This hangup was getting me down…

Feeling good is really important right now. It can be hard to stay in the flow, when so much of the world is out of the flow and when you can see negativity in so many different places through social media, the news, your phone. Whenever I plug in to those things, it shifts my vibration down, makes me feel upset, throws off my ability to help others and to take care of myself… So, over the past few months I’ve spent time thinking about my job here in this life…

by Danielle MacKinnon

Happy Wednesday morning! It’s a really fun morning for me as I’m at the part of book production where I am receiving endorsements from people who have been given an advanced copy of my upcoming book to read and comment on – and so each morning I wake up with these great, “what a wonderful book!” emails.

It makes me feel so good!

And feeling good is really important right now. It can be hard to stay in the flow, when so much of the world is out of the flow.

When you can see negativity in so many different places through social media, the news, your phone…

When I plug in to those things, it shifts my vibration down, makes me feel upset, throws off my ability to help others and to take care of myself…

So, over the past few months I’ve spent time thinking about my purpose here in this life.

Is it to connect to mass consciousness?

Is it to follow the herd?

Is it to go with the masses?

Well, for me personally, I’ve learned the hard way that the answer is no. I was so hung up on being like everyone else! Even when I’ve tried to follow the herd in the past, it hasn’t really worked out for me. I’ve always been different and that’s just who I am – I now embrace it rather than shun it.

So, when the entire world is in a time of turmoil, like it is right now, many people will feel the route to take is to learn more, go deeper into that turmoil, find out what is making it tick and get in there and destroy it.

But for those marching to the beat of their own drummer, that route is not going to be the most effective.

Joining in the negativity is not actually what allows for change to happen – not for us, the Punky Brewster’s of the world (if you don’t know who I’m talking about, look her up on the web. She was a TV character who really did her own thing!)

So, my answer to this craziness has been to do something different: it’s to hold the energy. It’s to claim the light and stay there, no matter what else is going on.

This is why I’m not political in my emails. This is why I don’t watch the news. This is why I’m having a hard time with Facebook – because that darn algorithm keeps throwing negativity in!

But this is also why I’m able to reach out and touch so many people – I’m holding that light! And I bet, if you’re reading this email, you’re someone who is supposed to hold the light as well.

Of course, some people have the job to get in to that negativity and change it from the inside out – but there are others who have to hold the space and provide the place to go for those who are learning and evolving and growing through all this turmoil.

My job is to hold love for everyone struggling right now (and we know it’s many) while continuing to gather strength, community, and more love for everyone else – without having to dip down into the negativity.

There’s a job for everyone in this massive shift the world is going through. One job is not better than another – but each person is specifically suited for their particular job.

What job do you have in this shift? Please share your own light below!

Love & Light,



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  1. Leslie
    Leslie says:

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  2. Minnie
    Minnie says:

    Beautifully written Dannielle…And you are correct that each one of IS holding the light. Especially considering all of us have “cut the cord” and yet the love and energy that comes thru on these comments. Yes, it can be a battle staying in the light 24/7 but for me at last, it’s a far better place than where the negativity lives

  3. SallyBeth
    SallyBeth says:

    It is my belief that my job is to teach the understanding that each and every component of this world and our unseen spiritual world is made up of energy.

    The energy of the color red is different then the color yellow, blue, green, purple orange and so on. I am a different energy then each of my children, each of my dogs, cats, geese etc. Each tree has an individual energy, each musical note has a different energy, but the at the base of each chunk of energy is Love…. Universal 100% Pure Positive Energetical Love…
    I believe my job is to show this as a true through connecting ‘in the zone’, with animals, astrology, color, music, intuition, etc. Animal Communication is just the tip of the iceberg in energy communication …

  4. Julie Davidson
    Julie Davidson says:

    As someone living in DC who was deeply involved for years in exposing so much of the Russia stuff (and with a husband still deeply involved in US politics), I see our roles a little differently. I find myself really holding onto joy when I’m with my husband and former colleagues. It takes a lot to be uplifting in the midst of it all. But it reminds them of the beauty of our world and of the US, both as a nation and as an idea. It reminds them that they ARE fighting a good fight. And they need this support. Danielle, I know this is not what you meant in your post PLEASE, don’t think the only option to weathering the dense clouds around us is to take cover. This isn’t black rain. We need those light workers who feel drawn, to take to the front lines and remind our leaders of the fundamental goodness of humanity.

