A Pet Psychic’s View: Guilt & Your Pet’s Passing

Often animals will have an increase in energy just before it is time for them to pass. This can manifest as a sickness that suddenly seems to go into remission, a depression that temporarily lifts, a returning appetite, or oddly high spirits… Many people, in their desire to believe their pet is getting better end up mistaking this increase in energy for healing – when it is really serving a very different purpose.

At times like this, rather than an unexpected healing (as most humans hope for), the animal’s body and soul are actually working together to create the necessary environment so that the animal can pass to the other side.  The soul of the pet needs to experience an energy increase in order to be able to leave the physical body. While this may make sense to you right now – at a time when your pet is going downhill AGAIN, after he was just looking so much better – this can be a difficult thing to believe.

If you’ve been feeling badly about your pet’s passing maybe this information can help ease your heart and mind a little bit. Could it be that your beloved pet really did pass at the right time? Could it be that his improvement a few days (or even hours) before he passed was actually you witnessing his soul preparing to leave his body? Could you, perhaps, let go of a little of that guilt over not having done things right – and step back to see how he was really in a great, big process that took care of his body and his soul?

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  1. Susan C
    Susan C says:

    I’ve seen this happen with people, too, during my time working in hospitals and nursing homes. It’s hard on the families because they think their loved one is getting better, then are shocked when they die. I didn’t know animals did this, too

  2. Anna Marie Ventrua
    Anna Marie Ventrua says:

    Is this increase in energy always present? If it isn’t seen, does that signal that the animal isn’t ready to pass over?


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