Everything You Need to Know To Become a Horse Communicator


Hey there, horse lovers and aspiring whisperers! I’m Danielle MacKinnon, your guide on this extraordinary journey into the world of equine communication (animal communication for those who don’t know!). If you’ve ever felt a deep, unspoken bond with a horse and wished you could understand their thoughts and feelings, you’re in the right place. As a seasoned horse communicator, I’m here to unravel the mystery and magic of psychic communication with these majestic animals. So, let’s gallop into the world of horse whispering and discover how you can become a horse communicator!

Understanding the Basics and Extraordinary Power of Horse Communication

Alright, saddle up, because horse communication is not just a skill, it’s an art, an adventure, a heart-to-heart chat on a soul level! As a seasoned horse communicator, I’ve discovered that this magical connection goes way beyond what you can see or hear. Forget about the physical cues like how your horse is standing – that’s not Horse Communication at all. We’re diving into intuitive communication here!

We’re talking about tuning into the deeper, more mystical realms. Imagine tapping into a world where emotions, energy, intentions, and thoughts swirl together in an enchanting dance. It’s like being a psychic detective, but cooler and with horses! 🕵️‍♀️🐎✨

Through this extraordinary connection, we get to understand our hoofed pals on a Soul Level. And here’s the kicker – our horses already get us at that level. They’re likewise old sages, only furrier and with more neighs. This bond we’re building? It’s profound, transformative, and downright magical. So, are you ready to connect with your horse in a way that’s straight out of a fairy tale?

Cultivating Intuition and Sensitivity: How to Enhance Your Connection with Horses

Okay, future horse whisperers, buckle up because we’re about to rediscover our superpower – intuition! Yep, you heard it right. We’re all born with this awesome intuitive spark, but let’s face it, life’s hustle and bustle might have dimmed it a bit. It’s like having a secret agent inside you, just waiting to be reactivated!

Now, our majestic horse friends? They’re like the Jedi masters of intuition. Seriously, they could give Yoda a run for his money! So, when you tune back into your own intuitive frequency, connecting with these wise and sensitive beings becomes as easy as pie. Delicious, intuition-flavored pie!

But how do we do this? Shh… quiet your mind, listen with your heart (yes, it speaks!), and be super open to receiving all sorts of cool messages. They might come as feelings, pictures in your mind’s eye, or even words whispered by the wind. It’s like going on the most epic inner adventure, where every step takes you closer to understanding and bonding with these fantastic creatures in ways you’ve never imagined. Ready for the ride of a lifetime? Let’s gallop into the world of horse communication with our intuition capes flying high!

Practical Steps to Become a Horse Communicator

Whoa there, future horse whisperers! If you’re ready for a journey that’s not just cool, but awe-inspiringly, fantastically cool, buckle up, because becoming a horse communicator is like stepping into a whole new world of personal growth and emotional ninja skills! 

  • Achieving Emotional Balance: First things first, you’ve got to be the Zen master of your own emotions. Picture yourself as a serene lake – calm, peaceful, and ready to reflect the beauty of the world (or in this case, your horse). These majestic creatures are like emotional sponges – they can pick up on your vibes faster than you can say ‘neigh’! So, get your inner peace game strong, and let’s make sure you’re feeling top-notch, inside and out!
  • Trusting the Intuitive Process: Trusting your intuition in horse communication? It’s like trying to catch a feather in a breeze – tricky but oh-so-rewarding! When those wild, wonderful, and wacky messages start flowing in (think images, feelings, words, or even horse whispers), grab that trusty lasso of belief and hold on tight. Remember, trust yourself and trust your horse, even if it feels like you’re decoding a message from outer space!
  • Refraining from Interpretation: Here’s the deal – when you start receiving all this intuitive intel, don’t jump the gun and try to crack the code right away. Let the messages chill out in their pure, uninterpreted form. It’s like getting a mystery gift; don’t tear it open right away. Savor the suspense, and let the understanding unfold naturally.

And there you have it! A sprinkle of emotional wisdom, a dash of trust, and a pinch of patience – the perfect recipe for starting your thrilling horse communicator journey. Let’s giddy up into this adventure with hearts wide open and minds ready to explore!

Ethical Considerations: Respecting Equine Autonomy and Well-Being

Alright, let’s talk ethics – but let’s keep it light and breezy! Remember, our equine pals aren’t just majestic creatures; they’re also individuals with their own thoughts and feelings. So, when we chat with them, it’s all about kindness, respect, and a big, hearty dose of consent. Think of it like this: we’re guests at their hay buffet, and we need to mind our manners! It’s a big no-no to use our newfound powers for anything other than good vibes and mutual understanding. 

Common Misconceptions About Horse Communication with Humans

Let’s clear up some misconceptions about horse communication. First, it’s not about mind control or imposing our will on the horse. In fact, just like with people, you can’t “make” a horse psychically connect with you.  Instead, it’s a two-way conversation based on mutual respect. 

Also, (and this one is super important!) it’s not limited to ‘gifted’ individuals – with the right guidance and practice, anyone can develop this ability because it is found innately within all of us!

Embrace The Exciting Journey of Equine Communication: Become a Real Horse Whisperer

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