Finding Your Seed Thoughts Free Gift

Danielle’s Free Gift to you:
Finding Your Seed Thoughts

Discover and change your negative beliefs

The idea behind this audio is to help you not only identify the negative beliefs you hold about yourself – but also to start you easily shifting these negative thoughts to positive ones. And with even the smallest shift from negative to positive, you, like so many before you, will experience exciting changes in your everyday life!



Do you secretly doubt yourself?  When you try to make a change, do you find the little voice in your head says, “don’t do it!” Are you ready to understand what is driving you at the very root level?

You probably already know what you would like to change, shift, grow, or expand in your life. In fact, you may have been trying to change this for quite some time already!

The challenge is that without exposing the root, it’s unlikely any major life changes you make will be permanent. That’s because you haven’t yet exposed the root! Finding Your Seed Thoughts is a pivotal part of the process in changing your beliefs. It is here that you learn exactly what Seed Thoughts are and how they often remain stubbornly hidden within your Soul, despite years and years of work on yourself.

  • Learn the 4 primary Seed Thoughts 
  • Find your own Seed Thoughts through her unique three-step technique (You may have more than one!) 
  • Develop the deep awareness to work at the soul level.

As you work with this audio (which is part 4 in a 6-part series), you’ll start to notice how you’re behaving differently, finding more ease in your day, feeling that you “can” rather than you “can’t,” making positive decisions for yourself (that you never thought you would make), and so much more!

Let me help you develop the deep soul level of awareness necessary to do intimate Soul-Level work! Learn what soul lessons your negative beliefs are highlighting so that you can further your journey of changing your life from the inside out.

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