How Different Species Understand Each Other

how different species understand each otherQ: I’m wondering how different species understand each other? 

How different species understand each other. Animals speak with each other using the Universal Language of all Species. This is how animal communicators are able to understand animals intuitively, even though they speak dog or cat or fish.  This is also how animals of all types, species and sizes are able to understand each other at the very deepest level.

Do animals speak french? Italian?

I was working with a dog in Canada. The dog’s humans were concerned that he would not be able to intuitively communicate with me because he was French and I am American. Our language differences had no bearing on our intuitive connection though. And there’s a specific reason for that!

World wide psychic communication

Psychic communication between animals is natural. It’s  just another form of energy exchange, that animals innately tap in to. When your dog speaks in dog language to a mouse,  the mouse doesn’t hear “woof, woof, bark.” The mouse hears everything in in translation from dog into mouse language. This is called Universal Language.

Universal Language of all Species

The Universal Language is what all animals, insects, birds, and even bacteria use to connect with each other. It is also the language that humans use when they are connecting with any animal. Through the Universal Language, whatever information is received, is translated into one’s own language. And this just happens naturally!

When you see all of those moving videos out there where different species are getting along and loving each other? This is the Universal Language of all Species at work!

Trust in the Universal Language of all species next time you’re looking to make sure your pet is “getting” it. Your pet doesn’t need a translator – they already have a natural one within!

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  1. Sally
    Sally says:

    I asked an animal communicator to ask my cat if she could understand what other animals were saying. She said yes, she supposed so, but she didn’t know why she would want to! : )

  2. Phyllis Wedding
    Phyllis Wedding says:

    Thank you soooo much, Danielle, for helping me understand what was happening with my dear (departed) heart dog, Sumi. She was a white, deaf, Harlequin Dane, who I learned to talk to in my mind (actually, she taught me !) Now I’m understanding that it wasn’t the specific thought forms that I was using that got through to her, it was the love I held for her in my heart that we were swimming in together, in that ‘oneness’ place, so that when I was ‘trying’ to communicate, there was a wave that she understood completely.
    It really could have been effortless …


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