How Do Animals Communicate Psychically?


How Do Animals Communicate Psychically?

Hi, my name is Danielle MacKinnon and I am an animal communicator. Today we’re going to answer the question, “How do animals communicate psychically?” Here are five ways that animals communicate psychically everyday (plus, one bonus way).
Before I answer the, “How Do Animals Communicate Psychically?” question, it’s important for you to know that do this with us everyday, whether they are alive or not, and whether we believe we are psychic or not. (I teach this in my animal communication classes.) A lot of people think only animals in spirit can send psychic messages, but that’s too limited. In real life, animals are sending us psychic messages too.
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Psychic Communication Message 1: Sound

The first psychic message that animals send to their humans is through sound. They may bark in your ear, even though they’re nowhere near. You may hear their name three times on the radio. You may hear them whining or the sound of their hay or the sound of their water bowl filling. These are all different sounds they send straight to our ears to let us know something important to them!

Message 2: Feeling

Another way that animals will send us psychic messages is through our bodies. Animals have the ability to make us feel the way they feel. So, if the dog is sad, I might feel sad. If the dog is excited, I might feel excited. If the cat is scared, I might feel scared. They want us to feel the emotions that they’re feeling, because when we feel it, we are able to better meet their needs.
They can also give us like chills in our body. They can align their body with ours, so that our body feels exactly like theirs in a certain place. So, if my dog had hurt her shoulder, she might send me the message about this because my shoulder would hurt too.

Psychic Communication Message 3: Visuals

Another way that animals will send messages to us psychically is through visuals. Perhaps you wake up in the morning to see a picture of your cat’s empty water bowl. Or you’re looking for your dog’s leash and a flash of the leash under the sofa appears in your head. Your dog sent you that picture! These visuals can be helpful if we pay attention to them.

Messages 4 & 5: Taste and Smell

Most people are surprised at my answer to, “How do animals communicate psychically.” The next two types of psychic message are related, so I’m grouping them together. Our pets can send us tastes and smells. When my dog is thirsty, she will make my mouth water and feel parched, as if I need water. Over time, I’ve learned that whenever I get that taste and feeling in my mouth, it’s time to refill her water bowl. They can also give a psychic smell. Do you consider psychic animal smells fun? They aren’t always! For example, your pet can send you the smell of their poop to let you know they need to go out.

Psychic Communication Message 6: Knowing

We’re ready for the last psychic message! This one is the most common, but it’s also the most overlooked because it’s so intangible. It’s called knowing. It operates like a download on your phone. Suddenly the information is just there. The challenge to trust it, is that you didn’t see it, hear it, feel, smell, or taste it. So there is nothing tangible to grab on to. For example, you’re sitting at the kitchen table eating your dinner and suddenly you KNOW your dog needs to go out. She didn’t whine or make any move, but you know it. This is knowing in action and you can probably now see how it’s both a blessing and also a challenge to believe!
So how do animals communicate psychically? In many different ways. When animals send us psychic signals like this, it doesn’t always mean something is wrong. Animal’s psychic abilities are simply another mode of communication like barking or whining. The more you can catch these signs and signals, the better the relationship will be between the two of you!