HappyUSummit 2013 Unleash the Amazing Power of Happiness in YOU

I made a decision a little while back to be VERY selective about the events in which I participated. I only wanted to have experiences that really resonated with me and with what I believe. Well, events that meet that criteria are few and far between – so it’s exciting when I have one to share!

I wanted to let you know about this really cool, “different” and brand new FREE online series with 32 world-renowned transformational speakers created by my friend, Eticon Leong.

Each time I watch the introductory video, I find myself holding a goofy smile. Check it out to see why – I bet you’ll be smiling too. Really – it’s very sweet!

The goal of The HappyUSummit is to touch 117.67 million+ lives to trigger a global phenomenon.

This truly unique global online series will take you on a beautiful journey of self-discovery and empower you with the cutting-edge insight, inspiration and powerful tools you need to start experiencing greater joy,  abundance, success and meaning for a remarkable life. I think you’ll like the line up of speakers and teachers as well! Check it out here. Just register by clicking below:

The Summit begins March 4th and continues on through June 19th. Two speakers every week! Be sure to sign up now and then get ready!


In Love & Light,

P.S. As always, please share this great event with your friends, it’s totally free and the information could help you shift your life for the better!
P.P.S I’ll be giving my talk on Monday, April 22nd at 8pm ET. I look forward to “seeing” you there!

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