How to build trust with your dog – Psychically

How to build trust with your dog (and your other pets) through their psychic messages. Animals communicate with one another psychically all the time. This is how they can “sense” danger before it has actually appeared as they use their innate intuition to survive in the world. Human beings are the only ones that have actually turned off their psychic abilities.

If you’ve been wondering how to build trust with your dog (cat, horse, mouse…) psychically,  the easiest way is to learn how to pick up on the psychic messages that they’re sending to you.

Luckily, to do this, you don’t have to be psychic yourself (although, in the long run, that certainly will enhance the relationship between you and your pet!)

5 things to build trust in psychic messages from your pet

Address Your Relationship

First, building trust with your dog (cat, horse…) psychically is highly dependent on the relationship between the two of you. It may seem a little crazy, but your pet is plugged in to more than the commands you give. She is also aware of your feelings, thoughts, and emotions as well as your intention.  Before interacting with your pet, be sure you’re in a good emotional space. When you are aware of how you feel, it will allow your dog (cat, horse…) to more easily trust YOU.

Accept the Higher Beingness

Animals have great access to the unknown (or the spirit world, the Other Side, Heaven, god… whatever word you want to use). Because of this, they often understand more about the big picture of your life than you do! Try to think of everything that your pet does as having a greater purpose.  Your dog’s wink, right after he pees on your prized rose bush… stop and think. Could there be a greater meaning there? (In 99.9999% of cases, there is a greater meaning!)

Look for the messages

Your pet is already sending you psychic messages. Messages that you’re probably overlooking! Animals send psychic messages through sounds, pictures,  feelings, and even smells. Most people overlook these messages, but they really are messages. For example, your dog could tell you he’s hungry by flashing a picture of his food bowl in your head. Your cat could let you know she has an upset stomach by making your own stomach feel upset – seemingly out of nowhere. When you accept that your pet is sending you messages, it becomes easier to slow down and notice them!

There are no coincidences

When you’re trying to build trust with your dog (cat, horse, etc.) psychically,  part of your brain may try to convince you that the messages you think you’re picking up are only coincidences. When animals send psychic messages though, they use what is in our every day life. So, if you spend all of your time looking for a psychic message from your pet that is off-the-wall so that it’s more easy to believe, you’ll be out of luck!

My dog, Kelso, used to beg my husband to allow him on the sofa. My husband would easily give in – but I wouldn’t. Kelso would then wink at me as he was hopping up on the sofa. I knew enough to trust that this was a real psychic message from Kelso. (The message was: Ha ha, I’ve got this guy wrapped around my finger!)

Stop Censoring

When you’re trying to build trust with your dog psychically (and believe those messages!), the most surefire way is simply to err on the side of trust. This is what I tell my beginner animal communication students  too. As long as you’re not in a life or death situation, what do you have to lose? Just trust the “sign” you think you’re receiving! You’ll have the opportunity, afterwards, to learn whether this really was a sign from your dog (and most of the time, it really is!).

PS: It was trusting my dog Tuukka’s message to me that led my family to build our house in Maine. I didn’t think I wanted to live there – but when we brought Tuukka to the land, she was the happiest I’ve ever seen her. She even looked me straight in the eye and gave me the, “Do you get it!?” face. I’m so glad I trusted her message!


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  1. Karen Shea
    Karen Shea says:

    Congratulations! That is so unexpected and exciting!!! I, too, pay attention to the signs from animals, especially when it comes to buying a new place. I have lived in our current full-time residence for 23 years mostly in part to the animals and trees that keep me so grounded to this place. I can’t wait to hear how your new home and the animals expand your incredible gifts even more!!!

  2. Jody Crotty
    Jody Crotty says:

    Wow that really wonderful for you and your family! I’m super excited for the new adventures that are waiting for you! Can’t wait for the house warming party, lol!

  3. Pam
    Pam says:

    Danielle, such a brave and wonderful move! Even though with social media I knew the connection wouldn’t be lost, I was feeling sad knowing you would be leaving New England. I lived in the Portland Maine area and the lakes area of Bridgton for several years. Wonderful earth energies! Very happy for you all! Love, Pam

  4. Donna O
    Donna O says:

    Wow! Congrats! I hope it’s near an airport so you can fly to warmer places when you need to. And you can angle your house to get the warmth of the sun through windows or skylights. A lot of warmth bounces up off the snow. I just bought a house too, scary, but can’t wait to live there!

  5. Patty Daley
    Patty Daley says:

    TRUST, such a huge thing. The hawk and the deer for you were certainly bold signs that you are on the right track. You will love Maine. I suspect the energy there is good as well. I have only been once, but it’s energy is wonderful and home spun. Good luck and I miss you and all the Animal Communication group! <3 Patty Daley

  6. Karen. Khan
    Karen. Khan says:

    I am new to the group so thank you for the privilege of being included. I wanted to share that we moved to the Berkshires near Kripalu in Massachusetts in 2012 from Pennsylvania to escape hydrofracking.
    We have a homestead and wildlife sanctuary now, filled with so many bird and animal friends. Nature is still in good shape here. I am so thankful. I believe my present location is good for climate change. I think that Maine would be an excellent choice as well. Tuukka is making a good decision!

  7. Bonnie
    Bonnie says:

    WOW! I’ve been feeling that I want to be in Montana but don’t know if it’s just me loving the beauty of it or if there another reason why I’m feeling those feelings. Would love to know since it is so far away from New Jersey.


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