The Horse and Soul Retreat
in Costa Rica

Connect so deeply with horses that they touch your soul and create everlasting growth within

New Week Added! Join me for this transformative week of Soul Level connection with the Tula Vida herd in an 80-acre jungle oasis located in Tierras Morenas, Costa Rica October 13-19, 2024.

Surrounded by volcanic energy, held by the ancient land, supported by the natural world, the horses and I will lead you on an unforgettable journey of discovery, connection and self-clarity beyond your wildest hopes. 1 spot only remains!

What You Will Experience

  • Opening Ceremony led by me and (of course) the Tula Vida team of humans and horses: Unite in the healing, nourishing land of this corner Costa Rica and feel the natural energy start to work its magic.
  • Magical Horse Partnering Ritual where the horses decide which human to partner with! Words cannot describe the connections that are formed here with participants in past retreats.
  • Daily, Personalized, Transformational Horse Experiences: The Tula Vida horses are wise, experienced teachers of tuning in, living in harmony with nature, and much more. We, the humans, don’t guide the horses in these experiences – the horses guide us right into our Soul Level lessons.

    Each day, through connection with the Tula Vida team and the horses, we intuitively determine the day’s direction. The possibilities with these special horses are endless and many experiences are tailored to the specific horse/human partnership. You’ll have the opportunity to continually receive the wisdom and guidance from your horse in all different ways. From intuitively to physically to internal passion and temperature… working with the Tula Vida horses is like nothing you’ve ever experienced before!
  • Intuitive Horse Connections: We’ll play with our intuitive connections with the herd too. You’ll let your horse partner teach you how to listen to them – in a way that you’ll want to use for everyone in your life! 
  • Nature Bathing with the Herd: The horses live and roam on 80 acres of varied field, forest, flora and fauna, supported by the energy from no less than three volcanoes framing the valley, plus natural spring water, rivers and ponds. Walk to the water and feel the full embrace of vibrant Mother Nature all around you as you connect in, settling your whole system at every level. After the hearty walk, you may get to share a laugh with horses languishing and playing in the water!
  • You may even get a rare sighting of the elusive, prehistoric Tapirs who frequent these parts…and plenty of tucans, monkeys and sloths.
  • Restorative Massage: Healing, restorative massage with the angel hands of local masseuses.
  • Tree of Life Exploration: Connect with the 500-year-old Avatar tree of life and hear ancient whispered secrets from its giant and towering heights.
  • Sunset Ceremony: Rituals are both soothing and powerful. Gather with us for a nightly mindful pause to watch the sunset paint the sky’s canvas and sink down over the horizon.
  • Morning Mindful Movement: Start your day (if you want to!) on the yoga deck with gentle, energy-based movement. Not into it? Step out into the botanical gardens or the nursery for endangered trees and allow everything to flow naturally back into balance.

The Journey

Tula Vida Ranch, where we will be staying for all six nights, is home to 12 very special rescue horses. The horses live fully connected as a herd at Tula Vida and during our time at the ranch each of us will be accepted and embraced right into that herd connection.

The Tula Vida human team (Sally Nilsson and Eric Kolesar, both experienced facilitators) and I will guide and support you in incredible experiences designed and led by the horses to align you with your inner balance. But let’s be clear! You will not be riding the horses. This is not what Horse & Soul is about. Instead, you will practice tuning in to the horses in a completely new way to follow their lead – as they are connected to your soul’s purpose and they know what you most need. These 12 horses… They are the true teachers and master healers. You’ll experience how it feels to belong  as part of a safe and healthy  herd, finally fully connected to yourself, as well as the horses and your environment.

Read WHY HORSES on the Tula Vida website to discover more about what horses have to teach us.

What You Will Discover

Horses are extremely sensitive beings, masters at non-verbal communication and energy magnifiers, receptors and receivers. They do not judge things as good or bad and authenticity is the basis for their herd connections – they see the real, inner you and accept you just as you are. Their sophisticated nervous systems are a great model for how to process things and to let them go – to “go back to grazing” and enjoy the peace, connection and serenity, free to truly be yourself.

This 7 day immersive retreat offers a deep dive right into the natural world of horses, where the secrets of harmony, connection, belonging and thriving are abundantly shared.

CONNECTION with the horses, with the natural world, with each other and with yourself.

INTUITION is part of daily life for horses and can be for you too.

BELONGING with those, just like you and the horses, whose sensitivity leads the way in their relationships with other people and animals alike.

ENERGY of the positive, powerful, natural world which will fill you up and support you in your own energy management.

COMPASSION for yourself as the horses help you understand your soul the way they understand it.

