Instant Awakening Experiment

Did December 21st 2012 change your life? Some people were disappointed because they expected everything to shift. Well, whether you realized it or not– things DID SHIFT.

But here’s a question: Did You Awaken To It?

The mainstream media isn’t really talking about it, but thousands of people did awaken to higher vibrations – to their soul purpose and gifts – to a higher vibration and way of being. The small handful who awakened will see their lives get better and better – while so many others (like fish flapping out of water) will stay struggling with the old ‘Earth’ energy.

Those who haven’t yet made the shift are still locked into the lower vibration of fear, doubt and lack of abundance. At that low vibration, it is just not possible to overcome these challenges – but if you can raise your vibration, you don’t have to stay stuck in those negative states.

Imagine for a moment what would your life be like if you could:

  • Activate the consciousness of a 40 year practicing monk (in moments…)?
  • Awaken the self within you that is already abundance, happy and free?
  • Activate your ‘higher powers’ by simply accepting them…?
  • Energetically clear friends and relatives (even remotely)?…
  • Understand how people create personal miracles?

How much easier would your day-to-day life get?

Here’s the point:  2012 expanded these vibrations on Earth.

But in 2013 it’s up to you to Vibrationally Awaken to them…

So you may be asking, “Well how do I do it?” Support me and people in over 110 countries in first ever ‘Awakening Experiment’! The primary goal? To help create an energetic awaking in you and in thousands of others!

Here’s What’s Happening: This community, myself and 100,000+ people in over 110 countries are dedicated to helping everyone raise their vibration in 2013. It’s all part of a Global Awakening Experiment to create Awakenings in people all over the world.

The Awakening Experiment continues through June, 2013!

Learn more by watching the video below:


[VIDEO] Awaken 998% Faster? –

How the Strange Awakening Circle Works

===>[VIDEO] Instant Awakening Experiment

Please, support me and get an energy clearing kit from the ‘Awakening’ Experiment (a $497 Value FREE)


There are also some really wonderful transformational leaders are supporting the experiment. You’ve probably seen them on the Oprah Network, Fox, CNN, Woman’s Day, and more. They include Darius Barazandeh (founder), Panache Desai, Rikka Zimmerman, Mashhur Anam, Christie Marie Sheldon, The ‘American Monk’ Burt Goldman, Richard Gordon, Kenji Kumara, Ann Taylor, Dain Heer, Derek Rydall, Dr. Susan Shumsky, myself (yay!) and more than 30 other teachers, healers and masters!

Join the experiment if you want:

  • To discover the awakened you within that is already abundant
  • To gracefully open your own Clairvoyant, Psychic and Intuitive Abilities
  • To begin clearing away years of blocks, fears and challenges
  • To easily discover your special abilities
  • To Make 2013 the BEST YEAR ever for you and your family

As a BONUS: You’ll get access to 2013’s most advanced awakening technologies each day so you can easily dissolve the clogged low energy that keeps 99% of us at such a challenging vibration.


Didn’t sign up yet? Don’t worry – you have options! Just check it out!

In Love & Light,



P.S. – Throw off the old 2012 energies and start raising your vibration. Join the Awakening Experiment and support me and people in over 110 countries.  It takes just one click and 3 seconds to complete the first step of AWAKENING!

==>[VIDEO] Instant Awakening Experiment

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