{ Horse and Soul Retreat }

What animal lessons do the horses have to teach YOU?

October 18 – 25, 2019
Leaves and Lizards Arenal Volcano Cabin Retreat – Costa Rica

Limited to just 10 Participants!

All participants are required to have completed at least one of Danielle’s Animal Communication courses.

I’ve partnered with Eponicity at Leaves and Lizards in Costa Rica to create a one-of-a-kind opportunity for connection, communion, and growth through animal’s innate connection to human consciousness!

Mentored by our horse partners, masters of unconditional love and natural wisdom – and with me using my intuitive gifts to enhance the connection and communication – we’ll explore how our own positive intention and energetic focus sets the state for us to live in harmony with nature and ourselves.



In this hands on workshop, your experience will be capped off by the opportunity to work every day with the extraordinary herd of horses who call Leaves & Lizards their home.

Soul growth here we come!

Read about my own personal experience in Costa Rica here

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Danielle MacKinnon’s Animal Lessons

Every animal on earth has a lesson to teach human consciousness. Animals have mastered unconditional love while humans are still struggling not only to experience this, but believe in it. Horses live this fully and deeply every day and want to help us align with the ultimate experience of self-love.

Through my almost 20 years as a professional animal psychic, I have helped thousands of people to discover and master the soul lessons their own animals are teaching them, and I want to assist you in doing the same!

Animals are constantly working to help us evolve and, as I’ve has seen again and again, they’ll take any action necessary in order to facilitate this learning.

I call this experience working with the “animal lesson” and it has initiated incredible changes in people’s lives – finding love or leaving a relationship that’s no longer working, creating a new job, finally aligning with your passion, experiencing the abundance of support the universe has to offer – when you learn what the animals are here to teach you, incredible soul level growth and results!

What is Eponicity’s Equine Facilitated Experiential Learning (EFL)
retreat in costa rica with danielle mackinnon
  • Equine – The way horses sense, think and behave can help humans better understand how we sense, think and behave.
  • Facilitated – Activities are uniquely designed, facilitated and de-briefed to deliver profound and powerful experiences.
  • Experiential Learning – Having an experience is a powerful way to learn and create sustainable change (rather than just books or lectures).

The Eponicity Horses will:

  • Magnify and reflect hidden emotions. They make conscious in humans what is unconscious, the non-verbal part, the intuition, the senses – our authentic selves.
  • Sense and respond to subtle changes in our body language and energy, providing immediate, powerful feedback on our presence in that moment because they are such highly sensitive animals.

    Create extraordinary shifts within by:

    • Examining your own reactions to equine behavior which leads to powerful new insights into your own natural abilities and talents.
    • Working with self-reflection and discovery that enhances and promotes personal and professional growth.
    • Working deeply with EFL activities like:
      • Learning how horses use clear non-verbal communication – and practicing your own
      • Asking your horse to follow you freely without a lead rope (through energy connections and herd roles)
      • Achieving a personal set goal with your horse
      • Practicing setting effective boundaries both energetic and physical

    (Activities may be on the horse or on the ground – no need to worry if you’ve never ridden a horse before!)

    Learn more about the Eponicity horses.

    { Eponicity and me – together! }

    I am delighted to bring together these incredibly complementary disciplines to create a profoundly impactful and life-changing experience for you.

    In my almost two decades of experience, I’ve seen animals (horses in this case) sharing their extraordinary innate wisdom and practical advice to help humans feel, grow, shift, and become truly empowered within.

    SaveReceive wisdom and learning straight from your own horse’s mouth!

    • EFL activities with your horse are profound experiences, awakening your consciousness and inner feelings.
    • Often these experiences relate to deep internal yet untrue beliefs (such as feeling a failure or not lovable).
    • I will use my intuition to tune in to what the horse wants to communicate about this. I can hear, see, feel, and know the horse’s message, so I can create a direct connection and conversation about your experience with your horse!
    wild white horse
    Energy Management – Mastery supports growth

    Get “in the zone” with your energy!

    workshop and retreat in costa rica with danielle mackinnon
    • Getting "In the Zone"

      We all know that feeling when we are really “in the zone”, getting loads done effortlessly, feeling positive and confident, connecting easily with everyone and flying through our day.

      Why can’t it always feel like that?!

    • Energy management

      When we learn how to manage our own energy, not only can we go to a deeper place of connection with animals but we find learning, healing and connection much more accessible in all areas of our life.

    • What impacts energy?

      Our energy is greatly impacted by our emotions and experiences. Many of us just “power through” our feelings, assuming that we can just shake things off and carry on.

      This can be EXHAUSTING! It’s an energy drain and can get in the way of meaningful connections.

    • What will I learn in this week?

      Learn how to understand when and why you are feeling “off” and your own body or emotional “tells”, so that you can get back “in the zone” whenever you want.

