How to Comfort Your Dog Who is Dying


How to comfort your dog who is dying

5 Tips for How to Comfort Your Dog Who is Dying

When our beloved pup is going through the dying process, most of us want nothing more than to make sure they’re not suffering.

As an Animal Communicator, I’ve psychically connected with thousands of animals as they approach and experience the dying process and afterwards as well. Based on what they have shared with me over the years, there are five things you can do right now to help your dog who is getting ready to leave their body.

Tip Five: Treat your dog as normally as you can

Dogs, like all animals, are naturally clued in to, not just what we do in our daily lives, but also how we feel, our energy, and even what we think. A lot of people react to this part of their dog’s life by wanting to hole away with their dog – maybe by crying on the sofa a lot, maybe by watching him like a hawk all night… but what do dogs ask for here? Normalcy! Regular meal times, and as many of the fun things they used to do with you as possible. When you suddenly let go of all the routine and fun stuff, it can feel jarring! Even if you have to adapt some of those fun things (like, carrying your dog to their favorite spot on the lake), continuing to do your normal, happy stuff as long as your dog has the ability to enjoy it, assists him in feeling safe and comfortable.

Tip Four: Manage your energy FOR your pup

Dogs that are going through this process request for me to ask their humans to remember to take care of themselves emotionally. When we, as the loving, grieving human beings we are don’t take care of our energy (I’ll show you how in a moment), we tend to dump our upset on our dying pup. If you think of this upset as energy, now your pup is having to not only manage their own experience, but they also have to deal with the energy we’re putting on them as well. What does that look like? Well, it could be that you won’t let your dog out of your sight, or that you’re holding him and crying and crying and crying. It could also be that you’re moving into extreme babying (animals don’t enjoy being babied like baby humans do). How to manage your energy?

First, before spending time with – or even checking – on your pet, take a few deep breaths. Calm yourself. This doesn’t mean that you can cry if you need to, I mean, who can help that? But crying every single time you’re together, this is a lot of energy! Also, as your dog is going through this process remember to eat well, drink water and generally take care of yourself. Your responsibility throughout is to hold space for him and it’s very hard to do that if you’re feeling terrible all the time. 

Tip Three: Allow your dog the space they’re asking for

Dogs (and all animals)  may not want to be hovered over as they are going through the dying process. As human beings, we love that. When I am dying, for example, I want my friends and family all around me, holding my hand and showering me with love (at least, this is what I think I want now).

Animals are different. They commonly ask for space. Sometimes they just want to alone for this process. This isn’t because your dog doesn’t love you – it’s simply about space. The act of letting go of the physical body takes some otherworldly concentration. This is why your dog may get spacey and seem out of it at some points. If you can avoid taking this personally (he doesn’t love me! He doesn’t want me around!) and can instead settle into the fact that he just needs some space to go through this change, you’ll be giving your dog the ability to concentrate on himself – instead of managing you. Now, that doesn’t mean don’t check on him, or touch him. It just means that if you notice that he’s moving away from you, let that happen.

Simply easing up a bit is the number three answer to your question: how to comfort your dog who is dying.

Tip 2: Let your dog have the plan they want

When you’re really wondering how to comfort your dog who is dying, you might find this one a little challenging. Dogs have shown me, through my intuitive communications with them, that they actually PLAN their passing. They’ve come into our lives to do a job (see the next list item), and when that job is complete, it’s time to move on. At the Soul Level, they don’t view death and dying as negative. Instead, they it as moving from one level, to the next level (like graduating from 8th grade and moving on to High School). When dogs plan their passing, they’re taking into account every everything, including you. They decide who will be there when they cross over, what they will cross over of (ie an accident, old age, a disease, euthanasia…) and even where it will happen.

How do you know if you’re following their plan? You do what feels right. And what do you do if you don’t like their plan? There’s no way around it – from a very deep level, they are driving the bus on their passing. This means that you can’t actually make a mistake here. How it occurs, even if you think you did it “wrong” won’t actually be wrong. There’s something more to it (and reading the next bullet point may help with that!). Your dog will feel comforted when you go with what “feels” right to you – as that’s their way of letting you know what they want.

Tip 1: Become aware of how this passing may be helping YOU

This may be the most important answer to, “how to comfort your dog who is dying” as takes into account that there is something more at work here! There is more to an animal than so many people realize. Animals have deep, gracious souls that are in our human lives to help us evolve our own souls. Yes, that’s right! Animals use our experience with them to give us opportunities to look at ourselves with new eyes (you can read more about this in my Animal Lessons book) and when they have done their job – meaning, when they have helped you grow in the way they came here to help you grow – they typically leave their bodies to move on to the next place (ie animal heaven, the Rainbow Bridge, etc.).

**If your dog is getting ready to cross over, this symbolizes that the two of you have reached an important place in your relationship! When you can embrace this deep, soul level aspect of your connection with your dog, your dog will feel, not only comforted, but also elated that you continue to learn from them!

BONUS TIP: Talk to your dog about your relationship once he passes

I know you read this because you want to know how to comfort your dog who is dying, but there is much more to it than the before. There is also an after! This is something that most people don’t realize! There is a reason that I can communicate psychically with animals that have crossed over – and it’s because they are STILL accessible! They hang out with us, they watch over us, and they even send us our next animal – all from the Other Side! So, your dog really can continue to have a relationship even after he passes over. He can send you signs to let you know he’s around, he can show up in dreams, and you can still talk with him! During this challenging time, remember that this isn’t an ending – it is about a change for both of you. Reminding your dog (which is really just reminding you) that you can still be in touch after this process has completed can help solidify things for continuing your connection afterwards.