How Do Animals Communicate Psychically?

4 Cool Ways Pets Communicate By Sending You Psychic Messages

Do animals communicate psychically?

I’ve been an animal communicator (that’s someone who connects with animals psychically with animals) for two decades. I’ve had many conversations and connections with animals so I have a lot of experience here.

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All animals are innately psychic. In addition to the usual five senses (sight, sound, taste, smell, and touch) every single animal, bird, reptile, fish, rodent, and bug naturally connects to the unseen.

A lot of us still struggle to accept the unseen psychic world though!

Learn what psychic animal communication sounds like!

First, Here’s What Science Thinks About How Animals Communicate

What I, as an animal communicator, have learned about how animals communicate and what scientists have to say about it are different – and yet not completely.

Popular Science recently published a story talking about how elephants have a “spidey sense” and can detect a rainstorm from over 150 miles away what “tools” elephants must use to do this.

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Audubon Magazine talks about the theories behind how a flock of birds can fly in formation they way they do (like they are magnetically held together).

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And here, BBC TV talks about how foxes use their super hearing along with magnetic fields to catch their prey.
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Here's the thing about animal communication:

Sure, we can say that elephants have a super sense or that foxes can detect magnetic fields or that the birds are flying in formation because they are gently touching each other’s wings….

But there’s something much MORE than that going on here!

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Here's how animals communicate by using their built-in psychic radar

When an animal communicates psychically, they are tapping in to the energy in a way that we, as human beings living in the normal world, are not taught to do. This ability is what allows your cat to catch mice in the house without having to hear them!

Every part of our world is built of energy – and animals are totally and completely aware of that energy.

Where we see a hole in the ground, they “sense” whether or not a rabbit lives in this hole. Yes, of course they also have their 3D senses (they can smell for the rabbit too for example), but they start with their intuition.

It is often this intuition that keeps an animal alive. Deer don’t always “hear” the predator in the woods nearby. Instead they “sense” the predator (which is a much more acceptable and much less woo-woo way of saying – they psychically detected the predator).

Our companion animals communicate with us too!

Animals don’t have to use it to survive, but they do use it to figure out when we’re thinking about feeding them. Many dogs will use their intuition to “know” when their human is about to get home – quite some time before their human arrives home!

In addition to sensing psychically important things in their lives, our companion animals also like to send us psychic signals. The thing is – as human beings going about our busy lives, conditioned NOT to pick up on energy and intuition, we usually miss those signals.

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4 Cool Ways Your Pet COMMUNICATES With You
Through Psychic Messages

Just because we’ve only listed these four, doesn’t mean you should discount a message you think you may have received from your pet in a different way. Animals can send us psychic messages in many different ways, however they tend to most commonly use these mediums as messages. It would take pages and pages to describe the variety of signs that animals give us. Your best bet, if you’re unsure, is simply to trust (or to take one of my online classes to really learn!)


Some animals communicate psychically through sounds and words. You may “hear” a dog bark, but it’s off in the distance and there is no real dog anywhere near you. Possibly, you’ll hear a certain word like, “Food” or “tummy.”


Animals can send you a picture of what they want you to know about. Perhaps it’s a quick flash of a red ball or maybe it’s a picture of the forest.


Animals love to communicate through feelings! They can give you a twinge in your big toe to let you know their toe hurts or they can make you feel hyper so you can understand that that’s how they feel.


When an animal wants to communicate some type of bigger picture to you, they’ll often send it as a thought. Suddenly, you’ll just “know” that this cat is afraid of blue cars because he was almost run over by one, for example.

As you read through these, you may have realized that you’ve already experienced some of these things! Perhaps you thought you heard your dog bark for dinner – but your dog was nowhere to be found. Or maybe you woke up suddenly because it felt like your cat, who was not in the room, was walking across your legs to tell you it’s time to get up.

As normal human beings living in our fast-paced world, we often discount these super cool experiences. We think, “Oh, it has to be a dream!” or “That must have been the neighbor’s TV…”

When you open to the idea that animals are sending messages other than the obvious, physical ones we see with our eyes, feel with our hands, and hear with our ears, you open a whole new world of relationship between you and your pet!

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Animals want nothing more than to help us open, be sensitive, and love.

Listening to their messages is a great way to honor your companion animal!


“Wow! The animal communication reading for my companion, Blaise, was not only good for me but great for him. There has been an amazing improvement in his behavior within a matter of days and our relationship is vastly improved thanks to (the) acute insights and kind guidance. This was an incredibly fun and highly satisfying experience.”

~ Mary Ellen Woods-Iler, Animal Communication Reading client

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“We booked an appointment for an animal communication reading to ask about a direction for our dog’s health. We had no expectations and were astounded at the naturalness and profundity of the experience. Our relationship with our dog has deepened and the insights and connections were more than insightful — they provided us with a great sense of comfort and expansion. It’s amazing!”

~ Chris & Lyn Buckingham, Animal Communication Reading clients

Is your pet psychically communicating with you?