What is a goodbye kiss?

Not my husband - but I imagine this is what he looks like right now!

Not my husband – but I imagine this is what he looks like as he jumps out of the plane right now!

As I write this, my husband, Kevin, is driving up to New Hampshire to go Skydiving. Now, I don’t know what I was thinking when I bought him that Groupon for Father’s Day – but the day has finally come. (Obviously, I did not join him on this trip. Skydiving is not my thing – an all-day meditative hike, now THAT is for me! But falling through the air at 120mph – I’ll take a pass!)

Kevin left just an hour ago, and after I ran outside to give him a last goodbye kiss, jokingly saying, “in case I never see you again” I began thinking – did I really need to give him that one last goodbye kiss? Is that one last kiss going to confirm my love for him in a way that he doesn’t already know? I thought back to all of the work I do with animals – and how my actions reflected the concerns of so many people who are in pain around their animal’s passing, worrying that their animals didn’t know how loved they were or they feel terrible because they didn’t get to have that one last goodbye moment – and I realized I was doing the same thing!

People are ALWAYS telling me they aren’t sure their pet knew how loved they were and animals are ALWAYS telling me they are completely aware of their human’s love for them. In fact, in almost fifteen years of professional communication with animals, I’ve never once had an animal tell me they couldn’t tell or were questioning their human’s love and there is a very specific reason for this:

Animals are tapped in to our deepest selves. Yes, they also connect with us and the physical world around us – but they also connect to our souls. They know what our purposes are, our wants, our desires, and our fears are. They even know what we need to do to evolve in life! With that type of connection, of course animals are going to be able to tell that we love them, even if we have a bad day or forget to take them for a walk or have to travel a lot etc.

So, if you missed out on the “perfect” goodbye with your beloved pet or if you are feeling guilty because work has been so hectic that you haven’t been able to spend as much time with your horse/cat/pig/bird… know that animals don’t hold grudges! They look at the big picture of YOU. It’s not about that last moment, or those last days – it’s about the long haul. How you live, the actions you take, how you feel on an every day basis and who you really are – THAT’s what your pet taps in to! These are the things that convey your enduring love to your animals every moment and in the end this is what really matters.

Regardless, it still made ME feel good to run outside to give Kevin one last kiss goodbye – but I realize HE didn’t need it.

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  1. Mike P
    Mike P says:

    The world and life on this human plane is hectic. I believe our beloved pets know it’s the quality of time more so than the quantity of time

  2. Lorraine
    Lorraine says:

    Thank you so much for this. My dog Jerry is sick right now and I feel so bad because he is so sad. I tell him i love him so much and reading this i konw he knows. I will take a course with you on animal communication soon.



  3. Donna Myers
    Donna Myers says:

    Thank you so much or sharing that I always wonder if my dog Patty new how much I loved her. Because I loved her with all my heart still do I miss her so much

  4. Colleen
    Colleen says:

    Danielle – fantastic communication. Gives such clarity in all things and all relationships we have in life – with our animals, our family, friends, colleagues, the check-out person we may see weekly at the grocery store and banter with even though we may not even know one another’s names and of course the relationship we have with ourselves. Our perception of how we may be falling short of being as full spirited and connected with what we believe and know to be the real priorities in this life when we allow the busyness of modern life to get in the way. On the days when I am distracted or focused on the futile and relatively unimportant – I will now remember to look back into the eyes of my animals in order to see the full realm of their unconditional love and let the rest of the monotonous tasks and unrealistic perceptions of what I should have accomplished that day fall away. Love is all there is and I (we as human species) need to be nudged into remembering how to facilitate that in all our interactions with animals, people, nature and especially ourselves so we can shine that light out into the world to touch everything.

  5. Karen
    Karen says:

    Thank you, Danielle. What perfect timing- I lost my first dog, Sasha – the big sister – who let me be very affectionate with her – always snuggling, she was my rock- and she knew it. I got Lexi, her brother (different litter) – 1 1/2 yrs later – thinking she needed company. She wasn’t happy at first. They became a great pair but Sasha was always the calm, snuggable “lady” – and Aleksi was all boy – lively, happy but not snuggly. When I lost Sasha (at 13 yrs) 2010- I fell completely apart. For a long time. LONG. Lexi was there – I finally started walking him again (was paying somebody else to – just couldn’t) -and we got back on track, he’s now 16 1/2 and I try SO hard to show him how much I love him – I even get down on the floor and try to snuggle w/him as his arthritis makes him no longer want to be up on my bed (they both always slept on my bed w/me)- but IF he allows it for 5 mins or so – he’s done after that and usually doesn’t want to be hugged. Petted – yes – on his terms. I’m constantly telling him “I LOVE YOU” and trying to tell him how much he means to me – my husband says “he knows- can’t you tell” – but still I say it 20 times a day – like I’m not sure he does. THANKS for this blog post – I’m going to try to accept that Lexi does know – and I also think I’ve finally figured out why Sasha had to leave me early (well 12 is their “quoted life expectancy” – I hate that!) – and now I’ve had almost 4 whole years w/Lexi – both had missions to help me and both had lessons to teach me. I can’t wait to see you in Atlanta in 2 weeks!!! (hope your husband had a blast) – I couldn’t do that either.

  6. Deanna
    Deanna says:

    OMG that was sweet. And its so true I had dogs growing up and they just wanted love. I was not such a dog person as cat one but they knew I loved them. They always responded to me anyway. Thanks for sharing smiles


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