How to Become an Animal Communicator


If you’ve landed here, it’s because you’re wondering how to become an animal communicator. In this article, I am going to share with you the formula that led me to my successful career as a professional animal communicator and that I now use to help my students lead successful animal communicator careers as well. (And it’s quite fun!)

Exploring the Path to Becoming an Animal Communicator

First, let’s make sure we’re all on the same page. Animal communication AKA telepathic communication with animals is what I’m talking about. Animal communicators connect with the spirit of the pet or animal psychically. This is very different from someone who is observing an animal and their behavior. When an animal communicator connects with an animal, they are receiving the information the animal wants them to know – rather than what they are observing in the animal’s behavior. In fact, because this communication is psychic, the animal can be located on the other side of the world and the animal communicator will still be able to connect with them.

But how is this even possible? Animals are innately intuitive. They possess what many call a sixth sense, which is simply intuition. They use this intuition to survive in the world and to communicate with us (if we’re listening).

The problem is that, while humans are born intuitive, just like animals, because of our culture and belief systems, the majority of us have shut down our intuition by the time we’re five. So, our animals are communicating psychically with us, but we miss the signs because we’re intuitively “off.”

Luckily, it’s possible for anyone, no matter how long their psychic senses have been turned off, to rediscover this dormant skill.

If you’re wondering how to become an animal communicator, you probably have the following personality traits. You:

  • Are an avid animal lover. You may even love animals more than most people
  • Have an open mind.
  • Are willing to take risks (it can be scary to try something so new that others don’t understand)
  • Feel comfortable (or can become comfortable) letting the animal lead. After all, we humans don’t know everything!
  • Desire deeper connection and understanding of the animal kingdom
  • Are open to learning about yourself through the connection with the animals

Interestingly, these are also the traits of the animal communicators that I have certified in my Danielle MacKinnon School!

becoming an animal communicator

How to Develop Animal Communication Skills

When thinking about how to become an animal communicator, you may feel overwhelmed. After all, there are many different ways to go about this – and no one way is right for everyone.

My suggestion would be that you start by looking at your feelings for animals. Often, animal lovers want to learn animal communication. But they are worried that once they “open” intuitively to animals, they will be overwhelmed. Don’t worry! When you learn animal communication from a conscientious teacher, this won’t happen as you’ll also learn techniques to manage all that is happening.

To prepare yourself for learning animal communication, you may want to look at bringing meditation or some other grounding technique into your life. These types of tools will help you prepare yourself for each animal psychic connection. I share many of my own tools, called Personal Energy Management tools on my blog here.

If you want to try your hand at animal communication before officially learning how to do animal communication, you will find that it is easier to have success if you do not start with your own animals. This is because already knowing information about an animal will make it harder to trust the intuitive information that comes through. You might think to yourself, “But I already knew that!”

How to Become an Animal Communicator: Educational Pathways and Training

There are many books that teach animal communication. I have found though, that learning animal communication is about so much more than learning steps. To become successful at psychic connection with animals, you’re going to want to:

  • Understand the intuitive relationship between the person and their pet (you can read more about this in my Animal Lessons book)
  • Have a safe way to practice (this way, you can get confirmation from a like-minded person on whether the information you’re receiving from the animal is on target)
  • Have safe people to share your experience with (often family and friends think we’re a bit crazy when we embark on this journey – but there are many open-minded people who are very accepting and being in that space will facilitate a faster opening of your animal psychic senses.

Watch this video to learn more!

How to Become a Certified Animal Communicator

The animal communication courses in my Danielle MacKinnon School take you through all stages of learning animal communication. The beginner courses are for when you’re simply interested to see if you can do it while the advanced courses focus on taking your newly developing skills into a successful business.

Whether you’re an aspiring animal communicator because you want to get to know your own pets better or you’re aspiring to become one of my Certified Soul Level Animal Communication practitioners, my school has a pathway for you.

My beginner animal communicator courses come in two formats:

Format 1: The live webinar version of my Soul Level Animal Communication course combines 6 live webinars and six pre-recorded lessons over a period of 6 weeks. This is a great beginner option if you want support from me, from my Teaching Assistants and from fellow students.

Format 2: The Instant Access format where you can click the link RIGHT NOW and start the first lesson. This is a good option for you if you are scared to practice with other students. It’s also a good option if the live webinar version isn’t scheduled for the time frame you’re looking for.

My higher level courses, which students who want to become certified as a Soul Level Animal Communicator take, are only in live webinar format. There is no pre-recorded lesson component because for the higher level classes, I want to get to know each student individually. This ensures the quality of my program and it ensures that every student can receive exactly what they need to become the very best animal communicator they can be.

Practical Steps to Begin a Career in Animal Communication

Whether you take one of my Soul Level Animal Communication classes or those of someone else, I always suggest beginning your journey with a teacher you feel very comfortable with. Learning a new skill, like this animal communicator language, is scary. So you want to ensure that the person teaching you creates a safe space for you to explore.

As you explore how to become an animal communicator, remember WHY you are exploring this. Most likely it’s because you love animals and you want to do more with them either to help them or to have a connection with them. Make sure to remember this passion – and hold on to it! As you embark on this exciting life-changing path.

If you want to learn more about my courses – and my trademarked Soul Level method, you can look here, or if you would like to learn more about my certification program, you can read all about that here!