What You Will Gain

  • Whispered Wisdoms from the Equine Elders: Tap into the ancient, non-judgmental wisdom of horses, receiving insights about yourself directly from your experiences with these majestic beings.
  • Embrace the Herd Heartbeat: Forge a profound bond with these extraordinary animals and with your horse partner in particular. Experience the warmth of becoming part of their herd, where trust, love, and a deep sense of belonging flourish under the umbrella of acceptance and unconditional love.
  • Unlock Your Intuitive Essence: Discover unique, powerful techniques for connecting with horses and honing your internal energy. Take home transformative practices that promise a continued journey of intuition and self-expansion.
  • Nurture Your Inner Landscape: Gain insights into the workings of your own nervous system. Embark on a path of resilience and flexibility with practical tools designed for a life of harmony and inner strength – developed with your horse partner.
  • Find Your Tribe: Connect with like-minded souls who share your passion for animals. Discover a community where understanding and shared experiences create lifelong bonds.
  • Dive Deep into the Intuitive Equine World: Receive emotional and energetic backing as you explore the profound intuitive connection with horses, paving the way for personal revelations and self-discovery.
  • Safely Explore Your Inner Universe: With expert guidance and compassionate coaching, safely navigate through your own insights and emotions, unlocking doors to new understandings about yourself and your connection to the world.
  • Unravel the Mysteries of Animal Consciousness: Delve into the profound relationship between animals and human consciousness. Learn how our four-legged friends use the soul level to propel human evolution and understanding forward.

Your Hosts

Danielle MacKinnon

World-renowned Soul Level Animal Communicator®, intuitive, and  best-selling author Danielle MacKinnon has brought clarity, intuition, and deep animal connection to thousands worldwide through her Soul Level Method in animal communication and personal development.

Danielle knows that everyone has the ability to connect to animals and people psychically to learn the soul lessons they’re meant to know. In her school, the Danielle MacKinnon School, Danielle shows you how to communicate with animals, develop a relationship with your Guides, and trust your intuition on a deeper level so that you can create lasting, positive changes in your life.

For 20+ years, Danielle has helped thousands of people in more than 78 countries around the world accept and embrace their natural ability to tap into their intuition and communicate with animals and people on a more meaningful level – the Soul Level.

Tula Vida Team

With shared values and a mission to encourage people (and themselves) in deeper connections and awareness, a mutual love of animals and appreciation for the power of nature and experience, Sally Nilsson and Eric Kolesar combined their skills and created Tula Vida in 2020.

Grounded in science and on the frontiers of self-realization, often in collaboration with other leading voices in the field, Eric, Sally and the herd of Tula Vida horses offer personal growth, healing and mindfulness experiences in the natural, vibrant and multi-sensory beauty of their corner of Costa Rica.

Sally Nilsson

Co-founder of Tula Vida, expert certified coach and facilitator, Sally Nilsson’s journey from the corporate corridors of London lawyer life to the vibrant rainforests of Costa Rica was guided by a golden thread—her profound connection with horses. During her corporate career, horse riding vacations were Sally’s escape to solace and rejuvenation. A pivotal encounter with a horse in Costa Rica sparked a profound shift, a path of personal re-alignment and a deep dive into the practice of horse-led coaching. Today Sally lives in Costa Rica and, in collaboration with the horses and the natural world, guides others on the path of authentic self-discovery and transformation.

Eric Kolesar

With understanding, compassion and mindfulness as the cornerstones of his beliefs and life work, Eric Kolesar uses a variety of techniques firmly grounded in neuroscience to balance both mind and body, and to liberate your authentic self to share your gifts with the world. Co-founder of Tula Vida and certified coach, Eric is also a 500 hour certified yoga instructor and expert in a multitude of energy modalities.

We consider both humans and animals to be integral parts of the team. In fact, the horses are the real facilitators in horse experiences (as you will notice when you do one!), modeling, demonstrating and supporting us to effectively read and influence both ourselves, the environment and others around us through fine-tuning our natural senses.

Sally Nilsson

Retreat Agenda

Day 1  Community
Travel, gather and meet your human community for the week to start your adventure. Arrive 1 pm local time for shared group transport. Enjoy dinner and your first sunset at Tula Vida Ranch.

Day 2 Partner
Horse Partnering Ritual: Meet the Tula Vida horses, your teachers and partners for the week, and feel the connections start to sparkle. This is when you meet and connect with your horse partner for the first time.

