Group Soul Level Coaching® Application

Soul Level Coaching® is the type of intuitive work I’ve done for the past almost twenty years whenever I’ve worked privately with a client. Through this method, I help my understand what is creating their challenges in their life, why it exists, and how to move beyond it. Over the years I’ve seen people find love, leave love, start successful businesses, start trusting themselves, open their intuition, grow their confidence, find their voice, quit their jobs, stand up for themselves FINALLY, and more. A whole lot more!

GROUP Soul Level Coaching® takes this to the next level by allowing me to do this work with a small collection of 5-6 people. The advantage to this (which is what I’m so totally excited about) is that the group can now get support from one another as well as from me. Group Soul Level Coaching® allows me to take advantage of the fact that there are so many more like-minded people out there than ever before and it is THAT group support that I believe will make this Soul Level Coaching® work even more powerful! 

THE DETAILS:  6-session GROUP Soul Level Coaching® package as a BETA program. 

  • Dates: 12N EST on 3/23, 4/6, 4/20, 5/5, 5/26, 6/8 (additional if necessary – this is beta!)
  • All group sessions are live webinars (recorded if you can’t make it)
  • Each participant will receive individual time with me (and the group) every live session
  • Facebook group for all of the students – access to the participants and to me between sessions
  • BETA price: $1997 (when I launch this for real, the price will be at least than twice this amount!)
  • Limited to 5-6 students ONLY