  5. Kathy Stahl
    Kathy Stahl says:

    I have not watched or listened to news since July. It was just getting too crazy & negative. I concentrated on putting positive vibes out there. I told my husband on election night that the energy of the masses would determine the outcome, and I was ok with that.
    I thought some of the negativity would stop, but it just keeps going. I have deleted the FB app from my phone. I am sad that I can no longer see my pages. I love photography & my “feel good “pages. There is an app where you just connect with FB groups. I am a member of several fitness groups, and started my own group “Jumping for Joy”. I only post positive things and I can only see group comments. My solution to the constant news feed.
    I continue to try to just release positive energy every day. So I feel that in that way I am doing my part.

  6. Rachael Jaquay
    Rachael Jaquay says:

    This is EXACTLY what I needed to hear. I forget that the best thing for me is to stay in the light. Centered and focused on keeping my vibe high. Your reference to Punky Brewster could not have been a better one. I was called Punky (I never wore anything that matched, even my shoes.) in school, in the years before I succumbed to conformity and lost myself. Thank you for that reminder.

  7. SherryZ
    SherryZ says:

    This is a challenging issue for many of us…for me for sure. I’m finding my balance of activism and energy management. I cannot sit on the sidelines, but I also am not willing to be sucked into the negativity. I am very picky about who is around me for that reason. I do however stay away from the TV news and junk on social media. Recent profound lessons – I am in your beginning Soul Level Animal Communication (SLAC) class, have been away for 7+ days in a group of about 200. You gave us energy management exercises to practice, which I did. Being around that many people, and with a leader demeaning people, then getting political was a challenge. I noticed that I heard others, even you (and I know you are not) that way after being there for a few days. HOLY COW…what a light bulb moment or as Oprah says “AHA” moment. Persisting using your energy management exercises altered that completely, and lo and behold the leader and her staff actually got “softer” and more considerate. Then when I was out to eat and my order got messed up 3x, it was no biggie…and it used to be! Plus when I was in line and waiting forever to get a 57 cent item, the two people in front were taking a long time and getting VERY political in a not so great way – normally I would have been ballistic (at least inside unless they spoke to me directly) by then, but I did one of your exercises and I calmed, they stopped talking and moved on and out. So my plan – make my daily calls, and do my energy management and stay away from the insanity on the news and social media.

  8. Janet
    Janet says:

    The only thing I can come up with is that my Soul is a real character, seriously. I have a daunting job right now as a phone operator for tech support and I get the opportunity (which is not always easy and pleasant) to express myself to our clients. So sometimes I may talk with an accent or even speak with an urban dialect ( living and working in Brooklyn, NY). So many times I’ve actually had clients call me up just to hear my voice ( which can be kind of weird, and I hear you laughing Danielle on that!! stop it!! LOL, but yes, I say the weirdest, darnest things. At another job I also did the front desk and I had a super bad cold. My voice was so deep that it scared the clients. So I told them that they were speaking to Isaac Hayes. Somehow I think I got a swoon or two. LOL

  9. Chris
    Chris says:

    Danielle, I truly thank you for this post because I have really been struggling with this issue of late. And I imagine that many people are as well. I’m not a news watcher typically and I’m not on social media. However, given the extreme political climate I had come to think that perhaps I was being naive in ignoring everything and not participating in the movement that encompasses my values. Not to mention the profound volume of issues that require human effort. And just last night as I stayed up late to catch up on the days outlandish events, I felt something inside me say that I cannot continue this course of action.
    I appreciate your perspective that everyone has their own role to play.

  10. Brinda
    Brinda says:

    Great thoughts again today! Just a note – ~I~ am not upset about turmoil in the USA due to what ~I~ see on cable news & social media.
    It is THOSE WHO TELL ME TO BE ~TOLERANT~ of them, who are getting upset, protesting & saying vile things about those who don’t agree w/ THEM!
    Gee, so then Why cant those who shout to me Tolerance, Peace, Love, Follow THEIR words, in THEIR actions ! ?

    It seems its okay when the sun is shining on them. . . .to say ~I~ must be tolerant. But! My Loves,. when the sun is shining on me! Then those people on the shady side of the street, get all upset.& are not Quiet about such anger!

    Nah! feel free to NOT post my msg, at least Some one read it.

    In conclusion – CANT WE A L L be tolerant of Each others, different opinions & thoughts.
    Luv & Light B in VA

  11. Beth
    Beth says:

    Thank you Danielle for such an amazing posts (loved yesterdays post as well!)! I also have been shying away from media and Facebook. I am in the process of letting go of my job to pursue opening a coaching business this year. A while back, I heard Tara Mohr say ‘”Like it or not, we are all on the transition team.” We all need to figure out what that means for each of us. By discovering and becoming aligned with our purpose, we become connected to something far greater than ourselves.

    Wishing everyone a beautiful day!


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