Days 3-6 Explore
Dive deeper into the sensory world of the horses with your horse partner and see what you discover about yourself. Perhaps we’ll have a beautiful herd experience in the rainforest, perhaps we’ll visit the 500-year old avatar tree, or maybe we’ll work on touch… The plan for each day is intuitively determined by listening to the horses and what they are sensing the group would most benefit from – and they regularly step in and adjust the activity on the spot! If we can let go of control and attachment to a plan (which I know can be challenging to do!) and open up to deeply listen, the Tula Vida horses are generous and compassionate teachers with much wisdom to share…and it is an important part of this retreat to be able to adjust it as the horses see fit.

Time will be set aside as well for massages and free time to enjoy the property trails, the view, the hammock or whatever feels good to you.

Day 7 Connection and Goodbyes
We will enjoy a final breakfast and  we’ll say one last goodbye to our horse partners. The group transport will leave together in the morning for included transport to the airport. 

Pricing & Registration

2nd Week Just Added! October 13-19
$2,500 Double

+$500 Single Supplement (Extremely Limited/First come – first served)

Retreat Waitlist

Yes, let me know about the next retreat with Danielle!

Retreat Details

No prior horse experience is necessary.

The group will not be riding horses.

Some physical fitness is required as we will be staying on an 80-acre ranch and things are spread out.

If you have fear about horses, this is OK. Past participants have arrived with this fear – and let it go during the retreat. In fact it can be a hugely rewarding process to go through!

  • Accommodation at Tula Vida Ranch, with view of three stunning volcanoes, valley and sunset views, private nature paths, local flora and fauna, natural springs, rivers, ponds, and butterflies.
  • Horse access like never before because the herd lives on site. (Imagine your horse partner decides to come and join you for coffee when you wake up in the morning!)
  • Home-cooked cuisine prepared on site with love using local and organic produce
  • All horse interaction and experiences, including materials
  • 1 hour restorative massage
  • Excursions as intuitively determined throughout the retreat could include visiting the 500-year-old Ceiba tree (as in the Avatar movie), a restaurant on nearby Lake Arenal, swimming with horses, dancing with horses or who knows what else!
  • Group private transportation from Liberia International Airport to Tula Vida Ranch (provided you meet at the designated time and day with the group).

Flights, tips

Immerse yourself in an 80-acre jungle oasis located in Tierras Morenas, Costa Rica.

Tula Vida Ranch is nestled in the heart of the rainforest, overlooking 3 volcanos and the whole Western Pacific Valley. It offers the ideal setting for experiencing deep healing, positive energy and connection while being embraced by accessible nature and surrounded by the horses, all in the comfort of beautiful accommodations.

Totally off-the-grid, with our own fresh spring water, we take care of the land and the land takes care of us. It’s like stepping back in time, before the dawn of technology and distractions, into a harmonious and revitalizing sanctuary.

The horse experiences take place all around the property: in a bespoke arena, under the shelter of the horse barn, or out in one of the tranquil and beautiful spots that the horses call their home.  We like to go out to meet them in their world to explore the energetic peace and cellular reset which being in nature can create.

During your stay you can enjoy the breath-taking beauty of the volcano valley from your terrace or hammock, delight in the varied flora and fauna on our nature paths, bathe in the serenity of our private rivers, ponds and springs and of course savor the feeling of roaming with the horses as part of the herd.

Learn about the accommodations here.

At Tula Vida, we know that balance and healing happens at a mind, body and soul level. We serve healthy, locally-sourced, home-cooked meals that are made with love (which is the key ingredient).

The Tula Vida driver will meet the group at Liberia International airport for transport to Tula Vida Ranch (about 1h30 drive). Transportation is also provided as a group back to the airport at the end of the retreat. 

We require you to have travel insurance to cover any prior cancellation, trip interruption or medical or other claims during your stay.

Nestled in the heart of the jungle, with breathtaking views of 3 volcanoes and the whole Western valley, Tula Vida Ranch offers a truly immersive and accessible nature experience. Adjacent to 600 acres of primary rainforest, our location is a nature-lover’s paradise.

Just a quick 15-minute drive away, you’ll find Lake Arenal, a wind sports paradise and some cute local restaurants.

An hour and a half to the East, you can explore La Fortuna and the Arenal volcano region (voted second best adventure capital in the world on TripAdvisor), and an hour and a half to the West you find the stunning beaches of the Pacific coast.

Within an hour’s drive in all directions, you’ll find waterfalls, hot springs, national parks filled with biodiversity, and friendly locals eager to share the beauty of the lush, lovely area that we proudly call home.

Come, immerse yourself in the wonders of nature and join the Tula Vida herd and then, before or after the retreat, take advantage of all this area of Costa Rica has to offer!

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