      This is great for fueling connection with the horses and other animals and is in fact hugely impactful on all aspects of life.

    • Take it home!

      Learn practical tools and techniques that you can continue using at home every day whether you’re connecting with an animal, dealing with a project at work or navigating a challenging relationship, your new tools will take you far!

    The Eponicity & Danielle Experience
    What happens at Eponicity Retreats?

    You will experience uniquely designed activities with the horses, both on the ground and in the saddle. I’ll be leading energy management exercises and I’ll mentor you to enhance all of your communications with your horse.

    Participants are required to have completed at least one of my animal communication courses. Please contact school@daniellemackinnon.com if you have any questions!

    No prior horse experience is necessary – all levels are welcome. Weight limit of 250 pounds.

    workshop and retreat in costa rica with danielle mackinnon

    What do the horse activities involve?

    Activities are dynamic and will be tailored for you personally to support your individual learning process

    All exercises are expertly facilitated and de-briefed to maximize your learning potential. An example activity is learning to build a relationship with your horse on the ground so that he follows you freely without any lead rope or bridle. De-briefing together with me will offer unique insights into what your horse has to teach you.

    workshop and retreat in costa rica with danielle mackinnon
    What is so exciting about this experience?

    In addition to the incredible wisdom the horses have to offer, I’ll be using my intuitive gifts and animal communication skills to give you great insights into the teachings and gifts your horse partner has for you.

    My “Animal Lessons” have proven to be an extremely popular and valuable form of learning and will unlock the door to a whole new aspect of animal connection and connection to yourself.

    Experience the ancient wisdom and unconditional love of the horses straight from – with me as your guide – the horse’s mouth!

    workshop and retreat in costa rica with danielle mackinnon

    Please note: During this retreat, participants may experience a deep level of personal introspection. A degree of mental and physical fitness is required. Please email us if you have any questions or concerns.

    { Your facilitators }

    Danielle MacKinnon has been intuitively communicating with animals professionally for almost 20 years. Starting her career with an MBA and a high-level corporate marketing job, she took the brave leap to follow her passion and create her own way of working with animals. Danielle’s unique method, experienced at the soul-level, has helped thousands of people understand what the animal in their life is helping them learn. She went on to set up the hugely successful Danielle MacKinnon School, which is the only online school of its kind in the world.

    Deborah Draves Legg left her life in the USA and a 25 year career as a registered nurse in 2006 and created Leaves and Lizards Arenal Volcano Cabin Retreat in Costa Rica with her husband, artist, Steve Legg. Horses found their way into Deborah’s life serendipitously after the move to Costa Rica. Little by little as the herd grew to 20 plus horses so did the equine therapy programs.

    Sally Nilsson is an expert facilitator, certified executive coach, experienced mentor and instructor in Eponaquest horse-led leadership and personal development activities. Sally spent 15 years as a corporate attorney in London. She stepped off the deal junky path in 2015 to follow her passion and focus her full attention on supporting others to find and access the life they truly want – and to believe that, like her, they can create it.

    This retreat is hosted by Leaves and Lizards

    Leaves and Lizards is a sanctuary in the rainforest at the base of the Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica.

    Surrounded by glorious nature, away from the stresses of daily life, guests are nourished with farm-to-table fresh food, swimming pool, natural water, comfortable accommodations, massage and yoga, all provided by caring staff on-site.



    { Workshop Details }

    Retreat includes:Daily workshop activities, tuition, materials, horses and guides.
    Activities include:

    • Eponicity’s unique horse partnering experience
    • Intuitive Horse selection: Horses get to select their human for the week!
    • EFL activities (see above) and debriefing
    • A variety of exercises that will take you into deep soul level connections guided by your horse
    • 2 hours of spa services
    • Delicious “Farm to Table” fresh food – special diets ok!
    • All participants are required to have completed at least one of Danielle’s animal communication courses
    • Horse experience is not necessary

    October 18 – 25, 2019

    Arrival on October 18: Participants’ flights should arrive before 2PM.
    Departure on October 25: Departing flights should leave after 1PM

    Airports are San Jose (SJO) or Liberia (LIR)

    Duration:8 days / 7 nights
    Cost:$3197/person based on Double Occupancy
    $700 extra for guaranteed single/private room.
    Additional Nights:Leaves and Lizards offers a discounted rate for workshop participants of $180/night plus 13% tax, includes breakfast. The Tree House and Hummingbird Hacienda are an extra $100/night total (not per person).
    Not Included:Flights, airport transfers, tips, alcoholic & soda drinks. (We will try and group airport transfers so people can share the cost of the transfers. It is $175/van from SJO and $200/van from LIR).
    Please note:All participants are required to have completed at least one of Danielle’s animal communication courses.
    During this retreat, participants may experience a deep level of personal
    introspection. A degree of mental and physical fitness is required. Please ask if you have any questions or concerns.

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