Get what you need (even when the world’s stacked against you)

For the past three years I’ve shunned my favorite activity, yoga, in lieu of something somewhat insane: Crossfit. For those who don’t know, Crossfit is a somewhat extreme sport based on short intervals of high intensity functional fitness.

At first, I really struggled. All my life I’ve been a very athletic, fit person – but the physical requirements of Crossfit (being shorter with big muscles) did not match my body (tall and thin).

You can read about my initial struggle with the sport here: I cried in Crossfit.

It took a couple years for me figure out how this insane sport
could possibly work for me, a person who needs to relax more,
but with a lot of trial and error, I finally figured it out!

Recently I was having a conversation with a Crossfit friend and she said, “Danielle, you’re so laid back here. How do manage to do that?”

She was referring to the fact that most people who do Crossfit become (and I’m not exaggerating) obsessed with it. They wake up in the middle of the night thinking about it, they worry over their performance in the morning’s workout, they plan how they are going to do better next time…

CFcompBut, she noticed that I’m not obsessing in any way, despite working out there with everyone else four or five times a week. (See picture of me WATCHING a Crossfit competition for example.)

This was a conscious choice on my part. Those who know me well, are aware that I’m always moving, always thinking, always working toward something.

How do I relax at home for example? You’ll laugh at this one – by organizing stuff. Yep.

I organize my underwear drawer.

I organize the towel folds in the bathroom. I organize the silverware in the kitchen drawer…

And at work, I tend to have long days, frequently thinking of new ways to help my clients, to get my programs out to more people, and to get in touch with and assist more animals.

But I needed somewhere in my life where I wasn’t going to push myself at that level, where I could more easily allow myself to be imperfect, make mistakes, and have fun – and of all places, I chose my Crossfit gym, where THE most competitive people I know go, as that place.

If you’re an over-organizer, an over-doer, an over-achiever, Type A like me – it may just be time to find your own place where you can just be you.

You don’t have to wait for the planets to align, you don’t have to wait for things to calm down, and you certainly don’t have to wait until everyone around you “gets it” (I still get some funny looks at my gym!) – you can carve our your own place to BE YOURSELF.

So, stop waiting for the stars to align and choose now to give yourself what you need. No matter what it is – you CAN make it work. I mean, I made it work for me in Crossfit of all places!

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  1. Margo P.
    Margo P. says:

    The great joy of my life is a little brown chihuahua named Pepe. He came into my life from a lady at church, through my daughter, to my husband and to me when my husband died 5 years ago. Pepe prepared my husband during his years of heart failure: he is a remarkably beautiful little soul. We go places together frequently: people and other creatures are drawn to his warm heart and shining spirit.

  2. Whitedove
    Whitedove says:

    My great joys are my pets, which includes 7 cats (all spayed or neutered), 1 dog, 6 chickens, and my dairy goats. They all keep me active caring for them, giving lots of love. My other great joy is cleaning up neglected areas of land and creating food and herb gardens and safer/healthier places for the deer and wild turkeys etc. These things keep me grounded and give me a reason to get up each day.

  3. anne
    anne says:

    great insight and what an odd place to be able to be at peace and give your self all that you need. Enjoy and thanks for sharing


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