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by Danielle MacKinnon

Just one of the wonderful groups I’ve taught at Omega!



Soul Level Animal Communication Weekend
July 20-22, 2018
Omega Institute – Rhinebeck, NY
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Something that has both annoyed and inspired me is the fact that there isn’t anyone else out really doing what I’m doing for work. Yes, there are other animal communicators, intuitives, authors, and speakers out there – but there isn’t really anyone out there who is: following the same path as me.

When I was first starting my business, I found this terribly annoying. I thought it all would have been so much easier if I had someone or something to model myself after.

I soon learned that this was because I wasn’t supposed to model my work after anyone – it’s part of my job here on the planet to do things the way I’m guided to do them – and to feel safe and comfortable doing that.

Realizing this about myself didn’t make things necessarily easier, but it did put my work into perspective for me. No matter what, I am just different – and the more I’ve accepted that about myself, the better things have worked.

So, today, when I went to the world-renowned Omega Institute’s website and saw that my animal communication workshop (and a big picture of me!) was featured on the home page of the site, I was pretty excited! I’ve taught there annually since 2009 and this is the first time I’ve made the home page!

This honor happened, not because I was trying to fit in, be like anyone else, or duck the spot light – it happened because I was embracing who I am and teaching my passion. (And FOR SURE teaching the weekend animal communication workshop at Omega is one of my passions!)

Want to join me for this in-person workshop? You can! I’ve even had people come back to take it again and again – not because they couldn’t “get” animal communication, but because they had such a good time.

Is there some way that you’re not being the full you? Is there some way that you’re looking to follow someone else’s lead? No one can lead your passion – only you can. And when you embrace that, awesome things really do happen.

Love and Light,

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  1. Jenaire
    Jenaire says:

    Danielle, This sounds exciting but when I travel, Rémy, my 3.3 lb must come. The thing is I cook for him and unless I have a kitchen this won’t work. Wish you offered videos for sale as I love horses too.

    • Raeleen
      Raeleen says:

      Hi Ann: I was able to find the link in her calendar which is at the top here. You will need to scroll down a bit to find it, but it’s there.

    • Danielle MacKinnon
      Danielle MacKinnon says:

      Sorry! Not sure why the link isn’t working? It’s in the words, “You Can!” Here it is again Hope this works!


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