3 Hacks to Get a Sign from your Pet on the Other Side


 Video Transcript: 3 Hacks to Get a Sign from your Pet on the Other Side 

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To get a sign from your pet on the other side, here are 3 hacks to get you started.  Get that connection with your pet in place!


Why Losing a Pet is Hard

Hi, my name is Danielle MacKinnon. I am an animal communicator, yes, that means pet psychic. I teach people to connect psychically with animals, and deal with their grief, guilt, and sadness around losing a beloved animal. A lot of us feel especially badly when we lose a pet because others around us don’t get it. They think we’re crazy because we loved our pet so much or they think we should be over the grief by now.

But it’s really hard.

First of all, you’re never going to get over your grief, it just shifts over time. If you’re grieving in this way, you likely want to get a sign from your pet on the other side.


You absolutely can and I’m going to give you the 3 quick hacks to do that. Pay attention because if you don’t do the third hack, hack number one and two are not going to work. So just know that you have to do all three.


Ask for What You Want From Your Pet

Hack one: A lot of the time when we’re missing our pet on the other side, what are we doing? We’re wishing that they were here with us. We’re hoping we get a sign, we’re grieving and we’re feeling sad and we’re feeling lonely. But what we aren’t doing is directly asking our pet for a sign, a message, a connection. If you don’t ask, you’re not opening the energy up so they can easily give you a sign. So tonight, before you go to bed, lay there, think of your pet. Say something like, would you please give me a sign in the next few days?


Would you please send me a message in the next few days? It’s that easy. Really important that you understand it’s that easy. You don’t have to do some convoluted, big, long thing. Your pet wants to give you a message from the other side. They want to have a relationship with you from the other side. All you have to do is open the energy to receive a sign by asking. Our animals know our intention, and when we clarify our intention, they’re able to more easily meet that.

A lot of people get confused thinking they have to do really complicated methods something fancy  but that’s not right. All you have to do is just make it clear that this is what you would like from your pet. I also just wrote a book about this called The Incredible Animal Afterlife: What Your Pet Wants You to Know. You can find that here. It’s what animals say about the other side from their perspective through my readings with them. I hope that helps you as well.


Stop Trying to Control Your Pet on the Other Side

Hack number two. The first thing you need to know is that animals have mastered unconditional love. You’re going to see me say this all the time. This is what they tell me in my communications with them, and this is their message to the world. So what does that mean? That means that they actually know more than us. They have access to more love than we do. They live at a higher vibration than we do. I know this is all real spiritually woo-woo stuff, but just think of it like they have access to the big  . Since we don’t have access to all of that, that all knowingness like animals do, what do we try to do?


We try to control everything. And what does that look like? That looks like me asking my pet for a sign on the other side and me telling them how they need to deliver that sign. Me saying, please give me a sign by having your caller show up in the morning tomorrow morning. Right? No, we cannot dictate how they’re going to give us a sign, and we can’t dictate that because this is a… Just get ready.

Animals have the ability to look at us and know everything about us.  so they can look at us and go, oh, you know what? Danielle is going to receive a sign from me the best if I do it this way. I know she’s asking for it this way, but I can see in her she’ll more easily believe it and trust it and receive the sign if I do it this way.


So you have to trust that they’re going to figure out the best way to give you the sign, and they’re not going to do it the way you tell them. How often did they do everything you told them to do when they were alive, right? It’s the same on the other side. They know what is best for you, so trust that they’re going to deliver the sign in the way that is best for you. Really hard to do.


Make the Little Things Count

That brings us to the third hack, and with this hack, if you don’t do this hack, neither one of the other two things you do are going to work. I know it’s annoying, it’s very annoying. So we talked about how we can ask, we talked about how we have to ask and let it come to us the way that animal wants it to come to us, and how we can’t control that, but that means if we can’t control it, that we also can’t control the bigness of the sign.


A lot of people will receive signs from their pets on the other side, but then they will actually not believe the sign, and they say things like, well, that’s just a coincidence, or, yeah, no, that one doesn’t count. If you can let go of the idea that there are these coincidences and they don’t matter and stop throwing all those coincidences away, what happens is you start going, wait a minute, it’s not a coincidence, so could there be some intent here? Could this be a sign? The more you contemplate that, and then the more times you find, well, yeah, I think that could have been a sign, how cool. The more you do that, the more you’re actually opening up the energy for the animal to send you bigger signs.


It doesn’t work like you think it works, meaning they don’t give you a sign where they’re going to knock you over the head first and then give you a whole bunch of little signs. What they do is they give you little signs, little signs, little signs, they get you to build up your trust, they get you to believe, and then when you really are in that faith and that belief and you’re like, wow, I’ve had these cool signs, then they’re able to give you really, really big signs.