How to Communicate with Dead Pets: Connecting Beyond Loss


You may be wondering how to communicate with dead pets, if you’re suffering from pet loss. Many of the people I work with wonder the same thing so this is why I offer you these helpful tips discovered through my work as an animal communicator.

How to Communicate with Dead Pets: Understanding Your Pet’s Perspectives

First, animals look at “death” very differently than humans. Whereas humans see death as an ending, animals view it as a transformative process that brings them to the next step of their existence. Thinking about how to communicate with dead pets is normal. You may be worried that your pet in heaven is confused, scared, or lonely, but this couldn’t be further from the beautiful existence they really have.

While they are not scared or confused when crossing over, animals do need a period of time to re-adjust to being without a body. This period of time, which could be anywhere from a few minutes to a few weeks long, is what I call Animal Spirit School.

So, although your pet would love to give you signs and messages right away, they often need to take a little space for themselves to adjust. While your deceased pet is in Animal Spirit School, it is important to give yourself space to grieve, and not worry that they are “gone.”

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Your Pets Know How Much You Love Them

The most common question I get when someone’s cat or dog just died is, “Does he know how much I loved him?” As loving human beings grappling with animal death, we often start to go through the list in our heads of “I wish I had’s…” Like, I wish I’d taken him for more walks” or “I wish I’d given her better food.” By far though, the biggest wish is, “I wish I had REALLY made sure she knew how much I loved her.”

Animals operate differently from people though. Whereas people often judge each other based on their actions, animals tap into our hearts – connecting with us at the Soul Level. That means they are aware of more than our actions. They know our feelings, our intentions, and our deepest thoughts. No animal has ever told me they didn’t know their human loved them! In fact, the animals are usually saying things to me like, “Yes! I definitely know! She told me every single morning!”

Grief and Misunderstanding in Pet Loss

When a human family member dies, there are plenty of options for support. From counselors to self help groups to book after book, support is everywhere. When your cat or dog has just died (and they ARE part of your family), although the grieving process is the same, there is often a stark lack of understanding of emotions in our human family members. How often did you hear, “It was just a cat!” That lack of understanding makes grieving a pet even more challenging.

Your animal that has passed away wants you to find like-minded people who understand your grief. You can’t control your feelings of loss, and why would you want to? Our animals even want us to learn from their passing – but we can’t do that if we’re trying to hide our sorrow from those around us who don’t understand.

Find a supportive community (like my Be Open Community) or even just one supportive person where you can let all of your grief show. It’s very hard to come to terms when your pet has passed away but supportive people can go a long way.

Additionally, when you are feeling supported emotionally in your grieving process, it becomes easier to learn how to communicate with dead pets.

Communicating With Pets After Death

For most of us, when our pet has passed away, we want nothing more than the ability to reconnect with them – and this is 100% possible. Here are my guidelines for how to communicate with dead pets.

  • Many animals cannot send signs and messages in the first few days after dying. Remember that animals need a period of time after passing to adjust to being without their body.
  • When your grief is mixed with guilt, your vibration is much lower. This will make it harder for you to notice the signs from your pet on the Other Side. Give yourself some time to grieve and release your guilt too by sharing your emotions with people who will understand. Just be conscious with your grief.
  • When you do receive a sign, don’t try to figure out if it was made up. When our brains are in analytical mode, we block out signs. So, if you think you received a sign, just go with it. This will open the energy for your pet to bring you more signs!

How do Deceased Pets Communicate with Us?

Our deceased pets can communicate with us in many ways. Here are several common examples of ways that our deceased pets can communicate with us. They can send:

  • An image in a quick flash
  • Sounds (their bark in the background or the claws against the sofa)
  • Words (a word you hear in your head that seemed to come from nowhere)
  • Feelings (you find yourself suddenly wondering if your dead pet is right here with you now)

There are endless ways that our deceased pets can communicate with us from the Other Side. Here I’ve only given you a few common examples but there are so many more!

How to Talk to Dead Pets?

In addition to receiving signs from dead pets, it’s also possible to have more of a back-and-forth with them. It doesn’t always have to be so one way – you can participate! One of the easiest ways is to use my Dream Connect method. You can read the article and try it out the next time you go to sleep. You can also use meditation, or you can take my instant access beginner animal communication course to dial in and have more control over the connections.

Whatever method you choose, give yourself some time to go through your grief before pushing yourself too hard to connect.

communicating with pets after death

How Long Does Pet Grief Last?

I’m often asked, how long is my pet loss grief going to last. It’s important to accept that pet loss grief is a process. We all have to go through it and in many ways, the duration of the grief cannot be controlled. It is different for every human/animal relationship. There are a few things that do help with the grief, as you experience it though:

  1. Learning how animals don’t fear their death and dying process has eased the hearts of many animal lovers;
  2. Separating out grief from your guilt. Grief is that feeling of missing, of loneliness, of needing to adjust to the change in your life, not that your pet is no longer in body. It is a healthy, normal natural emotion. Guilt, on the other hand, usually stems from belief of lack that comes from within us. It can cloud over the grief and often makes it hard experience the grief. When you are having the feelings about your pet, be sure to determine, is this grief of guilt. This will help you remain in touch with your grief so you can move with it.
  3. Let go of the expectation that, at some point in time you won’t miss your beloved pet anymore. At some point in the future, the grief will have settled itself somewhere within you. There will always be a part of you that is longing and missing – and that’s OK. Eventually, that will only be a part of you, rather than all of you. But that part will never be completely gone.

The more conscious you are about pet passing, the more you are assisting your grieving process. This means remember to look at the big picture of the relationship you had with your pet. This means remembering the good times, and how your pet helped you become a better person.

As you become more conscious and move into your grieving process over your pet’s death and as your pet finishes up Animal Spirit School, the space will open up for you to get messages from them. And these messages can also assist in your grieving process.

If you haven’t watched the video above, be sure to do so! There’s even more info in there!

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