“Getting” Your Soul Contracts

Whenever I give a lecture or teach a class – no matter if it’s a class in soul contracts, intuition, animal communication – two of the most common questions I receive are “How do I know what my Soul Contracts are?” and “How can I master my Soul Contracts?” I love these questions as Soul Contracts are my absolute favorite thing to talk about, look at, examine… In my world, they yield as much information as a Numerology or Astrological reading except that they also provide information on how to shift things more positively (numerology and astrology don’t do that yet!)

Your personal Soul Contracts are a little sneaky – it’s not like you can look them up on the web or ask your Mom or read about them in a book. Your personal Soul Contracts are exactly that: personal. So,it takes quite a bit of conscious looking and effort to understand and master them. Luckily, the point of being human is to understand and master these relationships – so it’s not an impossible task, just a task that requires focus and intention.

Soul Contracts are those wonderful agreements that occur between two souls before embodiment. That’s right – before you became Jane Smith or John Cullins your soul got together which a whole bunch of other souls and figured out how you would help one another evolve once you came into your next human lifetimes. Sounds great right? The problem is that most of the time, you (as the human attached to that soul) has no clue how this or that relationship is helping you evolve (your soul knows and it’s up to your human-ness [my own made-up word] to find out). It’s an interesting little system that has been put together for us. The more you work toward “getting” these soul contracts, the closer your human-ness comes to your soul, the better you feel about yourself and the happier you are in your life.

These beautiful Soul Contracts created before embodiment are not to be confused with Negative Soul Contracts which people create during embodiment when they are trying to control their lives rather than have faith that they are safe, guided and protected by Spirit, the Universe, our Angels or Guides – or whomever it is that they normally put their faith into. Like Positive Soul Contracts, Negative Soul Contracts also help you evolve it’s just that the road to that evolution is just a lot bumpier, more confusing and stressful. Feel like you’re a good person because you help others despite yourself? Perhaps, you’re someone who can’t break your word or maybe every time you make a friend you end up resenting them because they demand so much from you. These are all examples of Negative Soul Contracts!

People want to work on their Soul Contracts (positive or negative) because learning why a certain relationship is the way it is or why a certain patterns repeats in your life can be so helpful. You could finally feel safe in your relationship with your husband – or perhaps finally leave him. You could finally feel comfortable living outside the box (perhaps you leave your corporate job and start your own business). You could finally feel happy taking care of yourself (after all, “selfish” is not a four-letter word).  But to do this is takes some personalized and focused self-examination. Yes, through my sessions I help people do this work – but there are other ways as well. Yoga, for one, can be a great way to get to know yourself and your patterns. Writing with your guides – is another wonderful method for gaining insight into your relationships and negative patterns – but you have to trust what you are getting (a little issue for some people!). Therapy, changing your diet, pushing yourself to live slightly outside of your comfort zone in your relationships and out – these are all other methods through which I’ve seen people find success in understanding and mastering their Soul Contracts. In the end it will be a completely personal decision – and what works for you will not necessarily work for someone else. My suggestion? Start trying different methods! You will find the right thing for you to start experiencing that feeling of moving forward at the deepest level!

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Danielle MacKinnon has been named an expert TV psychic medium, intuitive, animal communicator, and foremost expert on soul contracts. She has appeared on numerous radio shows, tv and taught along side some of the world’s most renowned psychics, mediums, healers and TV experts.

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  1. stella
    stella says:


    I had a vow with my soul contract, but we broke up and now he’s managed to marry someone else with a similar name, so he managed to get around the vow. What happens now? Would I have to repeat another life time with him in the next life time to clear the karma between us? Can I just go and happily marry someone else? Then what happens? Because I will have karma with the new person I marry won’t I? Or does it not matter at all? This karma and soul contract thing is giving me a headache. When i hadn’t known about it, life looked easier.

  2. Karen
    Karen says:

    Danielle, I’ve followed you for quite awhile – since I heard you on John Holland’s Hay House radio show. I’m very interested in the soul contracts and want to work on those with you – but can you briefly say whether this is different than LBL’s – or would you need to get to the LBL state to find out about your soul contracts? I’ve read all of Brian Weiss and Michael Newton’s books and have found a new world all in an attempt to overcome the devastating grief of losing my beloved dog, Sasha, a year and a half ago. I still have her brother (14) but in reply to Marisa (above) – I don’t think you ever get over it either – but now I have hope that we had many lives previously and will have many more to come. Thanks, Karen

  3. Alysia Miller
    Alysia Miller says:

    Hi there,
    I saw your interview on the Juicy Living tour, and was very fascinated when you spoke of each species, each animal has it’s message/purpose/soul contract. Can you tell where I might find a link to that information. I am interested in those interpretations.

    Thank you!

    • admin
      admin says:

      HI Alysia,

      I do have an Mp3 called Animal Soul Contracts – and it’s in there that you’ll learn the general idea. I haven’t written out any type of list for what the general species soul contracts are – but it’s a good idea. Perhaps I’ll do that in the future!

  4. Marisa
    Marisa says:

    Hello Danielle, I have been reading your blog as well as your website. When my dog passed I or I should say my daughter found your website. I became very drawn and comforted by your way of your thinking. I think I listened to your talk part one and two quite a few times. It seemed to calm me down. I have lots of anxiety since the passing of Karli, We had such an incredible bond not sure I will ever get over. I just want you to know that I have an appt with you for an animal reading and I am looking foward to it very much.. Take care, Marisa Slaiby


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