How to Change Your Beliefs: Willpower and the Soul


how to change your beliefsHow to Change Your Beliefs without Willpower

Many of the people I work with as professional psychic and Soul Level Coach, come to me because they feel stuck. They’re frustrated because they’ve found themselves repeating the same unhealthy or negative patterns in their life.

Why do people have such a hard time breaking out of unhealthy patterns? It’s because those patterns developed based on Soul Level negative beliefs like, “I’m not safe/supported/protected” or, “Nothing I do is ever good enough.”

Why Willpower Doesn’t Work

When you believe that nothing you do is ever good enough, it’s hard to make decisions that go against that belief. It takes a LOT of consistent work. For example, if you believe nothing you ever draw is good enough, how can you possibly draw to your best ability? You’ll just keep drawing and drawing and drawing to try and finally make it good enough. If you believe that you need to earn more money in order to feel safe, supported, and protected in the world – when will you ever have earned enough money? Regardless of your salary, you’ll always need to earn MORE money because of your belief.

So, most people, immediately try to STOP a bad pattern as soon as they realize it. They try to make themselves do things differently and make alternative decisions that they wouldn’t normally have made. For example, they try to reason with themselves, “THIS salary is finally good now….” or they tell themselves, “OK, I stop drawing now. This artwork is finally good.”

And that’s willpower – trying to talk yourself into or forcing yourself to behave differently than you normally would. However, willpower like this just doesn’t work.

Willpower Doesn’t Change Your Beliefs

Imagine that one of your biggest life challenges is speaking up for yourself. Say it’s something you’ve struggled with for thirty years and you know that it’s not serving you. You want to start speaking up more or you try really hard to push your inner voice out. You compel yourself to tell your spouse what you really want… Your try to tell your boss you’re not working more than forty hours… whatever it is there is still a problem:

You’re simply using willpower. The underlying beliefs that brought you to this in the first place have not changed, so your belief system will constantly tell you you’re wrong each time you try and make yourself speak up.

Willpower forces you have to be on top of the thing you’re trying to change every single day. This is exhausting! Perhaps you can monitor your speaking up on Tuesday, but Wednesday you have other things going on, so you take your eye off that ball… and go right back to not speaking up.

So, all you’re doing by using willpower is you’re creating temporary new behavior – that will change when you forget to keep pushing yourself.

How to Change Your Beliefs By Looking at the Why

So, to eliminate the repeating pattern, you actually have to look elsewhere! At the original negative belief you have about yourself that is creating the icky pattern in the first place.

If, instead of using willpower, you change the underlying belief that says you’re not safe or you’re not awesome enough, every single place that old belief is negatively affecting your life would shift, EFFORTLESSLY. You’d get to feel totally safe and protected all the time. Wouldn’t it be exciting to go through your day knowing and BELIEVING that you were protected, loved and really wonderful. In your new world, you would finally and easily feel safe speaking up! You wouldn’t have to keep your eye on the ball and use willpower anymore, because your new, positive beliefs would do that for you!

And isn’t this much easier than competing against your own beliefs?

Now that you know why the willpower route doesn’t work, discover my step-by-step program for creating belief change in my book Soul Contracts: Find Harmony and Unlock Your Brilliance from Atria/Beyond Words Publishing.