Is Your Head Toxic?

by Danielle MacKinnon

Is your head toxic?

It’s kind of a racy subject line – “Is your head toxic?” but it’s actually a really good question to ask yourself!

First, what does a toxic head look like? Basically, it’s when your head gets in the way of you being fully you. Here are a couple examples:

  1. You want to try something new, but your head stops you.
  2. You would like to do something, but your head says it’s not worth it
  3. You think you may have had an intuitive moment, but your head says it’s just a coincidence.

These are pretty simple examples of a toxic head, but I’m sure you get the picture – our heads can really get in the way of our lives!

Many people only trust the head (logic) part of themselves. They’ve been trained over time that proof, past experience, and documented information are what should form the basis of all of their decisions – and when you only lead your life through this logic based place, you end up with the types of challenges described above because, guess what? Your head doesn’t have all the information!

And many people working to open their intuition think that should only be listening to that part of themselves (logic be damned!) if they’re going to make good choices. However, that can be just as limiting as only listening to the head.

In my life, I strive to use my head (the logic part of me) as well as my gut (the intuitive part of me) in a type of dance. Sometimes it’s a 60/40 partnership while others it’s a 30/70 partnership… whatever it is, there is almost always a mix of the two sides.

And when I allow that balance between head and gut to mix in whatever way they need to, I find that life is a whole lot easier!

Plus the outcomes (and the journeys) are much more fun.

If you’re answering “Yes” to the, “Is your head toxic?” question, it simply means you’re leaning too heavily on the head side of the equation.

To shift this and bring things back into their natural in-that-moment balance:

Step 1: Lay your hand (or hands) on your stomach (ie your gut) and take a few breaths.

Step 2: Ask THAT area (your gut) to work with your head to come up with the answer.

Step 3: Start noticing: you may receive the new direction intuitively (an image?), as a thought or sudden super-cool idea, or any number of ways. Don’t discount anything – there are no coincidences!

By involving all parts of you in the decision, you’re sure to come up with an answer that fits YOU and your highest good!

Love and Light,

PS: There’s another way to work with your head and heart – and it’s working with your pet. Have you read Animal Lessons yet?

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  1. Sheryl
    Sheryl says:

    PERFECT way to start the morning, a wonderful reminder that ego and intuition need to play nice in the sandbox!


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