How to Contact Your Spirit Guide

by Danielle MacKinnon

What is a Spirit Guide

Our Spirit Guides are incredible and loving beings assigned to help us move through our lives. Every person alive has, at least, several Spirit Guides specifically assigned to help them and only them. 

How Spirit Guides Can Help You

Your Spirit Guides have a very specific purpose in your life. They want to assist you in living your life the best way you can as you evolve your soul and move closer and closer to enlightenment. A heavy task for sure!

Your Spirit Guides can help you:

  • Make decisions more easily
  • Figure out who is good and not-so-good to have in your life
  • Give you information about different things to help you know the truth behind them
  • Protect you
  • Give you the guidance that you’re asking for
  • Help you find your soulmate
  • and more

Calling on the Guides

Many people avoid calling on their guides because they’re worried about bothering these benevolent beings. Sure you need a good parking place because it’s raining, but that’s too menial for the guides. Maybe you’re not sure that sales person is on the up-and-up, but it’s better to figure it out for yourself, right?

Not true!

Your Guides want to hep you in absolutely everything in your life!

The only limitation in how your guides can help you is related to you. YOU always have to the be the one to call and them and ask for help! This seems easy, but so often people don’t like to ask for help. Even from their Spirit Guides! 

How to Contact Your Spirit Guide

Your Spirit Guides know you better than anyone. They know what you really think about your aunt and what spiritual soul lessons you came here to work on. They’re always around you, but the prefer to work WITH you instead of ON you or AT you. 

They’re also not going to hold how you call on them against you. For example, if you say the “wrong” word. They really just want to have a healthy partnership with you. 

Want to learn Meet Your Spirit Guides Finally?

The Guidelines for Contacting Your Spirit Guide and Guides

Based on my two decades working as a psychic and animal communicator, I’ve learned some foolproof techniques for connecting to the Guides. In addition to watching my on-demand master class on this, try following these guidelines!

1. Keep Your Intention Clear When calling our for your divine help, be sure to call out for your personal help. For example, instead of saying, “Anyone out there help me!” say something like, “I’m calling on my Spirit Guides.” So much of creating this relationship really does come from intention! This way you can always trust that you’re working with YOUR guides, who are specifically concerned for your well-being. (You don’t want to accidentally call on your mother’s guides for help hah!)

2. Include the present moment in your request. Spirit Guides exist differently from humans and don’t really recognize time. When you’re looking to connect with your Guides, include the word, “now.”  So, “I’m calling on my Spirit Guides for assistance, now.” This is a funny one. If you don’t include timing in your request, you never know when they’ll show!

3. Always be polite. “Please” and “thank you” will get you far. Gratitude is a positive energy to infuse your request for help with. It’s like the lubricant to any request-and things always go much more smoothly when it’s present. “I’m calling on Spirit Guides for assistance, now. Thank you.” I include this here because it changes the tenor of the connection from fear or worry to graditude!

Give this a try and notice how you feel when you say it. If you feel good about it, you can trust that your Spirit Guides will respond in kind!


9 replies
  1. Eve Mitchell
    Eve Mitchell says:

    I love you mentioned that a spirit guide can help you find your soulmate. I would love to learn how to contact them so they can help me. These are useful tips, I will try calling for them!

  2. Priyanka wahi
    Priyanka wahi says:

    Hi, I’m from india.I lost my 15years old dog.He had his natural and peaceful death.Please can you tell me how is he,has he met my father in heaven and will he come back to me

  3. judith
    judith says:

    Danielle, from my experience I’d like to add this to your description of guides. Our guides are those we know from the past. We have a mutual contract with them before we enter into each life on what we intend to accomplish and work on and how they will help us. After all, it’s a part of giving for them. It’s this mutual agreement that makes our guides grow too on the other side. As we grow toward our goals, they also grow in stature for helping.
    It’s refreshing to read about guidance from some who knows from experience and “gets in right.” Thank you as I enjoy getting your newsletters.

  4. Darla
    Darla says:

    When coming up on a tough merge into freeway traffic, I usually ask my Joy Guide to help me with the merge. Traffic just splits to let me in 99 out of 100 times – always one exercising their free will, right?! The key is that you have to ask.

  5. Sandra Bogden
    Sandra Bogden says:

    What specifically do I ask them for help with? I’m confused about the asking spirit guides as opposed to Angel’s.

    • Danielle MacKinnon
      Danielle MacKinnon says:

      Hmmmm…. sounds like it would be a good idea for me to write a post about spirit guides versus angels (ie what to do with who!). Thank for this info. I’ll start working on that!

  6. Simon Hay
    Simon Hay says:

    I’ve done some healing work with animals, so I’ve popped in to visit and read. Thanks for the posts. Happy new year, Simon.


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