some guides may step forward to assist with particular issues or phases of your life, working solo to provide targeted support, they all serve a unified purpose. This purpose? To help your soul evolve, to aid you in navigating life’s challenges, and to ensure you learn the deep, soul-level lessons you came here to absorb.

So, whether your guides are tag-teaming to help you conquer a complex life puzzle or a single guide is giving you the nudge you need to make a small but significant decision, remember — they’re all about helping you grow and reach your highest potential.

How To Find Your Spirit Guide

How do I Talk to My Spirit Guide?

Ready to dial into your divine conference call? Knowing how to contact your spirit guide and chat with them is all about establishing a connection that works for both of you. Your Spirit Guides know you better than anyone. They’re aware of your deepest thoughts and are familiar with the spiritual soul lessons you’re here to learn. They’re always around you, eager to work *with* you rather than on you or at you. It’s about partnership, not dictatorship.

Meditation, mindful walks in nature, or even dream journaling can be great ways to initiate this dialogue. Open your mind, set your intentions, and let the conversation flow — it’s like spiritual texting, but way more profound. And remember, there’s no need to sweat about saying the “wrong” word or calling on them incorrectly. Your spirit guides aren’t going to hold it against you. They’re not petty celestial bureaucrats; they’re your spiritual allies who want nothing more than a healthy partnership with you.

The whole worry about contacting spirit guides in the “wrong” way can be intimidating. It’s a common concern that prevents many from reaching out, fearing they might mess something up. But here’s some liberating news: there’s no wrong way to reach out to your spirit guides. They understand your intentions and are ready to assist, not judge. So, cast those fears aside, and start chatting up your spiritual team — they’re just waiting for your call!

Talk to My Spirit Guide Guidelines 

Navigating the communication channels with your Spirit Guides can be both exhilarating and a tad daunting. But don’t worry, after two decades of working as a psychic and animal communicator, I’ve picked up a few foolproof techniques to help you connect seamlessly. If you’re eager to know how to contact your spirit guide, consider checking out my on-demand master class on this topic. In the meantime, here are some guidelines that might help:

  1. Keep Your Intention Clear: When calling out for divine assistance, specificity is your best friend. Instead of a general plea like, “Anyone out there help me!” try something more direct such as, “I’m calling on my Spirit Guides.” This clarity of intention ensures that you’re connecting with *your* specific guides, who are dedicated to your personal well-being. It’s a bit like dialing a direct number rather than a general helpline — you know you’re getting the support tailored just for you.

  2. Include the Present Moment in Your Request: Spirit Guides operate outside the typical human experience of time, so it’s super imporant to anchor your request in the now. Phrase your calls for help by explicitly stating, “now.” For example, “I’m calling on my Spirit Guides for assistance, now.” It sounds a bit quirky, but without specifying when you need their help, who knows when they might show up? It could be during a shower or worse, during a dream about clowns — talk about weird timing!

  3. Always Be Polite: Never underestimate the power of a good old “please” and “thank you.” These are not just good manners; they also infuse your requests with positive energy, making the spiritual gears turn more smoothly. Try saying, “I’m calling on my Spirit Guides for assistance, now. Thank you.” It shifts the vibe from one of fear or desperation to one of gratitude and openness.

Give these techniques a try and pay attention to how you feel when you use them. If you notice a sense of rightness or positivity, it’s a good sign that your Spirit Guides are tuning in and ready to collaborate. Remember, establishing a connection with your guides is like building any meaningful relationship — it takes a little patience, a lot of sincerity, and a healthy dose of good vibes!

How to Recognize Your Spirit Guides Signs?

Once you’ve reached out to your spirit guides, staying alert to their replies can turn your everyday life into an adventure filled with hidden messages just waiting to be discovered. Here are some of the ways your spirit guides might choose to communicate with you:

  • Repeated Numbers: Keep an eye out for sequences like 111 or 1234 on license plates, clocks, or phone numbers. These are often nudges from your guides.
  • Surprising Animal Encounters: Whether it’s a fox crossing your path or a bird tapping on your window, these unexpected animal sightings can be significant signs.
  • Songs with Meaning: Ever have a song come on the radio that speaks directly to your situation? That’s your guides using tunes to send messages.
  • Timely Glances: Sometimes, you might just turn your head at the right moment to catch sight of something meaningful — a book title, a street sign, or even an overheard conversation that feels eerily relevant to your circumstances.
  • Dreams Offering Answers: Your guides can also communicate through your dreams, providing solutions or guidance to challenges you face in your waking life.
  • Eureka Moments in the Shower: Ever wonder why some of your best ideas come when you’re lathering up? The shower is a place of relaxation and openness, perfect for intuitive insights to bubble up.
  • Physical Sensations: Feelings of warmth, a breeze where there isn’t any wind, or a tingling sensation can be physical affirmations from your guides, especially when you’re pondering something deeply.

By paying attention to these signs and not chalking them up to “coincidences,” you can enhance your dialogue with your spirit guides. Each sign or message is their way of guiding you, ensuring you’re never truly walking your path alone. Keep an open heart and an observant mind, and you’ll find that these communications become clearer and more profound.

Maintaining Your Spirit Guide Connection

Like any good relationship, keeping in touch with your spirit guides requires a bit of effort — mostly from your side. Show gratitude for their guidance; a simple “thank you” goes a long way in the spiritual realms. Regularly touching base through meditation or mindful reflection can also help strengthen this bond. It’s like sending a thank you note after a cosmic favor.

Just FYI: They especially love it when you connect with them every day!

Want to Finally Meet Your Spirit Guide? 

If you’re ready to take the plunge and meet your spirit guide face-to-face (or spirit-to-spirit), there are paths laid out just for this purpose. Why not explore a course designed to bring you closer to your spiritual team – and actually get to Meet and Greet one of your guides? Check out my course, Meet Your Spirit Guides and begin a journey that transforms not just moments but entire lifetimes. They are ready and waiting — all you need to do is learn how to contact your spirit guide and say hello!