Why NOT to give good advice


Why NOT to give good adviceYesterday I was hosting a webinar in Be Open and a certain topic came up that is a challenge for many people. We talked about it in the group (and don’t worry! I’ll re-open registration for Be Open in the fall), but it felt worthy of sharing here, too.

One of the members of Be Open asked what she should do when she gets unsolicited intuitive information. Should she share it? Should she keep it to herself? What would you do?

The situation that she described was that she was at work and the dog that belonged to someone in her office approached her to intuitively tell her that his human was very sick. This woman wanted to know if she should share the information with her colleague.

Unsolicited intuitive information can be really challenging. One rule of thumb that I tend to stick to is:

If you weren’t asked for your good advice, don’t give it!

We’ve all experience calling one of our parents or friends to share our experiences and then having that person tell us how we should be handling things… it feels invasive when you don’t ask for it, for sure. 

But it can also depend on the situation. If the dog that ran up to this woman was owned by this woman’s best friend, with whom she shares all of her most personal information, perhaps bending the rules wouldn’t be so bad. 

However, if the dog belonged to someone she didn’t know well, or who didn’t know that she was intuitive, sharing the intuitive information she received is akin to giving unsolicited advice. Not welcome. 

I know it can be hard to hold back, but you want to deliver what you know when it will be the most helpful. 

Solution: Ask the Universe/Spirit/Your Guides/the dog to find a way to put you and that human in a situation where your information WILL be asked for. Ask the dog to figure it out for you!

Next week I want to talk about WHY this woman was receiving unsolicited intuitive advice, because that’s important here, too! Stay tuned for that!