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If your life is in any way out of control, out of alignment with your divine purpose, or you’re experiencing unrest or unease, this cool new school could end up being very important to you! 

There is a new form of conscious information arising on the planet right now.  This information is changing the way people think, people look at life, and the way they interact with the world around them.  This information has the power to positively transform your current life situation and give you the keys to personal, financial, and spiritual liberation. It is a collective combination of conscious education focused on a common goal – liberating humanity from the constraints of the modern world to experience true freedom, happiness, and fulfillment.

This new information system and online education course is called:

Panacea Life School; Conscious Coaching to Fulfill Your Highest Potential

 19562144_sDuring the 13 module membership program, we will explore the possibility of truly living in harmony with your life’s purpose and we’ll focus on all of these wonderful areas (and more!):

  • What is the true meaning of life and how can we experience it more deeply
  • What are the action steps we can take to live in divine alignment with our life’s purpose
  • How can we manage the thoughts in our minds to re-direct them towards the goals and ambitions that will serve us most
  • Understanding the true meaning of our dreams and how to interpret the messages inner wisdom give us when we sleep
  • How to master our energy and increase our intuitive, psychic, and energetic abilities to their full potential
  • What are ways we can learn new skills faster, better, and more efficiently
  • Living in more alignment with the purpose of the planet and all it’s life-giving gifts
  • Creating healthy, harmonious, and fun relationships

 I’m honored to have been chosen as one of the pioneers of this new program and I want to invite you to join me through this powerful exploration of entering into the new era of life.

There is nothing like this available on the planet and time is running out before the program begins.  During this 13 month membership, you will have access to master teachers every week who will discuss these transformational topics during LIVE COACHING CALLS.  Each coaching call consists of a set time for discourse, then opens up for Q&A with the teacher.  You will also have access to all of the recordings inside your member’s area in the event that you miss a live call.  Some of the current master teachers are: Nathan Crane, Laura Fox, David Dibble, Cristina Smith,  Darity Wesley, Colin Tipping, and me! Plus a new guest master teachers every month! During these live Q&A calls with our master teachers, you will be guided to help design the absolutely most meaningful, healthy, and fulfilling life that you can possibly imagine. Each teacher is highly skilled and specifically selected to serve as your guides and coaches to help you along in your personal and professional endeavors to achieve rapid results. So the question is, would you like to be a part of the new conscious era of humanity? 

If you’re ready to move forward and advance mentally, physically, and spiritually faster than ever before, then I invite you to join me on this journey of self-exploration as we dive deeply into the 13 Tribes of Human Endeavor – together!

I’ve always known that the amount of effort I put into the improvement of myself will automatically create a ripple effect and positively impact all of the people around me in a profound way.  As I move forward to share this information with you, my hope is that I can help save you decades of mistakes and tribulations so you can advance in your life positively while ultimately creating a ripple effect around you as well.    

Panacea Life School begins June 5th

Join us as we move humanity forward with joy, wisdom, and consciousness!

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